2003 - Vancouver Paragliding Log Book

Abbreviations: nw=no wind / cat=catibatic / sy = sunny / bo = blown out / tt= too thermic / ra= rain / ++ = amazing / uk = unknown/ nl = no lift / lt = light thermals / st =strong thermals / ps = partly sunny cr =cross wind

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Site Name
Weather Conditions
Dec  7 Sumas lt 2.2 I launched first and went straight to my usual house thermal site (to the east) but could only manage to extend my air time slightly. Shane went next and had a perfect take off and landing. To everyone's surprise,  Brian and Matt managed to soar in light west wind until they both could not feel their fingers. With some effort I forced Brian to join Shane and I for a second flight. Another great day! Thanks Kylie for driving! tc
Nov 30 Sumas sy bo 2.0 Too windy to fly but just right to practice our high wind launches. Dave got over powered and draged in the mud once, but nothing a clean brush can't fix.
Nov 22 Sumas and Bridal ps cat 2.0 After watching Gab, Dave and Matt launch, in weak lee side conditions, I decided that Joe and I should drive down. The road up to Sumas was in
good shape, just a little icy in places. For our second flights, we went to Lower Bridal. Near perfect condition for Joeâs second high solo flight. Another great day of flying!

Here are Joe's toughts...
SNOW!! exactly who doesn't Matt-er but he certainly gave a new defintion to "sled ride" from sumas. Gabby (dusted off) and Dave (and his new wing) joined him in starting a new form to pg'ing - acro launching! Tom and I drove down to catch the three amigos with "oh my god" big smiles on the ground ... Gabby (another test pilot cheque in the mail) played ground control to major Tom off lower bridal as we all flew the smooth, and check it out, "warm" afternoon air... entertainment at it's best!

Nov 8 Sumas Dikes Windy ? Advance flying conditions at Sumas forced us to practice our high wind launches and play with our new power kites. The girls did really well handling the new Edel 501B power kite.
Nov 6 Hawaii Windy ? Dave reports dreamy soaring conditions and a tricky beach landing.
Nov 2 Deimos Park very windy ? Only one moment where the new Access 9.0 over powered us. Matt's new wing looks great - a very fun afternoon.
Nov 1 Sumas smooth 2.2 Pefect student conditions all day. Joe did his first solo flight: he added a little too much break on take off but had a great flight and landing, Dave enjoyed one last cold flight before going to Hawaii for a week, Clay, Brian, Ari, Matt, Pascal and I did our usual stupid acro tricks. Welcome back Clay!
Oct 26 Burnaby Mt. sy ? Lots of top to bottom flights - even new student Joe got high but forgot how to turn (for a brief moment). Fun stuff!
Oct 25 Sumas and Bridal lt, sy 2.1 One of my favorite days: everyone did their very best acro tricks - some were a little more entertaining. Lots of great video clips were captured for my next movie!
Oct 24 Burnaby Mt. sy ? We all made top to bottom flights.
Oct 19 Little Nic lt ps ? After an interesting 1.5 hour hike, Brian and I arrive at launch to easy take off conditions. I managed just a 100' above launch before the wind lift was too light to stay up. Brain's launch was a little long but a better option than hiking down!.
Oct 11-13 Gab's Site ++ BO lt ? After rock climbing for a few hours we went to Gabâs favorite soaring site. Conditions were blown out at the top, but 500 feet lower the wind was more manageable; by using a rapid combination of speed bar, bigears and wing overs I flew until sunset. After a night of insane wind (80Kph), we decided to climb some more with an evening of reverse launch training. The next day everyone did a hike up to launch, while I drove Fanny and Mir to the top. Conditions were flyable, but when the gang arrived, 1.5 hours later, the site was leeside, so we went to our soaring site again. Except for Pascal, we all got about 500â up in smooth lift. Later Pascal completed a few extended sled rides. A lot of driving but it was worth it!
Oct 5 Diefenbaker Park lt 2.0 Joe managed a few good flights - he just needs to work on his landing gear. One more training day should be enough for him to do his first high flight!
Oct 4 Woodside sy lt 2.0 Conditions were light and stable all day. Only Kevin and one other hang gliding pilot were there all morning. Alison, Alex and Joe, Harmony, Andy, Shane, Brian, Matt, Amine and Dave all had easy flights and great take offs (only Brian and Shane needed to abort one inflation. Amine added a few more grays hairs when his two-turn-spiral was increased to eight turns! Amine will need another day or two with us before he gets signed off.
Sept 28 The Chief bo cat 2.2 We waited as long as possible, but no chance of flying (strong east conditions).
Weather office reported NW 5 km.
Sept 27 Upper Bridal bo nl sy cat 2.0 After an one hour hike and a three hour wait we had nice cycles and smooth flights into a new downwind LZ. No problem with the land owner. Later, we drove up to lower bridal, but not flyable still.
Sept 21 The Chief ++ 2.5 Brian and I managed to soar ABOVE the peak for about 15 minutes!
Sept 20 Woodside ++ 2.2 We started the day with easy sled rides into Riverside, then on our second flights we joined in the circus: six hang gliders and almost twice as many PG pilots were now in the queue. Some pilots took very, very long to set-up and launch in near perfect conditions, very frustrating for some of us watch and wait. But around 3pm we finally had our launch window, and took it to the top of the stack. After an hour of riding the thermic roller coaster, my passenger showed me that we needed to be on ãtera-much-more-furmaä ground. Pascal and Glen added more gray hairs to us when they decided that a 9:1 was enough to reach the LZ. After a long lecture on glide ratios, we headed up for a third flight. A great day at Woodside.
Sept 13 Mackenzie sy cat 2.8 Since Pascal missed Fridayâs training session, we had to do an extra inflation session before we could head up to launch. Gabriel had a great day with two tandem flights (Cheryl and Carrie), but Brian was the only pilot to get above launch (on his second flight). Around 2 pm the clouds came in and almost closed the site (as the east wind arrived). I was impressed by the high quality of launches from all pilots in these light conditions, however Pascal forgot what ãstop meansä, Glen had a great launch but almost over shot the LZ. Stephanâs new truck (the mother of ãSatanâs wagonä) lost its grill and a few other parts and stalled on the way down! We wonât be using this truck any more for Mackenzie rides ö too scary!
Sept 5 Burnaby Mt
(best glide comp)
cross wind ? Another great turn out for our Deimos Best Glide comp. I guess the prizes are getting better! Gabster own the day, but Nicole got all of the attention with trees running in front of her ö twice! Even Fred manage to place well enough to score a 3M jean shirt prize. If time permits, we may have another best glide comp near the end of this season. Thank you BlueThermal for the Jumbe and Yogi demos. tc
Aug 30, Sept 1 Whidbey Island st sy nw ? For one instructor, love was in the air at Whidbey (instead of my students). There was only a five minute flying window just before the gust front hit, then there was to much or not enough wind. Pascal was very determine by kiting for more than five hours every day! The high light was watching everyone land on the beach at the same time, as the site shut off suddenly. Although some landings were drier than others, we all had a great time: kiting, eating and relaxing in the Whidbey sun. 
Aug 27 The Chief st ? A last minute idea to fly the Chief worked out great. For Ryan, Dave, Fred and Darren, it was their first time. There were some interesting landing when some pilots forgot to flare (while landing cross wind).Stephan and Gab had some low last minute turns that worked out okay, and Fred needs to practice his big ear approaches. A really fun evening!
Aug 24 Woodside sy st ? Windy and busy conditions at Woodside (because of the Bridal Falls closure). Dave, Pascal, and Matt had two flights each, but conditions were too strong for Glen and Rich, so Gab took them on a few tandem rides (in smooth conditions).
Rich now plans to take solo lessons!
Dave got the reward for most exciting launch and landing.
Aug 23 Blanchard and Whidbey sy 2.5 A few quick flights from Matt, Dave and Amine. Amine had the best chance to say up but missed the thermal and was forced to head out to the LZ.
Aug 16 Woodside st ps 2.5 Interesting launches from Brian and Clay, in strong conditions, even I had to bring my wing down once before launching, but once in the air we flew for hours. Shane arrived a little too late and only managed a slid ride before the strong winds arrived.
Aug 9 Bridal ++ ? Steph, Pascal, Chuck, Dave all got two flights in and Amine (and Gab - Tandem and 2 top landings) had 3. Glen went for a quick tandem with Gab.

Steph still has to learn to stand up before he lands - not after!

Pascal and Amine had great flights and landings and Dave did extemely well.

Chuck wanted to land himself on his 2nd flight, but flew behind the trees and too far from the LZ and had to land in an open patch well away from the LZ.

I had a great 2nd flight and caught a tiny thermal 500ft above the LZ and got back above launch and flew for 1.5 hours before I had to come in to land to guide.

Aug 4 Woodside and Bridal ++ 2.5 Dave Merrick, after about a four year break, join me for a hour long tandem and a little too low Titanic into the Reverside LZ. Shaine had about a 45 minute flight and then sunk out. As the wind picked up, we decided to fly Bridal.  We first watched some scary launches from Margot and Joseph and some better launches from Rob and others. Shane and Dave then had great launches and flew for about an hour and a half, sometimes going a little too close to the trees. An amazing day!
Aug 2 Mackenzie ++ 2.5 It was a great day for the Deimos boys: Brian, Zak and Gab specâd out at 9000â, Clay and Amine also got high. Amine got his first asymmetrical, and let the wing correct the problem. My new student Artur and I were climbing smoothly through 4500â when he had enough. Ex-student Jay show up so I offered him a free tandem to almost 5000â until he also had enough. We landed smoothly after a short cross country ride down the Valley. Gab surprised us with ice cream for all at the LZ.
July 26 Woodside and Bridal ++ 2.5 Gab and Pascal flew for more than an hour (tandem) "looking for their thermal bitch", and the rest of the boys had near perfect launches. Later conditions increased and only I could fly. We then went to Bridal to kite and do a few more sled rides to the LZ. Chuck learned why we need to keep running during take off (another grey hair or two added to my collection).
July 19 Sumas and Bridal ++ 2.5 Antoine did his first high flight in super smooth air, then needed double gravall for our flight at Bridal. Harv soared for hours on the Aeros Vitamin and Ari did four flights in one day and now has his Novice rating. Philippe did his first top land (more of a soft crash).
July 5-6 Makenzie, Birkenhead ++, bo 2.5 Makenzie: Started the day with a few extended flights then the Whislter Express shut down the site with 50kph winds (one local pilot flew anyhow and live to tell the story). Witnessed a intermediate pilot spin his wing to just above the tree top ö scary!

Birkenhead: After a few wrong turns, we finally arrive at the take off to have a great bivi under the stars. The morning brought light cycles up the face. Gab was the first wind dummy and flew for more than a hour, followed by Brian and Stef. I join Brian as we both climbed up to the clouds. Dreamy stuff!

Makenzie: After gathering the boys we headed back to Makenzie for more extended flights, then finishing with a quick swim at the Pemberton Lake.

June 28, 29 Bridal Falls ++ ps 2.5 We help host the BFAR Event in perfect flying conditions: Gab and I did a few free tandems for the WCSC, Mark had the longest flight (more than 7 hours!). Chuck added a few more grey hairs when his radio stop working, but still managed a good landing. Philippe had is longest flight (more than three hours), Stef found out why we donât fly in the lee side of the hill, and found himself hugging a tree (no damage to his new wing or him self). Gab finished the BFAR event with his usual acrobatics. 
June 21 Evans Lake st ps 3.0 Wedding bells were ringing for me and Julie, so no flying, but we did manage to climb the Squamish Chief a few times.
June 15 Woodside sy ++ 3.0 A busy day at Woodside: we started the day in nice smooth conditions but in the afternoon the thermals increased and only tandems and our more experienced pilots could fly:  Shane and I specâd out a few times, with Amine, Fred, Phillipe, Ryan, Clay, Chuck and Gab not far behind. Then after a food break we headed up for one more obnoxious flying episode. Gab launched and soared overhead while Amine hooked his helmet on the riser (during takeoff) and got pulled into the trees. No damage to pilot or wing. 
June 7 Sumas and Bridal sy st 3.0 Sumas: Brian and Matt struggled with their "Airplane approaches" in bumpy conditions, Antoine discovered that he needed a motion sickness bracelet, Zak showed us how to recover from a cravat at 500 feet, and I struggled with bumpy air on landing and take off.

Bridal Falls: Matt, Brian, Clay, Gab and Ryan flew for three or more hours, while I play ATC, SAR and Ground School Instructor. A pedestrian approached me with a report of a pilot in a tree, after a half hour investigation it turn out to be nothing.

General comment: visiting pilots should know the ridge rules before flying our sites, there were many complaints and close calls reported. Pilots that have the ridge on their right have the right of way; Pilots top landing have the right of way; tandems have the right of way. Please talk to your favorite instructor for more details on this subject.

June 6 Burnaby Mt Sy 2.5 A gerat turn out - lots of spectators. Conditions were quite difficult this time with only half of the competitor placing. See this link for more details.
May 31 Woodside sy st 2.8 Easy student conditions when we arrived, so everyone flew. On the second flight the wind picked up, so only Brian and I flew. I top landed, and demonstrated high wind reverse launch techniques,  then para-waited to see if wind would calm down, but it did not. So I launched and at one point demonstrated an asymmetrical collapse just above take off (unintentional), then joined Brian for a wonder glide to Bill Best field. We checked out Bridal on the way home, but it was lee-side conditions.
May 25 Woodside sy st 2.2 Lots of flights for everyone: Alex and Gab had an exciting low take off; Brian struggled with his landings ö twice! Amine and Harv both had nice launches but both overshot the spot landing by a few hundred feet ö but landed softly. I did a few tandems with Harv and Crystal.
May 18 Woodside sy st 3.0 Managed a nice tandem flight with Dave, then went on a little tandem cross country flight towards Bridal (made it about ? of the way there). Too windy for the students.
May 17 Whidbey sy lt st ps 3.0 When we arrived the wind was cross, so I decided to plant our Aeros wind sox to help indicate the wind direction ö immediately the locals insisted that the sox must be removed (to encourage the wind to change). At first I thought that they were joking, but then a few minutes another local pilot said the same thing ö a very superstitious group. We manage many nice flights, throughout the day (without the aid of a wind sox). Amine did his first top downwind landing.
May 11 The Chief sy, ++ 3.0 Super windy all day (+40kph), but after a day of climbing and tennis, I soloed up for a smooth take off, flight, and landing.
May 10 Sumas and Bridal sy, ++ 2.5 Pefect conditions at Sumas. Zak launched first and soared for almost two hours, then Matt and Ari joined in, followed by Amine, Harv and Alex. John and I had a terrible launch but still managed to soar for a while (slight lee-side conditions by then). While landing, Alex discovered what happens when you don't listen to your instructor and was grounded for the day.
After a short lunch break and debriefing, we headed to Bridal Falls. Clay and pretty much everyone else was already above launch. After a few tries, Ari managed a difficult reverse launch and the joined the flock. Dave and I, on tandem, took two steps and got powered up for a 2:20 hour flight - We join Lucas at the peak for a few minutes and went into the clouds, then headed back to lower take off. Brian arrived then, so we when up again for an evening sled rides.
May 8 Bridal Falls Sy 3.0 When I arrive from work, Gab and Ari had already finished a few flights and about 15 others were all soaring above launch- I still managed to get to cloud base launching after 6pm. Harv and I finished with a great tandem flight. Thanks for driving Brian.
May 5 Bridal Falls Sy 2.6 We arrived a little late, but still managed two flights. Gab and I finshed with a full Acro show - including and few new tricks from Gab! Flip landing!
May 2 Burnaby Mt Sy ? A great training day - good improvement from all the new pilots.
April 30 Bridal sy st 2.9 Mark and Alan were already spec'd out when we arrived. Gab, Ryan and Brian had great flights; and Harv enjoyed his first Titanic maneuver. Brian finished his final maneuvers and just needs to update his log book for his novice rating! Congrats Brian!
April 27 Diefenbaker sy 2.5 Another great training day. Pascal started his reverse launches - looking good!
April 26 Woodside sy bo 2.5 After a great day of high wind kiting we headed up to launch. Zak managed a great flight with a "tricky landing".
April 20 Pine Mt


st, sy, ra ? Smith Rock was Hot ö shorts no shirt hot. Managed many days of hard rock climbing (no big falls) and a half hour soaring flight at Pine Mt. 
Meanwhile in Savona, Gab and the boys were soaring high at the dumps and having great XC at three other new sites.
April 18 Silos Washington st, sy ? The wind was too strong to fly, but later that day we went to the silos and we were all able to have unlimited flights ö even Brian managed a few good top landings. Four flights each and we had to leave, which was hard since it was still flyable!
April 6 Diefenbaker Park lt sy 2.8? Alex, Amine and I had a great time in the sun at Diefenbaker park. Amine won the best frontal award and Alex had the best glide award. These boys are ready to fly high. I managed to kite my wing to the picnic tables for the best Ninja award. 
April 5 Woodside st ps bo snow 2.5 We arrived at Woodside in strong conditions. Gabriel was elected wind tester and launched first, followed by Jim and Norm. After half an hour they were all in the white room at about 1000 feet over take off and getting cold. 45 minutes later Gab radioed that he was going to land (his hands were frozen). Just then a gust front arrived with blowing snow and forced us to wait another half an hour for smoother conditions. Darren, Matt and Chuck and I all launched in light conditions. After a short lunch break we headed back up for second flights.
March 29 Sumas ps ra lt 2.0 Brian and I managed a quick flight then headed back up to the install the new Sumas wind sock. After more than two hours in the rain, it was strapped into place, however we will need a second trip to trim some of the branches away and secure it a little better. Hopefully this sock will persuade more pilots not to fly in lee-side conditions.
March 21 Makenzie sy bo st 2.5? After a 15 minute hike we arrived at the Makenzie take off to reconfirm the strong conditions that we saw from the LZ. After about an hour of power kiting, conditions smoothed out so I took to the sky, followed by Brian and Fred. Stephane demonstrated the importance of more practice and holding your heading, and did not fly. Fred sank out, but at 500 feet he locked into the magic lift to join Brian and I at 5000â. As it got dark we were still going up.  Big-ears and patience returned us all back to tera-firma. Gab final flew last and gave us a nice show on his new Edel Live. Thanks to Alex for driving down.
March 16 Diefenbaker Park sy 2.9 Pascal and I were doing mini flights from the south launch, then raced back for the HAGAR clinic - fun stuff!
March 8 Burnaby Mt. ps uk We started ground school training at Burnaby Mt., then moved to the Clark hill for better conditions and flights. Alex and Chuck are almost ready for their first high flights! We just need the rain and wind to stop.
March 1 Bridal sy lt 2.3 Spring has arrived! We started our day at Burnaby Mt. then headed out to the valley. After squishing tightly into two trucks, we headed up to the Bridal launch. My truck tires were still in summer mode and could not make the last 500 feet of the road. Alex and I flew tandem for about 50 minutes, then headed out to the LZ for a little Titanic action. The next tandem flight was a little shorter, but Chuck also got to experience a baby Titanic. Ken managed his longest flight ever. Ian put on a cool PPG show to finish the day. What a great day: sunny, great weather and great friends!
Feb 23 Mt Baker sy lt 2.3 Amine, Brian and I hiked and boarded in perfect knee-deep power. Then after a short rest, we hiked up again and flew from the same spot. This was Brianâs first snow launch! Amine was more interested in another snow board run and did not fly.
Feb 22 Whidbey Island sy lt Standard Perfect training conditions for Chuck and Shane., wind speed was perfect but the direction was 10 degree too north (no high flights).
Feb 9 Bridal Falls and Mackenzie sy lt Standard Gabriel, Ryan, Clay and Tara hiked up to lower Bridal and had extended sled rides, meanwhile in Pemberton, Ken, Rob, Amine, Andre, Matt, my brother Peter and I enjoyed light thermal flights off Makenzie Mt. A great day for all!
Feb 8 Rupert Hill and Blackcomb sy lt Standard Gabriel trained our new students (Ryan, Chuck and Alex) the fine art of the forward launch, at the Rupert Hill, meanwhile up at Whistler Village Matt flew off the top of Blackcomb for the first time. I lost my tandem passenger (visiting brother Peter) while skiing to the last lift, and had to ski out with all my tandem gear. I think Peter had one too many beers at lunch or something! 
Feb 2 Burnaby Mt., Bridal Falls ra Standard Started at Burnaby, drove out to the valley to be greeted by heavy rain, so after some talk about weather and landings, we returned to Burnaby Mt. for more fun.
Feb 1 Blanchard, Whidbey & Mt. Baker ps Standard Blanchard and Whidbey was too cross, but Baker was perfect - worth the extra drive time. Matt and I got to test our the our new Edel snowboard suits!
Jan 26 Mt Harvey bo st unknown Matt and I after 3+ hours arrived at the take-off in super strong conditions (hard to stand or talk because of the high wind). The trail up is in good condition. tc
Jan 18 Sumas sy cat inverted We arrive at the take off with plans of doing a tandem, but this was not the case, due to slight down wind conditions. Gab kick off the show, followed by "the Vitamin saved my life" - Clay, Rob, "it's never to late to abort a flight" -Matt, and my self. I finally got to test fly the new Aeros Style. After doing a few easy maneuvers I quickly determined that this wing is pretty hot (not recommend for pilot with less than 50 flights). The others had no choice but to drive down. tc
Dec 31 Marshall - CA sy lt 2.2 Great to be in the air again. Soared around then missed the spot landing by only 12" - not bad for taking a month off. It's good to be back in rainy Vancouver. tc
Dec 8 Bridal Falls nl lt ps inverted We were happy to experience very stable conditions at launch. After one aborted take off, I was able to have a smooth flight with Dave, and entertained everyone with a little Titanic action. Philippe tested out the new Aeros Style; Gabgy tested his new landing approach and Fred tested his no landing gear landing. After fixing a flat tire, we started our end of year celebration (at Fogg n' Sudds) with two Towers of Power! What a great year! 
Many thanks to everyone! 
Dec 1 Sumas Dikes st sy bo inverted Too windy to fly the students, so practiced more ground handling. A pilot from another school tested the Sumas air but but was forced to hug a tree instead. No serious damage to pilot or wing. 
Nov 23 Sumas Dikes st sy bo inverted We practiced our ground handling and reserve launches in strong conditions. Our new student Dave, discoverd why we where gloves and a helmet! Only the HGer's flew. On Sunday, Matt got to show off his new attack wing (the Live from Edel).
Nov 17 Blanchard bo ra ps -1.5 Arrived to see 3-4 or for PG'rs in the air and about 10 HGer's ready to go.
By the time it was our turn the PG'rs were all parked, and some had landed.
Time for plan B: play with Matt's Power buggy - crazy stuff!
Whidbey Island was blown out and wind direction was too south.
Nov 2 Sumas and Lower Bridal sy nl lt uk Arrived at the Sumas take off after a short hike; winds were light but almost straight up ö perfect. But first we needed do some general maintenance. I sent Brian up to replace the remains of our last wind sock, but without proper ropes and harnesses, it was too difficult. Meanwhile Shane, Gab and I trimmed back some of the bushes out in front. The air was very smooth with just small thermals on the far left of the ridge. Text book take offâs and landings.
Second flights were from lower Bridal in almost no wind conditions. Stable flying conditions, great for our new students.
Oct 26 Bridal / Woodside Mt. lt sy cat 2.1 We started the day at lower Bridal, but it was not student conditions (lt. cat) so we went to Woodside - the reports were 10K straight up. Gab did a test flight anyhow.
It was one of the best days of flying at Woodside Mt. this year: Fred soared with us for the first time since the Eagle Bluff incident. Although his landing gear is still retracted, it was great to fly with him again. The rest of the boys all soared for over an hour until their hands almost froze off. I discovered the hard way on what happens when you go too big on wing overs. Our latest student, Shane, had to leave early and missed out on these amazing conditions. Gabby and I were very proud of all of our old and new students to say the least! It was a beautiful sight: the sky was filled with Vitamins, Accents (Aeros) and Live (Edel) wings.   tc
Oct 20 English Bay lt 2.0 We all joined Gabby and Lesley for a wonderful sail on their new tri-cat the ãPacific Cloudä. Very relaxing and we did not even have to scrub any decks!
Oct 19 Burnaby Mt and Bridal Falls cat lt ra 2.0 We started the day with Shane doing a few training flights at Burnaby Mt. then went out to Bridal Falls with pockets full of hope that the weather would improve. It did. I managed to fly with Robin (who has been waiting for two weeks to fly tandem), and the other boys managed two flights except Shane ö the winds were too cross for new students. It looks like Matt and Gabby are in love with the same girl ö the new Edel Live. This wing is amazing: flat turns, smooth recoveries and beautiful.
Oct 14 Saddle Mt. sy lt. 2.0 Played with the Aeros power kit 7.0 for a few hours then did very pleasant sled rides to the sand dunes below. Not enough thermals to stay up. Considered going to Tiger Mt. but we were too relaxed to move to a new site. tc
Oct 13 The Silos sy lt 2.0 After climbing at Frenchman's for a few hours we went to the Silos. Arrive in perfect student conditions. I managed to get about 70 feet about the ridge, but the others just has extended flights with a few interesting landings. Great fun! tc
Oct 12 Blanchard & Whidbey Island sy lt 2.0 Spent Friday night camping at the Blanchard launch - very damp and cold. The next day we woke to light thermals but not enough to stay up. Drove to Whidbey - just to see how it was. Every took turns crashing the power kite, except kite guru Matt (who never crashes). Not enough wind to fly. tc
Oct 6 Woodside foggy lt uk Perfect soaring conditions but you would need radar to see. I took the wing out a demonstrated a few reverse launches; but since the visability was about 100 feet, all I could do is float around two feet from the ground (on the edge of full stall).
It was too risky for any of the students to join me. tc
Sept 1-30 Transfered web site to suberp.net - flight records for this month information was lost. Sorry. The best flight of the month was Gabby's dream flight with his dad. 
He waited two years for this day. Perfect take off and landing. tc
Aug 25 Woodside overcast morning clearing up by 1:30 Uk  Bridal was fully lee side today we headed to Woodside in the morning to give a hand with the new launch The sky opened up to produce nice thermal amidst an already well establish lift band ... Man! that Lz gets funky some time ... 
Aug 24 Upper & lower Bridal Very stable w/some wind  Uk Hike up to Upper launch got there in one hour small cycle coming straight up find very little lift and ended up soaring lower Bridal 
Aug 18  Woodside & bridal Bit windy but nice blue sky  uk / Lt  The day started at Woodside with a couple of flights ,it got a bit rowdy for the student so we moved on to Bridal and all got 1+ hour long flight In ridge assisted thermal . 
Aug 17 Grouse Mtn  Our bright star was unshadow all day  UK fairly stable Very nice day for a fly-in , Congrats to Philipe he's the only one who got 3 flights in .   Thanks to the organisers the day was truly a blast ...
Aug 15 Bridal  Sunny  uk  Ryan ,Brian and I  Met up w/Clay at 6:30 on L/Z big smile on his face He had cut off work earlier than us and had just landed from a 1:30 hour flight we made it in time for a nice evening sleigh ride were I did my first tandem B-Line stall
Aug11-12 Bridal  nice and hot 
(specialy my passager ) 
uk  Thumb up to every body that was there this week-end Lots of good T/O lots of good landing Brian and Glen both spent more than 1 hour on their 4th flight , Thanks Lesley for a awesom ride on my new Tucan ( Tandem ) sorry if I made you a dizzy ...
and congrat. to Clay he had a 3 hour flight for flight # 30 Now get your butt at my place and right that exam ...
Aug 2-5  Burnaby Mtn & Bridal & Sumas  Rain and Blown out
except on Saturday 
uk We did our regular training session at burnaby mtn on friday to fly Sumas and Bridal on Saturday Every body got 3 flight in Tom And Gab did some cool simul-Acro . Thank to Blake and Chris for a awesome week and have a safe and good flying career 
July 27-28 Pemberton & Burnaby mtn  mostly sunny and blown out  UK This week-end Pemberton was cursed with east wind no flight were to be done we did however have good wind to practice reverse .After a entertaining night of camping on launch, sunday didn't look promising so we went for a good training session a Burnaby mtn 
July 21  Bridal  sy/hot and easterly uk Bridal was on today, light north east made flying interesting switching eventually west at 4:00 there was some very interesting T/O Congratulations to Ian for his first evening flight 
July 20 Squamish  sunny and hot  UK no flying today Tom Steph And Gab went climbing on the cheif , a much needed day off 
July 15  Whitbey ( the fort) A bit of every thing uk Woke up after a good night at fort Casey in light S wind @ 3:00 it switch light NW  to finally turn on at 6:00 and then it got very strong Tom and I played low to the ground 10 to 50' above the ridge ... good fun 

July 14
Whitbey ( the fort) all over the map  uk Very light  NW wind when we got there , so it give us a chance to brush up on our kiting and para-waiting skill . A short window open got 5 min flight b4 blow-out 
July 7 Bridal nl /ra 2.0 Gabby surprised Clay's friend with an early, post birthday tandem flight in smooth conditions. Clay managed another perfect take off  and spot landing.
July 6 Sumas ++ / nt / sy 2.0 We just received our Style prototypes so it was time for a full ACRO show: SAT, Spins, full stall, spirals, asymmetricals...
 July 6 Bridal  ++ / lt /   2.3  Gabby set a new low record of 200 meters, using the new Style and still managed to top land. Tom flew the old profile for more than a hour (<6.5 glide ratio)..




" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "