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Date Site Name Weather
Apr 28 Bridal and Woodside Sunny

A little too much cloud at Bridal but both Chris and Jonathan managed to get above launch.
But by the time I launched, it was too cross and time for a nice sled ride (no trip to Yak peak as planned).

Next, we headed over to Woodside. Norm went first and slowly climbed to about 3200’, followed by myself and eventually Jonathan. Andrei and Chris along with many fresh pilots decided to wait it out.
A pleasant 1.5 hour or so flight on my new Blacklight II.

April 14-16 Savona Lumby mixed

Another super fun weekend with lots of interesting a delicious camping food and a variety of flights. More than 20 paragliding pilots and 15+ hang gliders too.

My newest student Maty join us for mostly kiting but still managed three flights over two days. Thanks to Gabby and others for keeping an eye on Maty and offering the odd tip or two.

I spent the whole weekend focusing on Maty and his training but still managed a flight a Mid Toilet Bowl, the Dumps (high wind soaring) and Mt Baldly.

The driving time did not equal the air time, but totally worth it!

March 31 Diefenbaker Very Nice

I spent a few hours with Miranda practising my tandem and solo launches.

Miranda was a quick study and did 4-5 flights at at 30' high - super fun!

It must be a Clark gene: looks like she will be ready to fly soon, but we just need to convince her mom! Only 14 still.

Note: you can not consider a training hill flight as an offical flight, however, you can add the air time to your log book. This is usuful for wing resale hours later.

An official flight must be more than two minutes long.

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