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Date Site Name Weather
May 7th Bridal Windy

I was the wind technician for Jonathan and Clif today. I spent a good hour at 400m then conditions improved and climbed to about 200m over.
Clif had some kind of abort issue and decided not to fly while Jon and I headed East. I was flying a beginner wing (Muse) and was leading the way nicely. Eventually I left Jon to tag Butterfly (almost actually) then head back super low. I could see lots of signs that the wind had picked up so getting back to the Bridal LZ would be difficult or impossible. I suggested that Jon fly closer to the hill, but instead he choose to use max speedbar in the center of the valley. In the end he landed about 1km short.
Another fun day at Bridal.

May 6 Deifenbaker Windy I spent 3-4 hours with new student Shawn - lots of good progress so far.
April 16 Bridal Cloudy

It was a hurry up and wait kind of day. My tandems Fraser and Karli had some last minute stops and arrived about ½ late. After a quick gas stop , and Wendy’s stop, we finally arrive. Clif, Martin, Degas and Mike were also waiting for a ride, no sign of my new student JJ , or Laura so we headed up.  Light NE wind so you had to pick you launch window just right. Karli and I had a great little flight including some soaring with a peregrine falcon down low. Super soft (east facing landing). For the next round we were hoping for stronger wing, but no such luck. Fraser and I had a great flight including some baby acro maneuvers.

Clif wins the pilot of the day award for choosing to drive Laura’s SUV (instead of take the 15 sled ride).
Another great day at Bridal Falls.

April 10 Bridal Mixed

We arrived at Bridal at 10:30 however the mountain was still getting dress and was not ready for my crew (Jonathan, Jacob, Damon, Dian and Wil). Since Will has not practiced since last year, he remained in the LZ to practice while the rest of us headed up. Too cloudy and cross wing at 11am so we had to wait for about an hour before Bridal opened her doors. Finally Jonathan launched followed by Damon and myself. Both short flights but super smooth.

Back up for round two: Will went first dropped below launch but quickly fixed that problem. I went next with Jacob, followed by Jonathan. All three of us went towards Cheam but struggled to get much higher than 4500’. Jonathan got the highest I think. About 1.5 hours and we all landed back at Bridal. Another great day at Bridal.

April 9 Blackie Spit Light

Light conditions at Blackie Spit today, so we worked on Jj’s forward and reverse launches.
Good success so for if he can remember for to hookin.

April 2 Bridal Nice

Paddy asked for some help grooming the Bridal road, and it looked like a dozen Deimosians showed up, including my latest student JJ. Finally the work was done so time to fly. JJ and I strapped in and managed to get to about 3500 feet. We worked on counter weight shift and canopy control. Pretty fun flight for my first tandem of the year.

Feb 20 Woodside Sunny

A great day flying with new and old Deimosians. Peter, Claudia, Paddy, Andrei, Elena were already flying when Jonathan and I arrived. Light conditions now but we managed  an extended sled ride. Jonathan broke my famous tip #13 so we had to rely on the kindness of strangers (Mike Tyler and Curstie) to get back up.
Our second flight was a little better with both of us getting above launch for some time.

Jan 22


Bridal Falls Partly Sunny

Only Tanner was up for some adventure today.

A bit of a war zone driving up the Bridal Falls road, thankfully someone earlier had cut away most of the large trees that blocked our path, leaving just a few smaller ones to deal with. Eventual the snow was too much and we finally got stuck with just a couple hundred more feet to go. Pretty good for January.

Light conditions so a perfect time for both Tanner and I to practice our forward launches. After six attempts Tanner finally remembered all the steps and had a great launch. I followed a few seconds later.

Dreamy smooth air so no problems issues flying or landing. We ditched our gear then proceeded to hike back up. Another great day at Bridal!




" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "






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