Deimos Paragliding Log Book 2015

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Date Site Name Weather
March 1 Bridal Cloudy

An extra late start due to Art and his need for mega adventure on his birthday (my arms still feel the burn).

Light soaring conditions, for me (launching first), followed by Jason, Ryan and finally Brian and Art. We had time for a second round but Brian confirmed katabatic air so we headed to Harrison to check out the climbing scene.

I tried to race back to Burnaby to catch Miranda's dance comp, but as predicted, I was 10 minutes late.

Feb 14 Woodside Foggy

I rallied the troops to do a little road work on Bridal, however someone beat me to it. About ten trees were cut back, so this left only a couple more to move off the road. There are a couple of scary large trees resting precariously on the hill side, but look too dangerous to cut down – perhaps an expert can cut them down?
Once on launch (Bridal), the clouds were way too thick so we headed over to Woodside. Perfect kiting conditions, but also too cloudy, so for a couple of hours Jonathan and Petar got to refresh their launching skills. This is probably the best way to practice your take offs – while on the take off. (As a student, while kiting on launch, you must have your instructor infront of you at all times).
Tanya and her friends arrived later and joined in the waiting game. Eventually Petar was wind dummy, followed by the rest of us. Always fun flying near clouds.




" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "






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