2006 - Vancouver Paragliding Log Book

Abbreviations: nw=no wind / cat=catibatic / sy = sunny / bo = blown out / tt= too thermic / ra= rain / ++ = amazing / uk = unknown/ nl = no lift / lt = light thermals / st =strong thermals / ps = partly sunny cr =cross wind

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Date Site Name Weather Lapse Rate
Jan 6 2007 Blanchard ps 2.0
We got there first – but the locals were quick to get in the air. The first pilots were able to stay above take off for a short while, while later pilots had no problems staying up.
Karin led the Deimosians, followed by Aaron and a nervous Samuel. By the time it was Little Dan’s turn, it was too strong for any more novice pilots. I took to the air, on my old UP Soul , and quickly climbed up, with a couple of small collapses and limited forward speed.
We were all excited about flights, so Dan joined in and told us about some of his exciting left and rights turns (as he drove down)!
Dec 2 Sumas snowy 2.0
We all wanted to get a little exercise then fly, but we ended up getting too much exercise and only only wanting to fly.
We had two surprises: that the road was plowed all the way to the Sumas parking lot, and that our trusted key would no longer work on the first gate. About two hours hike got us to trail head and another half hour, in deep snow to launch. It was a weird hike, for some reason the young ones, Diane and Little Dan were the most tired, while Jon and I were in great shape. Dan’s launch attempt brought him face to face with nature, but darkness surrounded us before we could safely try again. No more 1:30pm starts!
Nov 24 Bridal Falls snowy 2.0
After almost a month, it was great to be back in the air. Owen, led the charge and actually started going up after he launched, slightly, in the house thermal, but like the rest of us, landed in the lightly snow covered LZ after fifteen minutes. Matt had his most committed launch ever, putting some steps way over the edge; Lady Di had no problem with her wing and even managed to complete a few new maneuvers off her list, while new student David and I flew tandem. Jonathon’s offer to drive down was a big help, but only he and Matt could get back in the air before the snow arrived.
Oct 31 Diefenbaker cr sy ?
NW conditions today at Diefenbaker, but my new Solo V student, David, handled the cross wind quite well. Only the UP Soul (DHV2) could stop his perfect inflation record.
Oct 30 White Rock sy ?
Perfect learning conditions for my new Solo V student David.
Oct 29 Bridal ra bo 2.0
Aaron, Jeremy and I made an attempt to find the jeep that went over the edge, a few weeks ago – but it is at least 1000’ down the face lying near the bottom (somewhere). We then decided to explore the trail to the upper Cheam ridge. After a few difficult traverses, and some sword fighting, we arrived at a wall of bushes. With only one good head lamp between us, it seemed wise to return to the truck before battling the bushes, some more, with our dull weapons. We plan to explore a new way to Cheam peak– maybe during the next rainy, windy, weekend?
Oct 28 Woodside, Bridal ps bo 2.0
After quick introductions at my morning office (Tim Hortons), we went straight to Woodside to see why no one was in the air. I recorded gust of 22 mph, so back to Bridal for a “let’s see what’s happen” visit. As it turns out, conditions were quite mellow in the LZ. Karin went first, followed by Garbage Face (Aaron) and the first of my tandems. (Adon). Karin held her own above launch for a short while, but like the rest of us, had an extended slid ride. Aaron, when first on the next flight, but not until we had added a few more logs to the upper stairs – too allow launch conditions to calm down. My second tandem we (Andrew and I) got hauled upward, to about 300’ over, but after a short while it seemed better to be on ground. Sadly, I lost my PTT switch for my helmet kit (probably in the LZ somewhere).
Oct 22 Cheam and Woodside ++ 1.8
A very exciting day indeed. The forecast was a little dubious, but with the Heli pilot’s assurance that he would wait for up to 30 minutes to check the winds, we had no problem cramming into the helicopter.
As we flew past the peak, a couple of times, the pilot announced that the wind was straight up (from the South). However after he dropped us off, I noticed it was a little bit too strong, but no way to call back the pilot now. We were committed. The wind meter showed gust to 16 mph but an average of 10 mph. Karin went first and set a new record for the BS maneuver - five seconds. Movie Dave and Sean T to follow. After convincing Movie Dave to fly over the north side of the ridge and head towards the LZ (in took a few tries to explain to him what happens when you cross over too low), David and I hooked in and had a great launch. We soon were soaring all around the hikers, until I realized I was making too many sharp turns and should probably head out before my flight suit gets dirty. My passenger was excited, to say the least. The view was stunning.

After a soft landing, I want to end the day on a perfect note and head home, but Stig and Aaron were keen to fly still. Woodside seem like the best call. Stig’s wedding and baby plans must have consumed most of his thoughts, when he decided to walk all the way to the woodside ramp, sit down for a moment, and then run off the end! Crazy stuff! Aaron had a blast playing with his new reverse launch logging in a few great flights.

Oct 21 Bridal sy 1.6
Strong East conditions kept us happily kiting (reverse training) for about three hours until things mellowed out. We needed to mount the new Bridal “Hot tub”, in Marks pick up, so after a long lunch we headed up to Bridal. Brian, Gabby and Clay were already in the air – so no wind dummies needed. Conditions were quite smooth for the rest of the Deimosians: Special K, Chiu, Mark (AKA Pool boy), Aaron, Layne (AKA “Putter”), Lady Di, J-man and Matt (no nick name yet).
Oct 20 Bridal sy 1.8
A great start to the new Bridal water irrigation system or should I say water collection system. While Karin and Di worked on adding a protective coat to the Deimos table, the rest of the boys, Chiu, Brian, Jon, Brian, Colin, Clay and I worked on the water system. We got about ¼ done when some of the pilots “needed” to fly. The 1000L tank arrives tomorrow. Brian had the best flight, maintaining just below launch, while the rest of us had very nice sled rides
Oct 17 Bridal ps 2.0
Hooked up with Clay today (finally back from the flat lands). We did a little road work and put in the new upper stairs. The plan was to work on the water tank hole next, but just then the west wind arrived. By the time we were ready to launch the winds were much lighter.
We managed a couple of flights before the south wind shut down the site.
Oct 14 Upper Bridal ps 1.5
With just a few “early” phone calls, I was able to convince Aaron, Chiu, J-Man and Matt to hike up to upper Bridal- a short one hour (to the minute) hike. Light West conditions at first; so J-man, Aaron, and finally Matt, all had good launches, leaving Chiu and I. Almost immediately the wind changed to 10 k South. We tried one attempt but aborted it after a few steps, and then we waited. Soon (20 minutes) it switched back to West and we were air bourne! We did a customary Titanic, then quickly raced back up for more lower Bridal action. Layne, Special K and Mark were quick to fly (but only after we moved some ply wood for the new rain collection system). Some great launches despite the light conditions and a few slightly long landings, top off by more Wild Cat food and drinks. A very enjoyable day!
Oct 13 Bridal sy 1.5
Aaron and I picked out the new Bridal Falls water tank then rushed out to Bridal for a few sled rides: Movie Dave and Special K were already on launch; while we were waiting for them to land, Aaron had some spare time to remember how to forward launch. Eventually we were all back on take off. Solid launches from every one except me: I had a small knot in the middle A lines, that Karin missed (probably a little too dark to see it), but fixed itself once I loaded the wing – very scenic flights for all. I tried the big ears (top side spiral); it worked okay but I think the G’s are still very high and this maneuver should be saved for emergency descents.

I had a craving for a blue cheese burger – so we finished our day at the Wild Cat, followed but a few scary climbing stories.

PS> the water tank should be installed sometime next week.

Oct 6-9 Saddle WA sy bo ++ 2.8
October 6
Ahhh, yet another adventure-filled weekend with Deimos. Fortunately the bad karma was behind us <throws salt over left shoulder while touching wood> and all had good experiences…well, I guess Tom was the exception this weekend, and Ed, but that was self inflicted… Anyhoo, Ed, Karin, Stig, and Owen grouped up at Tom’s (who was impatient to get on the road) on Friday afternoon and headed for Blanchard with the truck and an RV (courtesy of Ed) full of wings. Tom and Owen were faced with an almost overwhelming decision at the boarder – which empty booth to enter. TJ was flying a kite at Blanchard when we arrived with Sean hot on our tail. Tom launched to check things out as conditions were a bit cross. He made a couple of passes by launch, demonstrating two rather interesting collapses in the process. Eager to get in the air, Ed unrolled a couple of wings but conditions weren’t improving so Tom headed for the LZ followed by the rest of us in the Deimos cavalcade – Sean and TJ heading home. Ditching their car, Dianne and Jon were loaded in the RV (aka Deimos 1) and headed for Saddle Mountain, stopping for some quite decent Thai enroute. A couple hours on the road had us at launch on Saddle. It was a bright moon lit night however the ridge was blasted by high winds so Deimos 1 was used as a windbreak for the tent city that was quickly assembled, pegged down, and filled with ballast. We bedded down for a not terribly restful night frequently interrupted by slaps in the face by flapping tent material and ventures outside to re-peg, all while being concerned that your tent was the one making all the noise.

October 7
The next morning was moderately breezy so those with less experience set to kiting and practicing reverses in the tumbleweed and twitchy wind behind launch while more experienced pilots flew. That was after a cup of Ed’s morning brew and viewing a low level flying video filled with lots of tips and descriptive graphics. Art and Karen showed up mid morning and Art joined those with more experience in the air. Ed demonstrated his mastery of the reverse launch by executing an epic drag thru the sticks during some blustery conditions. Fortunately for the rest of us, there were multiple cameras running so we were able to relive the arm and leg filled dust cloud that ensued immediately following the phrase “No, I don’t need an anchor.” To “Tumbleweed”’s credit, he did end it standing. Standby for the movie. Once in the air Ed found some good some good lift out in front of launch and Karin discovered it a bit later. By the time Owen was in the air, conditions were turning down leaving him sinking out and Karen scratching for a top landing. Owen elected to land between launch and the river, rather than the usual LZ thinking that he’d be the only one landing below however Karin ended up joining him. Shortly after, Jon, Dianne, and Stig launched and sank out, landing in the sand LZ near the road (on the other side of the river). As Saddle Mtn’s 1800ft rise looked less inviting from the ground Karen and Owen tried to find a way across the briskly flowing, deep river channel to no avail. Dianne became an impromptu biker chick riding on the back of the locals’ ATVs in search of a ford. It turned out that the bridge Jon could see from the top of the cliff was 5 miles away and not visible with the naked eye and the locals’ supposed crossable location “just ¼ mile upstream” failed to materialize after hiking a couple of KM and a close encounter with a large rattlesnake. About this point Tom arrived with a truckload of students and gliders. Using a rope, and much comedy, we tight lined the gliders piece-by-piece across the river and stocked up on water for the 2-hour hike up the mountain. Karen and I didn’t get to the top in time to catch a lift to the next flying site, for an end-of-the-day sledder and best glide comp, but were happy to put our feet up in Deimos 1 with a couple of cold ones and a some snacks while watching the sunset. Tom and Co. returned well after dark and a BBQ steak dinner was prepared while Julie and kids were retrieved from town. We rounded out the evening with some PG movies and headed for our tents and a more restful night with much lower wind.

October 8
After a breakfast of eggs toast and cereal, we headed out for a quick sledder to the sand LZ (Special K and Owen having learned their lesson). Eddie and Jon stayed behind to fly – apparently having a quite good afternoon with perfect wind for multi-hour flights – and Dianne kept and eye on them while catching up on some marking. The rest of the crew headed to the Feathers at Frenchman’s Coulee for some climbing – a first for Stig, Special K, and Owen. Miranda showed us how it was done after Tom and Julie placed the top ropes and gave the newbies some coaching. It was a rewarding afternoon for all, even though the climbers didn’t make it back in time to enjoy the prime air. Returning to the mountain we picked up provisions for Thanksgiving dinner in Mattawa. Sadly no pumpkin pie was available, but armed with some precooked chickens, potatoes, carrots, corn, and instant gravy and stuffing, Chef’s Tumbleweed and Jon had a most enjoyable dinner prepared in a remarkable 20minutes flat, despite much heckling and assistance by all. Another 15 minutes had Deimos 1 cleaned up and we spent the evening watching movies and enjoying some local wine while a few very tempted to take a midnight moonlit flight by the almost perfect wind.

October 9
After a hearty breakfast, everyone got in a flight or two before the winds picked up to the low to mid 20s grounding all but Tom who logged his first unenjoyable flight in a long while. He made numerous attempts at getting down enough to land during his 1+ hour adventure but ended up in the sand LZ when winds at launch failed to abate. We packed up camp and employed an 8-person team technique to folding wings in the gale while watching him try to land. Diemos 1 headed back along Highway 2 for a change of scenery while Tom’s family and Owen returned to the Feathers for some climbing. Miranda was eager to have a crack at another route as soon as mom and dad had it set up. It was a long weekend for the kids so once everyone had had a shot, we packed up and headed home from a weekend full of adventure, good memories, and definitely no idle time! Back at the Peace Arch, Tom and Owen revisited their border dilemma of having to choose which empty wicket to use – talk about good fortune on a long weekend.

Oct 1 Bridal sy 2.5
Great conditions at Bridal for Rick, Eric, Owen and myself: after hearing of yet another crash at Woodside (this one serious - a helicopter was rushed in to help a down hang glider pilot), it was hard to find a wind dummy. So I went first, but could not climb high enough to top land. After a quick drive up, everyone was flying, mostly extended sled rides. For our last flight, we waited about 20 minutes for the sun to drop below the clouds, offering some light thermals and oro graphic lift. With some last minute wing and harness swapping, Owen launch a little too early and missed most of the lift, however Eric climbed about 500’ above (for the first time ever), then I initiated Rick with his first baby Titanic. A couple more flights for Rick and he’ll have his rating.
Sept 30 Bridal and Woodside sy st 2.0

Sadly, Samuel’s name was drawn yesterday. After six years of teaching I knew that one day, after more than 100 students, that one of my boys would get hurt – it’s the law of statistics.

The clouds were low on Bridal so we convoyed to Agassiz School for some morning kiting. Shane, Matt, Mark, Chiu, Lyane, Robert, Owen, Karin, and Samuel aired out their wings; Sam’s mom even gave it a try! Some lunch then up to Bridal for some para-waiting and Deimos landscaping (Rob was already there working on his own project)…the new upper steps look great! Winds were cross (SW) but Shane and Karin each tried a reverse inflation, then aborted to wait for better conditions. When the lull came, Shane, Karin and Matt flew down to the LZ to meet my tandems. With strong conditions reported at Woodside, I ended the day for all low flight novice students, but the remaining pilots still had hope.

Strong winds on Woodside launch (12 to 16 mph gust), a pilot on deck waiting for a lull, and advanced pilots in the air, so I grounded the rest of my novice students. Kevin and I launched tandem, and had no problems penetrating the upper winds. Samuel and Rob launched shortly afterwards and were soaring nicely.
Karin, and “Kevin’s Karin” watched our landing then we quickly packed up. We were surprised to see Samuel in the clear cut when we arrived at the turn off – still sitting in his harness. Shane was working on his wing, and passing hunter and Matt were on the phone with 911, with the rest of the WCSC pilots and Deimosians quickly helping out in every way. I quickly grabbed a blanket and a down jacket to help keep Samuel warm, while Karin assumed the position of tender pulse taker.

Samuel said that he tried to top land, but was low and left of launch (venturi country) – he then decided to force a landing in the clear cut, but the air was too unstable and he landed very hard next to one of the ugly stacks of dead trees. Most of us followed the ambulance to Chilliwack and got to see Samuel in good spirits. It looks like he’ll have a sore back for a few weeks but will be back at it in a month or so. The last thing he said was “I want to come on your Thanks Giving trip”!

Sept 29 Bridal sy 2.0
As winds were not conducive to a pleasant afternoon at Diefenbaker, the venue was shifted to reliable Bridal. Owen and Mark beat their way thru sluggish Friday afternoon traffic, arriving at the LZ in the definitely later afternoon. Heading up the hill post haste (although forgetting to fill the grass watering cans), Mark launched followed by Owen. Conditions for the first flight were similar to the second round on Sept 28 with SW-erlies producing a bit of wind shadow and cross in front of launch. Launches were reasonably good and followed by the usual selection of maneuvers before landing in next to no wind. It's a pity the pool wasn't out as there were a couple of darn good landings, though if no one see's it... The second set was a repeat of the last few sunset flights with no wind launches, although there was a bit of lift here and there. Owen landed after a few asymetricals (with another almost spot-on performance) and Mark found a bit of lift (some of it where he didn't want it) after getting in afew more frontals (apparently he couldn't get enough). Sadly we must report that following his spectacular overshoot but decent landing near the 150yard marker, Pool Boy is no more and is now (hopefully temporarily) "Putter".
Sept 28 Bridal sy 2.0
Aaron called to say that he was delayed in traffic, so visiting pilot Shawn, Owen, Karin and I raced up to launch to have a quickie. Karin was slightly above for a while, but like Owen sank out after a half an hour. After adding Aaron and Sean to roster we were back on launch. Aaron's one hour sleep was a little too much and he elected to drive instead. I was the only pool boy today, but Owen was a close second when he almost bounced in on his third flight.
Sept 25 Deifenbaker sy ?
No blood, no outdoor sex, just good old fashion paragliding. BM was probably the best hill to train on tonight, but Deifenbaker was the next best; both Robert and Chiu were able to get air bourne on the main hill, quite a few times before darkness arrived.
Sept 24 Bridal sy 2.0
Well, today had an “interesting” start. Tom and Karin met Owen, Sam, Mark, and new student Rob at Bridal in late morning to give the winds a chance to shift to Westerly. About 1/3 the way up we encountered a jeep with a broken driveshaft abandoned mid-road. An Isuzu Trooper-like vehicle had squeezed past moments before but it was a little tight for our liking. It was about that point that the possibility of having a “normal” day went right out the window. The owners soon reappeared and after a few minutes we persuaded “broken driveshaft” to coast downhill a few feet to a wide spot so we could continue the ascent.

However we only made it a couple hundred feet up the road before we reencountered the “Trooper”, this time stopped at a slight angle to the road, in a cross ditch at a stream. This put us at point blank range to see it pause briefly before rolling slowly backwards towards and off the edge of the road. We watched with amazement/horror as the lone driver gave us a dazed look before the rear of the vehicle hit a rock and proceeded to flip backwards end over end down the steep rocky creek bed. Hearing sounds worthy of an action movie we were all out of the truck long before the crashing noises ceased, the vehicle far out of sight. Pool boy (see September 23), Sam, and Rod immediately proceeded down to the vehicle (or rather what little there was left of it) to do what they could while a radio and first aid kit were found and sent down with Karin. Fortunately the driver was able to walk up the 400-500ft slope, remarkably the most obvious concerns being head and posterior lumbar lacerations and neck pain. Following 5 minutes of negotiations necessary to persuade a pair of Sunday drivers following us to back down into a pullout, Tom and Karin drove the victim to the bottom with shock setting in en route. Not to be left out, “driveshaft” made a repeat appearance again blocking the road during his slow descent. When Tom asked to pass, as we had an emergency, he received several non-compliments most beginning with the sixth letter of the alphabet. He eventually sneaked past in the weeds and when “driveshaft” arrived at the bottom to see us transferring the bloodied patient to the waiting ambulance and fire truck he was most apologetic – much to Tom’s amusement.

Pool boy, Sam, Rob, and Owen walked down to the bottom of the road to meet up with the truck, tossing the larger nuggets off the road as we went. In the process we unexpectedly had our own bizarre encounter, thus nicely rounding out the half hour of intense entertainment. Rounding a sharp corner, we came upon a rather frisky couple energetically going at “it” in the rear of a pickup parked right on the side of the road at what will hereafter be known as Carnal Corner. For some reason they didn’t offer us a ride down when they passed us a few minutes later…

After making a statement to the police and taking the obligatory photos of Tom in the RCMP truck, the remainder of the day proceeded as usual with mostly light wind launches and minimal soaring. Eddie showed up prior to the first set of flights and thus missed out on the excitement but joined us for the subsequent two sets of flights. Rob enjoyed his first tandem and launches were pretty good across the board with a bit of wing swapping going on toward the end of the day. The pool made a second appearance with no on-target landings but a few close tries and a couple of overshoots. And the grass seeding project continued on the lower and upper launches, complete with its first watering – fingers crossed for success in this department.


Sept 23 Bridal Sy 2.0

Today was a busy day with Dave, Karin, Sam, Owen, Mark, Dianne, and tandem passengers birthday Ashley & her SO. Shane also came out to assist with launching/landing. After a couple of warm-up inflations at Rosedale and we headed up to Bridal. Karin and Dave lead the charge while Rick and kids showed up to spike the picnic table together securely. Rick elected to drive down as his son wasn’t happy about the prospect of riding down with anyone else, much to his sister’s vexation. About this time Eddie, Shawn, and Matt showed up at the LZ so Tom flew off with the birthday girl (who quite enjoyed her flight) and Shane launched the rest of the crew into relatively quiet conditions. In an attempt to sharpen the students’ landing skills, the kiddie pool made its debut. After posting a $1 ante, pilots could make a bid for the pot by committing to a “pool” landing while above 500ft, with each attempt costing $5. The first set of landings were a bit on the haywire side still with at least one pilot trying to avoid paying green fees on the nearby links. However, over the course of the day, with most pilots making three if not four flights, the landing distribution tightened considerably. Tom pulled off a tandem pool landing and Mark helped everyone stay in the air a bit longer by lightening our wallets considerably when he succeeded in collecting the $100 pot on the last flight of the day, thus redeeming himself from the previous day’s misadventure and gaining the name “Pool boy” (previously “Fence king”). Spare moments at launch were occupied by pilots testing their gardening skills by tilling and seeding areas of the lower launch with grass.


Sept 22 Bridal ps 2.2
We were a impatient and rushed up to launch, a little too early, and had to wait for about an hour for the East wind to switch to West. Time to work on the upper steps some more... Karin, Jonathon, Mark, “Little Dan”, Stig and Rick all had good launches, however Rick had a nasty knot in his C line and had to ride big ears into the LZ. It seemed like the no wind LZ was just a little too difficult for most pilots and many landed wide or long (weird). My new student, Bart and I had a nice tandem flight then later I flew a couple of times, top landing to help with the next launches. Karin completed her 500th flight today - congrats!
Sept 16 Bridal ++ 2.8
What an amazing day – one of my favorites. We started the day kiting at Rosedale, and then most of us headed over to Bridal to check out the conditions. We arrived just in time for the West wind. Karin had the sky to herself but not for long: soon Samuel, Mark, Owen and Will and I were all soaring up to 1000’ over. Jonathon and Diane finally finished their warm up and were patiently waiting for us to land. Samuel managed a top landing to help drive the Deimos truck down. The next flights were much stronger, unfortunately, too much for my new student Owen and he got to watch for a few hours. While Jonathon and Samuel took turns top landing, the rest of us got to play with our wings. Our third flights were just dreamy with lots of impressive clouds to stare at – topped off by a great meal at the Wildcat.
Sept 15 Sumas st 2.2
Great soaring conditions at Sumas (if you wanna hike for 4 km) -there was a new lock on the upper gate stopping our adventures cold. We (Anne AKA the bee lady, Stig man, Karin and myself) then headed to the Dykes for some gardening and kiting practice.
Sept 11 Bridal cr 2.5
Ed aborted first attempt or two (I was in the air, Joanne was on launch) then launched fine. It was a bit cross between thermals, he went to the right. He flew around launch (I was higher up between launch and Archibald) He had 2 top landings, I saw one, it was right where it should be, I was below launch on his second. He followed me out to land, said he spiraled (I didn't see it). His landing approach was good, strong wind above but none at ground so he glided to land at halfway or so with a nice touchdown (no big ears). Total flying time about an hour, wind/themals lifty/sinky seemed to switch to more SW at the end (Robin agreed) air felt weird below launch and pushed me out from the hill when I decided I'd had enough. Nice colours on the trees.
Sept 10 Woodside ++ 2.4
While some pilots warmed up at Rosedale others adjusted their harnesses, and trimmed their gliders, and then eventually, we all headed over to Woodside. Quite the circus as usually – and we added to it. The “pressure” was too much for many of my new students, causing some exciting aborts, and confused glider control. Mark nailed his launch on his first try, and then Aaron, after many tries, aced his first Woodside reverse launch. I finally decided to put all the new pilot flights on hold, and proceeded to take “little Dan’s” girl friend (Tina) on a dream flight to Harrison. We had a little problem on take off when my launch anchor decided to let us go, too early, causing a harsh abort, and some bush action; but the next attempt (with two anchors) worked great. An hour or so later we were all back on take off, in lighter conditions, allowing the rest of the Demosians a chance to take their flights: Owen, Chiu, “Big Dan”, Karin, and Chris on Tandem. My last flight got a bit evil (forth time in a row) when I replaced Owen for the evening acro show – Aaron and Dan tried their best to save “Owen” up to the last one hundred feet - my acting must be getting better!.
Sept 9 Whidbey ++ ?
We arrived just in time for the first flights of the day. I gave a few intro tandem flights to Aaron and Mark, and then helped Aaron take his first Whidbey solo flight. However, ten minutes later, he landed on the beach to avoid causing a conflict with a local pilot. Mark, Owen, and Anne, worked hard and had many nice inflations, but conditions were too light for their first soaring flights. I took one for the group a tried to soar with a Vitamin 32 but eventually selected the beach as the best LZ option.
Sept 8 Deifenbaker sy ?
We plucked a few cherries tonight: a new Tequila, Bodyguard and U2 were tested.
A fun night with lots of flights for everyone except the new/old HG student Anne (she just started).
We finished the night with a race between Vitamin (Owen) and Tequila (Aaron); Vitamin was quick to inflate, but the Tequila was a little faster, both had the same glide. Mark, Chiu, Karin, Dan G, and Dan S all had great forward launches, all night long.
Sept 5 Bridal sy 2.1
The light west conditions improved for Ted and my tandems, with a couple of moments above launch. Our first landings were a little long but eventually we were hitting the spot. A beautiful afternoon of flying.
Sept 3 Blanchard and Whidbey sy 2.2
Even though the forecast for Whidbey was not quite perfect, we (Karin, Samuel, Diane, Steve and Chiu decided to go anyhow – worst case we would practice our reverse launches. Our USHGPA insured pilots (Karin and Diane) had good launches and great landings off Blanchard’s West face, and then we invaded the Oak Harbor grocery store. The prediction was for flyable conditions at 5pm so we could take our time shopping for the perfect meals. When we arrived, the wind direction was alright but only strong enough to kite. We had great success with the “Deimos stage one” reverse launch and I’m sure all students would have been able to fly if it was just a few km/h stronger.
Sept 2 Sumas and Bridal sy smokey 2.1
Great launches from most of the Deimosians today - Rick, TJ, Shane, Ed, Mark, Matt, Karin, Chiu, Jon and Diane! We started the day at Sumas with a couple of flights to the Oval LZ, then headed off to Bridal for a few more flights. New student Chiu got confused with the words “kill it” but still managed to have a good launch and landing (his first). Many interesting landings (mostly long and fast due to the slight east wind), but the most interesting event happened at Sumas when we saw a dog jump out of a moving truck, while on a leash – lots of yelling and a few water bombs later, we managed to stop the truck before it entered the highway on ramp! Scary stuff!
Sept 1 White Rock ++ ?
A wedding party took over Deifenbaker Park, so we decided to train in White Rock. Mark and Chiu worked hard while Samuel (and his mom) swapped out the PPG risers on the Vitamin 38 for PG risers. New student Chiu is a nateral (another jedi) and will likely do his first flights (tandem and solo) on Saturday. My new tandem wing (U2) will arrive on Tuesday, but Gab offered his wing this weekend - time for some Titanics?
Aug 31 Deifenbaker cr ?
Tricky conditions at Deifenbaker, but new students Chiu and Owen did great!
Aug 27 Bridal ++ 2.4
I was glad to have mostly advance students today (I felt very tired and it showed with my “French” flying style). Except for Samuel, we were all slow moving, but eventually the thermals showed up and we were are all getting high. Dianne had three flights and was top of the stack for some time (her longest flights) and had great landings with just a few hints from the peanut gallery (Jon and Karin); Later, Fast Eddie and Matt drifted in just as the thermals arrived then quickly climbed out on their respective adventures. Karin, Eddie and I toured the base of Cheam, for about an hour, and then returned to lower launch to take a break while Karin set her personal longest flight of 3+ hours.
Aug 26 Bridal ++ 2.5
Every day a new adventure. Morning glides for Shane and Karin, Samual showed us some new acro, Jonathon had his first shot of (Skywalk) Tequila, while Diane, Ted and Aaron got back in the air with good launches and landings.
Fast Eddie arrived for round two on his motorcycle complete with his gear and the tandem wing. When bad things happen from good intentions we can only hope it’s for the best in the big picture…the trusty Windtech Bantoo was unable to survive it’s injuries and has moved on to the place all good gliders go, having given so many the best ride of their lives.
Midday brought the thermals, Shane showed us where they were, soon Eddie (after a top landing), Samual and Karin were west of Upper Bridal, then east to below Cheam for over 2 hours of flight time. Samual topped it off with his first ever top landing! Jonathon went for more Tequila, while Ted, Diane, Aaron and Matt soared the launch, and practiced mini acro. Diane included harness acro to retrieve her second radio, for another fine landing.
Evening brought smooth air for Shane, Eddie, Jonathon, Matt and Diane. Matt had a blast in his first spiral, all caught on helmet cam! The lack of wind shut down Aaron’s last launch attempt, so Tom jumped into his set up and flew out to do his asymmetric for him, which of course progressed to a SAT and spiral…opps, “forgot” to tell our landing instructor that it wasn’t Aaron…he figured it out soon enough…sorry Shane! Thanks from all of us for your instruction, advice and humor this summer!
Aug 25 Burnaby Mt ++ ?
Before the masses arrived, I managed a good flight to set the best glide and best kite distances. Karin held the best glide distance for a long while until Gabby (AKA the flipper) shattered it. The best kite record was eventually broken by Deimos pilot of the year Art Sanderson and the best team flight, world record actually, was set by Art and myself, when we managed to kite the wing around to the front of the trees (first time ever!). There was a few DQ’s (tree touches and failed landing gear) but I think everyone else had great flights. A special thanks goes to Gabby and Westcomb – they gave away more than $1000 in gear at about ten cents on the dollar! In the end, Gabby won best glide and donated all of the prize money, Art won $100 for best kite and team flight (with me), Karin won best female performance (received a vest), Aaron won a Aeros T-Shirt for most flights, Fast Eddie received a Westcomb adventure jacket and bottle of fine wine for his $300 donation and the rest of us probably had sore legs for the next few days. About $700 was raised for the new Bridal Falls web cam – hopefully the WCSC and BCHPA can help pay for the rest.

Many thanks from all of us at Deimos Paragliding.
See you next year!

Aug 24 Bridal ++ 2.2

A dream day at Bridal (Matt, Eddie and Karin) - more to come.

The cloud bank along Bridal lifted slowly all day, we were in the air by 4:00. Tom first, sharing the thermal with an eagle over launch then top landing. Back in the air, Tom, Eddie and Karin headed west along the bottom of the clouds along Upper Bridal and over to Gloria through the buoyant lift and sometime sink. Alan, Rob and Martin joined us in the sky while we flew back to launch where Tom landed to meet Matt, and Eddie had his second ever top landing, with big ears! Karin had her first Bridal top landing (first mountain site top landing that wasn’t a top crash!)
We all got back in the air and headed east this time, following the thermals along the ridge to below Cheam, Karin leading the way, Eddie being thermal marker and Tom spiraling down to help Matt keep up until Matt was doing fine on his own. Tom lead us over the ridge for some spectacular scenery before we turned back to glide to launch on the still lifting air. Tom top landed while Karin and Eddie did baby spirals over the LZ, followed by Matt with wingovers and an aircraft approach attempt. Tom and the Sigma then had a SAT rematch before joining us in the LZ.
What an awesome evening of flying!

Aug 23 Deifenbaker cr 2.2
Strong SE conditions at Deifenbaker, but good progress from all the students (Peter, Anna, Ted and Aaron).
Aug 21 Burnaby Mt and Bridal ++ 2.8
We tried Anna’s favorite site, Port Side, but the SE wind was present. China Park was “sort of” working for us until the “soccer team” showed up and bullied us to Vanier park (which was the best choice).
Aug 20 Woodside and Bridal ++ 2.5
We Eric, Rick, Karin, Peter, Anna started the day with a quick trip to riverside then an easy XC to Harvest base. Shane and the boys (Samuel, Eddie, Matt and TJ) join us at Bridal for more adventures in the sky.
Aug 19 Bridal ++ 2.5
Even with Anna and Peter calling in sick, there was a huge Deimos crew flying today. Layne was the star, flying almost two hours on his third flight. He needed just a little guidance at first then he was cruising along just fine, almost climbing back to launch height. Jonathon finally when over the falls to complete his Deimos novice rating; Matt took his first 40% hit and kept flying; Kris tried some baby acro moves; Samuel played quietly in the corner; Eric slid in a last minute flight; Shane worked on his top crashes; Mario took his first tandem flight; while fast Eddie worked on the final touches of the Deimos table.
Aug 18 Deifenbaker cr 2.0

Woodside report:

So there was no brass band but I did three flights at Woodside. Couldn't raise anyone at Bridal. Almost soaring but actually scratchy. Twenty five minute flights.

On my first flight I few over the landing zone and looked down at the sock. The wind had switched direction. So I set up the opposite direction (boy, can't wait until I brag to tom about this). Mid landing the wind switched back, and gusted up. And my vario wents nuts. Lots of lift. I flew the entire length of the field, fast. Landed just short of the brambles. Kind of. If I tell you what really happened I'll just look really stupid so I'll stop the story here.


Bridal report:

Eddie and I had a nice little flight this afternoon, winds seemed so light (WSW?) that is was mostly thermic lift, but no one was getting high.. although Alan, and then Rob, were up for quite awhile, never really getting up to Upper Launch height though that I could tell..but both went east along the ridge a little ways. Ed did well up over launch on his Style while I groveled below launch before finally sinking out to land..... of course since you weren't watching we both had good landings..and good launches!


Deifenbaker report:

The West wind was too much for any flights (although Mario tried just once from the South slope), but we still had fun kiting the wings with new students Anna, Peter and Mario. I ended up recruting Samuel (as usual) - thanks.

Aug 17 Bridal sy 2.2

I spent the morning teaching my new visiting students (Birena and Luke) followed by a great lunch. Then raced out to Bridal to help finish the Deimos table.

Ed and I were keen to put the final table pieces together. While Ed was king of the saw work, Karin and I took a “moment” to go flying with Tony and Glenn. Rob loaned me his wing for the flight – always fun to try new gear. I tried for an hour to top land but eventually it was time to land. I tried to get Rob on the radio for permission to do some high G acro (but no answer), so just did some wing overs and baby spirals. When we came up Rob and Ed had all but the top layers done. The table is perfect. Hopefully, the general public will respect it for many years to come.

Aug 16 Bridal ++ 2.5
Ed and I spent all day preparing the new Bridal table and hauling it up to launch. Some strong thermals came through the take off at time but no time to fly.
Aug 13 Woodside Ps 2.3

Nice conditions at Woodside today: after watching a few exciting aborted launches, Brad and I (with our passengers) were in the air soaring the bump to the south of launch. Always nice to fly with the birthday girl, no acro but I gave her a Deimos T-shirt just because it was her day!

I made it home, this time on time, for a huge B-day party for my two girls (Cabrinha and Miranda - now 2 and 4).


Grouse Mountain Day 2

Eddie, Karin and Seattle pilot Richard hiked up the Grouse Grind while their paragliders made the trip up to launch in the care of fellow Seattle pilots and the Grouse Mountain Resort shuttle. Conditions allowed reverse launches into stable air for a spectacular glide into the thermic LZ. Eddie nailed the spot landing, while Karin on long glide got a foot into the outer ring. Trevor made 3 flights ( the noon LZ conditions sounded challenging) before catching an airplane east, while Samuel arrived for a late afternoon flight (flight report Samuel?) A wonderful experience to fly Grouse, many thanks to the GMFT, visiting pilots, and Grouse Mountain Resort for all the support, shuttle service, BBQ (awesome!) and fun!


Aug 12 Grouse ps 2.6
Solid flights from the intermediate students: Karin, Samuel, Michael and Eddie. Apparently Eddie landed in the first LZ ring on his second flight. Trevor was a little tight on his first landing but I think he did better on his last flight of the day. I was in a hurry to see my GG for a huge family dinner in Chilliwack, and ended up rushing my set up resulting in a 15’ short spot landing near the pool in a low angle wing over (exactly what I tell me students not to do).
Aug 11 Sumas ps ?
I was impressed and pleased with our results today, but a second trip will be required, with helpers alarmed with rakes and hoes to complete the cliff launch. Myself, Dan, Matt, Karin, and Colin (my wife’s father of almost 70), worked for many hours to add a new launch at Sumas. Attempts to level the new third launch failed (too steep for the rotor till) resulting in some interested pulley systems.
The cliff launch may be used now, but once we get a couple of inches of snow, it will be perfect!
Aug 7 Bridal ++ 2.6
Perfect flying conditions for new student Aaron and the rest of the regulars (Samuel, Eddie and Karin). Steve and I set a new Titanic record, chasing Aaron in to land and Alisha and I had a nice long (hour plus flight) getting about 1000’ over. Karin tried her first B-line with perfect, almost too boring to watch exit. Eddie and Samuel were just a few feet short of getting me to do fifty push ups.
Aug 6 Bridal ++ 2.6
Rick was the star of the day with three flights and a low save (below the Bridal falls cliff). I had an hour plus flight (on my Sigma4) to Gloria and back, in weird air, and eventually top landed just in time for another tandem flight. Samuel and Karin had fun chasing each other up to Upper launch and back a few times.
Aug 5 Bridal ++ 2.6
A full Deimos day full of great tandems and solo flights.
In short, TJ got back on the horse; Eddie went over the falls and got his license to kill; Shane’s in love with the princess but she has to go back home to U-Turn; Dan had one good, one bad and one ugly launch, Rick needs a good harness; Stig and Karin were just solid. After a hour plus tandem to 4600' it looks like we have another solo pilot (or two) starting soon.
Aug 4 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.0
The evening glass off was just turning on when a Burnaby Park Ranger asked us to leave. Apparently a memo was issued that prevents any paragliding activity on the hill (more news to come soon).
Aug 2 Bridal ++ 2.5
The SW gusts were a little too strong when we arrived, but after about an hour of waiting and lots of good idea sharing (about upgrading the Bridal launch), SanJoy and I were out soaring in perfect air near upper launch. We, Eddie, Jonathon and Shane (riding the “Princess”), were all climbing upward. Eventually Eddie and Shane were playing tag and Jonathon was hanging around take off waiting for Diane to fly. She had one try near the end of the day but a full frontal, near the edge, ended that idea. Sanjoy had a good lunch, but had some serious problems figuring out where to land and just missed the LZ and landed in the bushes near the old snag (no damage). A bad way to end a great day of flying.
Aug 1 Deifenbaker ++ 2.5
Moderate SSE winds offered some challenges for most of the students (TJ, Samuel, Sanjoy and Dan), but all managed some air time by the end of the day. Students Dan and Sanjoy are almost ready for his first solo flight (planned for this weekend).
July 31 Bridal ++ 2.5

Dan and I raced out to Bridal to research my irrigation idea. It turns out a rain collection system makes the most sense. Great conditions on launch, and we were 1000’ over in just a few minutes. At Gloria (about an hour later) it was decided that the air was a little to bumpy so we went back to take off to relax. I took this opportunity to test fly the new Infinity II – thermals like a dream, a little too easy – followed by more acro and some of the easiest B-stalls ever!

July 28, 29, 30 Makenzie bo sy 2.5
No flying in Pembie this weekend. On Saturday evening we went up to take off for a “how to measure a rotor” course. Sunday morning, at Narin Falls camp ground a cougar was sighted just a 100 meters from our tent (time to put the girls in the truck).
July 26 Bridal then BM sy ++ 2.5
Finally some thermals that a heavy tandem could spec out in!
Karin was first off with another solid reverse; Jonathon was one for two on his aborts for the day; Eddie was just having fun (out in front of take off) and poor Diane had watch (again, a little too strong).
Visit P3 pilot Jaan and I quickly flew to upper launch then rushed back down to terra firma to join some of the boys at Burnaby Mt. - a "little" late.

Finally at Burnaby Mt: Dan G. was waiting for us to show up to open up his wing, Aaron was battling the UP Soul with some success, and new student Dan S. was getting a little air time on his first day with Deimos. Diane was queen of the hill with her first top to bottom flight.

July 23 Bridal hot cr 2.5
Pilots Ed, Rick, Eric and Sanjoy cancelled their day at the last moment (probably due to the “heat”), which left only the hard core pilots (Layne, Stig, Diane, Jonathon and Karin for the morning training session). Layne and Stig managed a few flights in light conditions, but Matt, Diane and Jon arrived a little too late and had to wait until the wind calmed down. I had a nice flight with Ivan but we had an extra hard landing due to the strong wind gradient. Some passengers are a little harder to launch – it took five tries but Alex and I finally got airborne. On abort number #4 I noticed that my reserve handle was pulled (probably caused from the abort) – if we were airborne I would have ended up in the trees! Near the end of the day, Jonathon tried to finish his last flying maneuver; he went over the falls but a little too soon and will need to try again (maybe on Wednesday).
July 22 Woodside and Bridal hot 2.2
Morning sled rides for Stig, Rick, Ed and Eric. We broke for brunch and then more flights at Bridal. Diane and Jonathon eventually showed up for the afternoon flights. The lure of the much awaited Titanic was too much for Eddie, that he had no choice but to delay his son birthday dinner – I wonder if it was worth it. For me it was!
July 21 Bridal super hot ++ 2.5
A great afternoon for flying: Samuel, Rick, Eric, Ed, Stig, Matt, Karin and my two tandems all flew in light soaring conditions. It’s been more than six years, but both my tandems give me a generous tip for their flights – it really made my day! Latter we had a great meal at the Wild Cat then battled the bugs on launch while we snuggled into our tents for the night. A four star day indeed!
July 17 Deifenbaker ++ 2.0
Great SE conditions for new students Rick B., Sanjoy, Layne and Diane. Diane and I tried some new types of tandem launches, with some success, but special gear is required to stop my arms from pulling out of their sockets!
July 16 Bridal ++ 2.4
Better conditions on Sunday allowed for Samuel and a few others to fly to upper launch. Some other students showed up, but could not fly (no reservation, no gear).
July 15 Bridal sy 2.5
Lots on flights all day long. Shane was the pilot of the day with his first top landing at Lower Bridal. Students: Paul, Samuel, Fast Eddie, John, Matt, Karin, all had great launches and landings. I had some problems when my forth and last passenger of the day tripped at the edge, but somehow managed the save the wing for a nice flight.
July 14 Mt Woodside sy 2.5
Amazing flying in some of the smoothest air of the year. A little too windy earlier, but after a hour or so, everyone was airborne – up to 2.5 hours for Samuel. Eventually we all landed at HM. Fun stuff and a little XC.
July 10 Deifenbaker sy 2.0
The SE wind was perfect for training. Many interesting launches from the new students.
July 7-9 Whidbey cr sy 2.0
Even without the “wind sox of doom”, a many human sacrifices, we still could not fly; we ate, sleep, camped, answered “8+ tough discussions”, drank, kited, ate, completed students exams, drank some more and practiced our tree rescues – but any flying we did was very little. The North wind dominated the site with high winds (up to 20+ knots) in the evenings.
July 5 Deifenbaker sy 2.0
Amazing conditions for training, with many interesting flights.
July 4 Bridal Falls sy 2.5
Pilots at Bridal had reported slight east wind (on launch), so we slowly waited around LZ until we saw Andy in the air. It paid off with hour plus flights in moderate West wind. My new student, Layne, arrive a little late, resulting in too little wind to launch our “heavy” tandem. Eddie and Karin had a few aborted take offs, but managed a flight each.
July 2 Makenzie ++ 2.0
We're awake, and yes the flags are blowing up the hill. Jonathon, Karin, Eddie and Matt are in the air followed Steig and new student Paul for a smooth ride in the cool air to the dirt field. Tom spiraled down on Samuel's wing while Samuel, Diane and Maureen showed up with impeccable timing for retrieval, and we were on our way to a delicious breakfast..and coffee..and a new day.

Ted joins us already baked by the heat of his early weekend adventures..and up we go again! Karin launches for 30 minutes of rock and roll in the house thermal followed by Eddie, but too soon they're practicing parallel landing approaches to the dirt field...Matt, Ted and Paul not far behind, all landing well after a bit of fun in the bouncy air. A quick retrieval from Tom and Samuel, Mickey D's ice cream and another dip in the lake (or a nap, pilot's choice!) and we're ready to go again.


Hmmm, all the locals are still on launch except two wings in the sky..parked heading south..so we wait while Tom kites on launch and we witness the squirrelly air...but soon it mellows and off go the top locals and Tom through the rough stuff to the ridge and up, up,
up...followed by reports on radio of 40k winds in the LZ...only signed off pilots can launch and Samuel does, exhibiting his skills through the rough air, choosing not to fly high, sampling the strong lift over the LZ and electing to land in the smoother conditions at the dirt field. Matt unhooks and packs up, Ted head off on his bike to his next adventure, cars are retrieved, cameras are found, and we all meet up at the school LZ to find pilots landing in the calmer winds, and Tom on radio at pretty darn near 6000 ft. After several B-line demonstrations and really big ears, Tom joined Mike Miller to descend in a parallel spiral dive, and coordinated landing, in the busy field.

Jonathon, Fast Eddie, TC, Samuel and Matt just after their 6000' flights.

What a great weekend!

July 1 Makenzie ++ 2.0
Canada Day!
We awoke in our tents and sleeping bags on launch to watch the wind switch from down to up...in the harness and off the mountain for a smooth flight down to the river sand bar. Tom, Samuel, and Eddie demonstrating fine landing approaches while Karin didn't, and resorted to wingovers to land...possibly due to lack of morning coffee....A quick Mickey D's breakfast (with coffee), and back in the trucks only to be surrounded by the Pemberton Canada Day parade. We waved some flags, then we were off to the school ground to be joined by
Shane, Shona, baby Charles, Bill, Paul, Jonathon and Diane. New students kited, then back up to the mountain we went.

Shane, Jonathon, Karin, Eddie, and Matt launched and headed to the house thermal over the rock cliffs where the thermals were punchy and hard to stay up in, but Karin managed to find the best one out there and climbed to over 5000 feet into the cool air with the vario beeping at 1100 fpm... then back to the hot valley air and large dirt landing
field while Tom flew down tandem with Bill, on his first flight ever. Hot, hot, hot we convoyed to the local lake for a cool swim and a rest...then back up the mountain for some evening air!

It started strong with Tom and Paul on tandem soaring over launch until
finally able to complete a top landing, challenged by timing their approach to fit into the local pilot landing pattern. Samuel and Jonathon flew off, Shane launched Eddie and Matt, and Karin hid from
the heat as driver with Paul. Tom launched the tandem again with Bill
and the "magic lift" turned on! The boys were somewhere up there 4000 plus over the valley practicing their decent maneuvers in the lifting air while Tom guided them up the valley to a cool green field. Matt had the flight of the day, going highest and landing last under radio guidance, while Samuel took the challenge of the stronger landing conditions and worked his decent down to the dirt field. An epic flight for all! Back up the mountain for another evening under
the stars and well earned steaks, chicken, salads and "beverages"

...thanks Eddie and Diane!

June 30 Makenzie ++ 2.0
It was blowing up as we arrived at launch and by 7:00 pm, Karin,
Eddie and Matt were in the air. Samuel thermaled up over launch before descending with big ears to fly with the blue glider he thought was Eddie, but it wasn't Ed! (So many blue gliders!) Matt launched, and soared the ridge with Samuel until Tom joined them above the rock cliffs for a last chance to climb out...Matt flew out to land in a large field of hay bales while Samuel continued on to join the locals in the school LZ. Meanwhile, Karin climbed up to join Eddie for over 1.5 hours of fat lift and thermals, flying slow circles around thermal edges while "fast Eddie" cored the center like a wild man. Tom worked his way up from the cliffs in time to herd Karin and Eddie upwind as the valley wind picked up. Out over the valley the vario beeped up with big ears, but here and there we found our way back to earth to a no wind hay field landing....then off to be joined by Stig and Maureen for a fun pizza place dinner.
June 29 Bm and Bridal sy 2.5
New students Mark and Anna had tough conditions at our training hill today, then at noon we packed things up for the valley. While Anna and I were soaring around, about 1000’ over, Eddie, Karin, Mark-T, Matt-N, Daniele, Pierre, Dan, Rick were gearing up to launch. Rick provided us with another interesting launch, but the Vitamin corrected the surge. Dan was not as lucky on his wing, and ended up driving down.
June 26 Bridal sy 2.0
All pilots the launched near 6pm got to soaring (Karin, Mark and Shane), but the rest managed extended sled rides (Daniele, Ed, and Jonathon). Matt had the launch attempt of the day (it may take a few more days to reprogram him).
June 25 Whidbey sy 2.5
The forecast for West wind at Whidbey was a little off, but the weather man was right on the money for “lots of sun”. At 7pm we left for pizza then returned to high North wind (15 mph) – wild stuff, but no chance of flying.
June 24 Bridal sy 2.4
Super busy day at Bridal Falls – even Harv made a guest appearance! Lot’s off great flying and mostly good launches from Ed, Rick, Eric, Karin and Samuel. Ed and Rick were “King of the hill” with flights of about two hours each. Ed gave me a good scare when he boldly flew were no pilot has gone before (both radios batteries were dead so all I could do is yell at him from a 1000’ up).
June 23 Woodside ++ 2.8
A very unpredictable day indeed; Margit called me, just as we were leaving for the FV that a visiting pilot, Mogi, needed a site guide for the day. No problem but what to do with his luggage2.0 We decided to leave it with Megil (at Exit 95). The first tandem flights had the best thermals and allowed us to fly for about 45 minutes up to 1000’ over, but the second tandems were a little too mixed up for every one, and for Megil a few minutes too long (I landed just in time). Anna and I had a stellar 1:20 flight landing at Harvest Market (with Karin right on our tails). The day was not over then: we had to catch up to Mogi’s luggage, in New West, before the gun store closed at 9pm (long story).
June 21 Woodside & Bridal bo sy 2.9
It took a while to herd all of the Clark’s to one place, for this special flight, but it was worth it. Bridal was unflyable (too south) so we headed to Woodside. One HG was already soaring, but gusts of 20+mph were too much for us. After about an hour or two the wind calmed down enough to strap my Dad it for our first flight together. He got a little quiet just before launching, but got excited after we were airborne. The goal was to land at Harrison (where Julie and the clan were), but instead we flew almost to Agassiz. After some exciting inflations, Karin and Jonathon had her fill, and decided to drive down. After a great dinner at Harrison, we drove up to Bridal – but it was just for the view - another great day in FV.
June 17 Whidbey sy cr bo ++ 2.9
Perfect training conditions for new students TJ and Matt. When the wind picked up, the direction was North West (10-15 kph) – advance conditions. Only my self, Karin and other advance pilots were flying.
Around 8PM the wind stepped up a notch and changed to West. This allowed TJ, Matt and Jonathon a chance to experience some high wind soaring (on Tandem). A great way to spend Karin’s birthday!
June 14 Bridal ps lt 2.0
1:00 pm - exit 95 Tim Hortons. Tom, Daniele and Jonathan headed to Bridal falls. No wind in the lz - We were met by Karin and Shane. At lower launch Alex and Natallia were getting ready. Karen pulled off a perfect no wind launch and managed to get up and stay up over launch for 20 minutes. Jonathan managed to let nothing get in his way (including the lower wind tape) on his 1st launch, also stayed up over launch for 20 minutes. Daniele, took a couple of tries to launch and once she was in the air managed some nice wing overs. Shane joined us for the 2nd and 3rd flights, which were more or less sled rides. Tom pushed the limits of Shane's Vitamin with a near SAT - Spiral, asymmetricals, B-line stall and a front tuck. Jon.
June 11 Whidbey sy cr 2.1
Our pit stop at the local grocery stored paid off – we ate and drank every thing while kiting and waiting for the on shore winds to arrive, and push the fog away. Even when Samuel volunteered to be sacrificed to the Whidbey soaring god "Ebey", it was still not enough. Soon afterwards, Daniele, TJ and Pierre volunteered to pack it in - and the wind picked up nicely, but too north and mixed up for ED and Karin and me – so we packed it in too. I had one trip to the beach - but no high flights on this trip. Another really fun learning and relaxing day.
June 10 Bridal / Woodside nw 2.1
Because the lower launch was clouded in, we had a chance to warm up with a few inflations. Later, Steve and I flew first, followed by the rest of the crew (Eddie, Movie Dave, Karin, Rick, Gautam, and Steg). After a second tandem with Irene, and more flights from the boys, we headed to Woodside for one last flight. Mark and I managed to have a beautiful evening flight with a soft landing next to the cows. I was very impressed with the launches and most of the landings from everyone. Shane did a great job guiding the new students into the middle of the air - many thanks.
June 9 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.0
One of my favorite BM nights this year. Alex showed us why he’s was champ last year with a few very long flights. Lots of great top to bottom flights from the new guys and galls (Steg, Rick, Gautam and Daniele), and free ice cream for the luck pilots who had time to join us at DQ at the end of the night.
June 6 Makenzie ++ 2.5
The close take off I had with Darren, with me as a passenger, must of messed up my guidance system – on the next flight I landed in the last 7/8 for the first time in more than 300 Pembe flights – or maybe it was the weird drinks from the night before!
June 5 Makenzie ++ 2.8
Near perfect conditions for the tandem course with many great ideas shared.
June 4 Makenzie ra cr 2.0
The next day wore me out with many challenging landings and last second saves (mostly luck I think). First flight students with new instructors is a tough combination. On Eddie’s first solo flight he used the popular “apply full brakes technique” to position himself in his harness (good thing he was on the Vitamin on his first flight) – exciting stuff. Ted would have flown, but a last minute emergency forced him to race back to Vancouver. Ed’s friend John, with Ed as his instructor (for just five minutes), aced his second inflation and ran all over the field – just to prove the KISS system. Great presentations from most instructors (especially Mark’s air regulations presentation). Great seeing Brian, Gab and JF in the air again.
June 3 Makenzie cr bo 3.0
At the end of a very full day of kiting; we headed up to launch and tried to join JF at 5000’ but the south wind was too strong and I forced a nice landed on the “beach”.
May 31 Sumas and Bridal lt 3.0
The new Sumas lower launch had the best air but a big tree was still in the way (not for long I hope). Using the standard launch we managed a handful of interesting flights for Shane, Daniele, Stef and myself.
After a short wait at the Sumas LZ and a few “French” hugs goodbye (Exit 95), we were off to Bridal for some “acro” action. Shane had a nice welcome back flight (no big tricks), while Karin demonstrated her new one brake launch technique (“near” incident report to follow), followed by a baby acro show. Daniele did great on her second flight, but she’ll need a few more flights until she is able to talk (without yelling) on the radio. No second tandem flight for Peter and I, due to a sudden arrival of strong leeward winds.
May 29 Deifenbaker sy cr 2.0
Great progress with all the students: Daniele was dialed in on her forwards and most reverse launches, Sanjoy was so high he needed to flare (but he forgot - too excited I guess), and our newest student was doing great until his knee made a funny popping sound (while walking around – an old war injury).
May 28 Sumas bo 2.0
We gave up more than twenty hours of our personal time to work on two new Sumas launches. The bushes are now cleared but the ground is way too uneven to use safely – probably another 20+ hours to even the ground for safe launches. The first launch, “The Cliff” was flown this winter, and is launchable if you have strong reverse skills; the new “Lower Sumas” launch will not be ready for a while yet – due to a medium sized tree blocking the takeoff and uneven ground. Thanks Shane, Samuel, and Karin for your hard work.
May 26 Whidbey sy lt 2.5
Steg, Daniele and I cruised down to Whidbey for a little kiting in the sun action. The wind was West, up to 5 mph, just a little too weak to fly however -minimum of 8 mph needed. Daniele's forward launches are close to perfect now (on flat ground), we just need to see if they will work on our Fraser Valley launches and later work on her reverse launch.
May 21 Whidbey cr 2.0
Since the wind was too light to start kiting, I held an impromptu tree rescue clinic –Samuel struggled a little when his 4 to 1 pulley system locked up, while everyone else (except “gotta-fly-Eddie”) managed to repel out of our tree with about ten minutes of hang time - Eddie was too excited to hang in a tree and was keen for a kite /fly rematch. Throughout the afternoon, we had more dreamy training conditions, but a little too north for high flights. We left only after the rain told us to.
May 20 Whidbey ++ 2.0
We arrived just it time to watch the winds switch to west 10-15mph –perfect! While Shane, Karin and Samuel were soaring, I was helping Ed, Daniele and Lucien with their forward and reverse launches. Everyone was quickly learning the basics of the reverse and forward launch in the perfect Whidbey wind. A few of the local pilots took chances during the light cycles and ended up at the beach; including Shane and Karin. By the time they hiked back up, conditions were on and it was Ed’s turn to fly. Ed’s launch was fine but his turns were a little heavy handed, so I asked him to land after just a few seconds. Shortly afterwards, the wind picked up to 15-20 mph and it was time for an “instructor only” high wind kiting and flying show (from myself and two other instructors). At around 8pm the wind started to lighten up, but we were too hungry to fly anymore. After a great Mexican dinner, I suggested that we do some midnight kiting- the wind was perfect for night flying but far too cloudy and dark to try (not to mention illegal).
May 19 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.0
Daniele had me all to her self, for about three hours, while we continued her Solo 222 course; then the other Deimos boys arrived, bring exciting aborts and a few top to bottom flights. Lots of fun for all.
May 18 Burnaby Mt then Bridal ++ 2.5
It was the first time the girls out numbered the boys 2 to 1.
The tricky conditions at Burnaby mt. prevented our latest Solo 222 student, Daniele, from taking her first solo flight; but instead we flew tandem for about 2 hours until we had enough. Karin was back on the horse with lots of baby acro but no spirals (just yet). Special thanks to “Style Alex” for the ride back up.
May 15 White Rock ++ 2.0
Sanjoy called me up and was very excited to work on his forward launch, so I invited him out to our local training field. The winds were close to perfect from the north west: allowing him to pre-inflate and do quite a few good forward launches.
May 13 Woodside and Bridal ++ 2.5
We got high and stayed high for most of the day. Shane looked a little awkward on take off (his first high flight in a long time), followed by Karin. Gautam, after a few aborts, he had a perfect Deimos style take off. As Cameron and I were coring a light thermal, we watched a yellow glider “abort” in the tree to the right of take off, minutes later another pilot tried to hit us, forcing us to leave the thermal; moments later he flew in the venturi (left of take off) and almost got sucked into the trees over the road up (scary stuff). If you are new to a flying site, ask the locals about the house thermals and rotor areas and anything else that could save your life.
Later we hooked up with Dion and his crew (he needed a second instructor) and went to Bridal with my advance students. We had great take off conditions but tricky air was every else (due to South wind). Shane, Karin and Gautam complaining of being too high and cold, but continued to stay high. Karin’s baby acro show turned into a real acro show when her head got stuck looking at her wing – weird stuff! She had tones of height so no problem. On my second tandem with Ted, I let him take us into the LZ, but we set up a little too high and landed just past the centre of the LZ (first 1/3 is better). Dion’s boys (and ladies) all managed to have good landings except one: a landing conflict with a tandem pilot caused her to rush her base leg set up then land short on the road. I had radioed the tandem to spiral down, but they only did a small spiral and a little too late. Rick’s patience paid off and we had an amazing hour and a half tandem flight getting about half way to upper launch in super smooth air. Rick was able fly the wing for most of the flight, and later do all of the landing set up and slightly fast flare. I guess he was pretty excited!
May 12 Burnaby Mt cr sy 2.0
A big crowd of Deimos students at BM today. Art was king, but Guatam was the winner of the most exciting flight of the day (twice).
May 11 Bridal ra 2.5
My weather prediction was a little off, but Jonathon, Karin and Harv still managed to fly – some flights were shorter, and wetter than others. Yes Harv is back, but for how long2.0 Later, new Solo V student Rick joined us at Exit 95 for some basic training - after a little more time at our training hill, on Friday, he should be ready to fly solo this weekend!
May 9 Bridal Falls ++ 3.0

Conditions were perfect for XC today. Our goal (Karin, ED and I) was to fly to Woodside and back to Bridal Falls. At Ludwig, Ed and I decided to cross the valley (first ever tandem to cross I think) and try to get to Bear Mt. or Harrison, but 1:26 (hours) and 23.33km was all we could manage (Flight 999).
An extra 500’ would have helped a lot, but instead we sunk out in the shade of the nearest hill just 200’ form the sun baked west slope. Meanwhile, Karin set her personal best with the longest and farthest flight ever, slightly better than Samuel's recent flight, scratching her way back to the Bridal LZ from Butterfly. Well done Karin!
To celebrate my 1000 flight: I threw some baby acro tricks, and demonstrated how to land in the last 7/8 (roll up area).

May 6 Blanchard/Whidbey ++ 2.0

A few tense moments at the boarder and we were off (minus Doug – he did not follow Tip 13 and had to wait for his wife to return home). Even though it looked great for Whidbey, I thought that I would send the USHGPA rated pilots off Blanchard then race off to Whidbey. The ½ hour plus food delay would soon be regretted. As we got closer to Fort Ebey we could see lots of pilots in the air – very exciting. Ed and I launched first, followed by Karin, then a tandem with Ros. I paused to help teach the fine art of the reverse launch to Ed, Gautam and Dave, but 15 minutes later the wind had died down and everyone landed. That’s when Doug arrived (only after having a very long talk with the Blanchard “site director”).

On a sad note: one local pilot landed hard and required the Oak Harbour fire department to carry her away (hopefully she’ll have a quick recovery).

May 5 Burnaby Mt sy cr 2.0
The cross SE wind was no challenge for most of our new students: Ed, Sanjoy, Gautam, Lucian and Doug. I tried one flight from the top but the air was too cross for students.
May 4 Bridal ++ 3.0

Karin kicked off the day with a nice reverse launch followed by a solid forward from Jonathon, I on the other hand, struggled with my passenger and barely got up to minimum speed, and had to fly just left of the rock (not my preferred line for an east day). First flights were smooth but just extended sled rides with“sinky” conditions all around LZ. My instincts told me to land the standard West approach, but the wind sock was slight East. At about 70’ I noticed a sudden “lack of air” and dropped into to the LZ. My hardest touch down since Ari use to fly (over a hundred tandem flights ago). Jonathon also had some trouble hitting the LZ. Our second and third flights were great: Karin flew to upper and Jonathon climbed high on Dave’s Style. Tack and I did the usual, launch, sink a few hundred feet below launch, find a few thermals and fly to Archibal. Karin's flight shown above.

Apr 29 Spain ++ 2.0

Spain is great, it is day 4 here and a front
moved in so no flying today, but it's ok, the weather
has been in the high 20s the last three days
(with 13 flights).

I have been flying two sites, one easy coastal
site, La Herradurra, and one site 30min inland;
Otivar. The coastal flying has been easy and
relaxing, the inland has been challenging. The thermals
have been either light and bubby, or big and
bumpy. I like the big stuff, it is easier, and less
bumpy than Woodside last month. The light thermals
have been tough to get high in, and the 5 to 1
one glide ratio give you little time to scratch
around before you need to head out to the LZ. I have
had two amazing flights at Otivar, on Monday,
over an hour each, and I came down when I wanted. I
did one awesome XC and return to a nearby peak
over a huge gorge. You need at least 500m over
launch before you can attempt it. I had almost 900m
over before I tried. It is the first of 4
stepping stones that will get you XC to the coast. One
hotel guest made the coast with the guidance of
Dirk (our guide), that day, but it was very
challenging for him. Dirk worried that my glide ratio,
and skill level was not up to the task. So I
happily stayed behind and flew high over the local
mountains, out climbing a group of Austrian pilots.
The experience has been great, and I have used
all my Deimos skills to make the LZ. The Otivar LZ
is very thermic, and sits on a pinnacle, it can be
very hard to get into, you can hit both big sink,
and bigger lift as you come in to land. I have
needed the big ears to the ground and I have had to
use spirals to lose height (as I was going up
with at 2+m/s full bigears on my way to the LZ).
Hopefully I will have some good pics to show you
and more stories, It looks like rain the next two
days, so I will only get one more flying day in
before heading to Barcelona on Saturday...
Take care,

Apr 30 Bridal ++ 2.8

I woke up with a smile ‘cause I thought I would get to fly XC solo today, even better in the FVXC comp, but instead it turned out to be an amazing day of tandem flights for my new Solo V students. Marcus, Stig arrived about an hour late, but it did not matter, conditions were not on yet. Karin and Art launched first and had some low saves. Fedja, after a few attempts decided that he should wait for better conditions to launch (tandem), but in the end flew a 30Km (solo) flight. After setting a new record for the longest wait while hooked in (maybe 45 minutes), Marcus and I launched and went up quick. I had a minor problem with the B-line handle that took about five minutes to fix, but by that time we were too low and eventually landed after 45 minutes. Steg’s flight was similar; he was so comfortable in the air, I allowed him to land us and even kite the wing to the roll up area! Fun stuff. My eager student Lucian arrived three hours early and was still waiting on take off (patently). We launch quickly and sunk out to 1100’ and we were just about to head out to land when the clouds parted and the sun came out. It seem to take forever, but we eventually climbed up to Fedja and Art. I invited Art to join us for some XC, but he like the ridge lift too much to follow. The buoyant air allowed us to fly almost to Gloria at the height of launch and back to Art. This time Art was keen to follow, so we went east to just past Cheam and landed in a huge green grass field. A two hour 11 Km XC flight for Lucian on his first day!

April 29 Whidbey, Bridal BO, ra 3.0
I was practicing our paradriving: Vancouver to Whidbey, Whidbey to Vancouver, Vancouver to Bridal, Bridal back to Vancouver. Way too windy to fly Whidbey (maybe 50km/h).
Apr 28 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.0
Amazing training conditions allowed many top to bottom flights. New student Lucien, progressed extra fast and will be able to fly solo very soon! Doug was solid, Samuel managed a couple of inflations, and Jonathon showed why you need good boots with traction! Mark was there too, but his back was too tired from lifting all day, and he could only help layout wings, sort lines and take notes.
Apr 25 Bridal lt bo 2.4
While Karin and I were catching up, I actually forgot to pack my solo wing – I guess I really wanted to fly another tandem XC flight. We arrived about 2pm and conditions were still a little too strong to fly (although Denis was flying); a good time to teach the Blade launch and frontal landings. 3:30pm. Back on take off, we were watching the “Denis top crash/land show” – mostly good landings actually. Karin and I launched and forty five minutes later, we slowly climbed above launch. Sean needed a few aborts, but had another clean launch, and a beautiful soaring flight.
Apr 24 Burnaby Mt and Bridal sy 2.6
We spent a few hours at BM with new students Sanjoy, Mark and Lynn, but the south wind was a little too much; followed by a quick pair of flights off Bridal (first Sanjoy then Mark).
Apr 22 Sumas/ Bridal cr sy 3.0

East wind forced us to check out Sumas, but even the local birds were having problems flying, so back to the Dykes for some “Real TV” moments. New student, Stefan, managed a few seconds of air time, while Dave and Rob showed us their new tricks. We heard Brian and Gab were flying at Bridal so off we went. The launch was quite tricky (NE), but we all managed to get away clean. Sean, Stefan and I immediately dropped about 1000’ but rode a series of light thermals up to about 3,300’, then after a couple of hours flew XC to the Annis exit. Dave, Rob and the rest had great flights too, climbing almost to the peak of Cheam.

Apr 17 Burnaby Mt, Bridal Falls ra ps ++ 2.8
Another amazing day of flying adventures; we started with some training flights at Burnaby Mt. then moved out to the Valley. While the rain was visiting Woodside and Bridal we went to the Dykes to kite, but no wind was present. While waiting at the Bridal LZ, I forced Mark and Jonathon to write the HPAC student exam (they scored high marks). First flights were extended sled rides, but after the sun arrived it was time to go up! While Mark and I were setting up to launch, Jonathon surprised us with a baby spiral and extra low exit, fly by maneuver (never to be repeated I hope). Then Mark and I flew to cloud base and half way to Butterfly and back. The air was so buoyant that we probably could have flown to Woodside, but we decided on a 4G Titanic instead.
Apr 12 The Chief Bo 2.7
Jonathon was feeling ripped off (he could not fly in yesterday’s epic air at Bridal) so I agreed to meet him in Squamish to fly the Chief.
There was almost no wind at Lion’s Bay but huge gusts were noticed about a 1/3rd of the way up to the first peak, so we turned around to try and salvage the rest of the evening.
Apr 11 Bridal ++ 3.0
The best flying day of the year (so far): Samuel took the first and last flight of the day at Bridal, flew with me almost to Ludwick and back to take off, broke/tied the Deimos record for most flights in an afternoon (five), scratch back up to take off from the bottom cliff (200’), and completed all of his maneuvers and flights for his novice rating. Amazing! His only mistake was deciding not to wear his flight suit, causing him to head out and land. Sean arrived just near the end of the day and could only gain a few hundred feet above.
Apr 8 Woodside ps bo 2.5
A quick flight on a old favorite wing, UP Soul, followed by more hiking up Woodside. A quick change in the wing encourage me to wait and see, just when I started to pack up, Rob put on an unplanned acro show, on his new wing, but exited cleanly.
Apr 6 Woodside lt ps 2.8
A few morning delays squashed my plans to go skiing, so I headed to the valley to see if it was sunny enough to go XC. Although the laps rate was good, clouds blocked most of the lift, so myself and about ten other pilots had extended flights – no one climbed higher than launch (while I was there), but the sun was slowly moving toward launch when I left. Jim was nice enough to pick me up, cutting off about half my hike back up the road.
Apr 4 woodside cr st ++ 2.8
Unlike Gabby and others, Sean managed to escape
the office just in time for the arrival of the
first strong thermals. In a desperate attempt to
climb higher, he forgot above the glide into
Riverside and had to force a big ear landing at
Joes place (same as what Denis did earlier but
without the bramble bush experience). After I had
a “bumpy” flight to Harvest Market, in strong NE
conditions, we raced back up to see everyone back
at cloud base (4000’). Soon, Sean and I were very
high and I offered him a choice: spiral dive or
XC trip. He said “I’d love to do a spiral dive”.
With a little too much aggression, he was over
the falls before his 360 was complete and in a
three turn dive. All that was needed for his
Deimos Novice rating. For me, I just needed to top
land (safely) and drive the truck down.
A few tries later I managed a nice landing. It
wasn’t the big XC day I was hoping for, but still
a pretty exciting and event full day.
March 31 Diefenbaker sy 2.5
After 2+ hours of hang testing every harness in stock, Jonathon, Samual and I then played around with the new Aeros Trainer and the U-Turn Infinity until the catabatic wind arrived.
March 25 Woodside / Bridal ++ 2.8
Conditions were perfect on launch: no crowds, easy winds, pilots already going up. Sean took a few tries to control his wing, but eventually he was above launch with the gaggle. By the time I was ready to launch, with new student Eric, Sean was complaining of being too high and having too many time outs in the “white room”. After watching the tandem before us sink out, I decided to wait for a strong cycle. It paid off. Two thermals later I join Sean at 5200+ feet.
We crossed the river, on our way to Little Nic, and saw a number of pilots sinking out, so we turned back and landed at the “Lazy LZ”, while Sean squeaked a low glide into Riverside.
Second flights: the wind was picking up, quickly, so I thought that Bridal would be a good option (in hind sight I should flew my second tandem at Woodside). Sean had a couple of interesting inflations, but finally got clear of take off and was quickly going up. The wind started to switch, and before we could even hook in, the launch was closed. I looked up and saw Sean parked, and suggested that he tries to head towards the LZ, with full speed bar and big ears, but it was too late. He now had no options but to fly down wind to a new LZ. We were glad to hear about his safe landing.
March 24 Bridal bo sy ra 3.0
Julie and I tried to drive up to the Bridal Falls lower launch, but we were stopped by a down tree. We then snow shoed up to the traverse, had lunch, then started back down. Using a rope and a little tug from my Explorer, I was able to pull the tree to the road side.
March 19 Sumas, Woodside ++ 2.8
A repeat Sumas adventure from a week ago, but this time we needed a rock to open the key box, manage to drive a little farther, shoveled more snow, and required chains to complete our retreat. It was quite clear that we were not wanted at Sumas this day. We heard reports of pilots getting high at Woodside so off we went. On launch, it seemed like it was a hang glider only club, with five gliders ready to go and 20+ PG pilots standing around. Weird. Soon all pilots were in the air and climbing high in convergent air near Eagle ranch. Weird. New student Katie and I quickly climbed to about 3600’ then after about 45 minutes did a XC trip to the Sasquach. Fedja, and new student Bruce, managed a great low save over the “Lazy” LZ and climbed to about 2500. I finished the day with a quick trip over the back to towards harvest Market.
March 18 Woodside ++ 2.8

It was finally Lynn’s day to fly, but first we needed to launch Matt, Sean, Samuel and Movie Dave. Gusty conditions challenged the boys, but with a little temporary ballast, they were all in the air.

Lynn was a little nervous, after watching all the “exciting” launches, but I was able to get us clear of launch after a couple of tries. The lift was everywhere, so everyone got high. Our second flights were much the same, getting to about 3000’. At one point I encourage Samuel to follow us to cloud base, but he seem to find his own thermal and missed his only chance to fly XC. We tried one last time to get Sean to do his first spiral,  the last flying task for his novice rating, but he could not get high enough, in the miniscule lift at the end of the day. Maybe next week2.0

Mar 17 The Chief sy cr 2.6
A last minute change in plans had Samuel and I hiking the Chief on a sunny afternoon. I placed our chances of flying at 60% but when I saw that there was still snow on take off I lower our chances to less than 40%. The winds were light with a slight SE component. Samuel inflated his wing a few times then smoothly stepped off (a repeat of his Sumas launch months ago). By the time I was suited up, the winds and changed, and conditions were quickly degrading. Six tries later, I managed a clean launch and a great flight. My old friend Tony was driving by and stopped to watch the action, then saved us a long hike by dropping us off at the base of the mountain.
Mar 12 Woodside ++ 2.5
Another spectacular day of flying and other adventures: the road up to Sumas was a little too snowy for the Explorer, and required a full retreat at about the ¾ mark. Plan B – Mt Woodside. New student Dan and girl friend Miranda were surprised to see so many pilots at launch and above. After Karin, and Sean flew, and climbed to about 500’ over launch, Dan and I launch and scratch desperately, but could only manage a few hundred feet above take off. Dan’s 280 lbs was a little too heavy for the light thermic conditions. After a soft landing and quick retrieval of Fedja (he tried to XC to Little Nic) we were back on take off. Karin and Sean were much higher now, and just waiting for me to join them. I jumped on Dan’s Arcus and slowly climbed upward. After a little top landing demonstration, I suggest that we fly XC to the Harvest Market. While in the air we heard outrageous stories of a run-a-way Range Rover (with bald tires) dodging my parked Explorer by just seconds (Miranda had to gun it). As the full moon crested Mt. Cheam, we all landed smoothly and then celebrated our day with some great food and drinks at the Wild Cat.
Mar 11 Deifenbaker cr 2.0
The gusty west wind made things very difficult for our new student Lynn, but she worked hard and managed a few seconds of air time.
Mar 10 China Park cr 2.0
Too many snow boarders made training impossible at BM, so we forced to train at the "Clark" hill.
Mar 3 Woodside ps ++ 2.5
We felt truly sad, for all the M.I.A. students, as we drove out to Mt. Woodside. When we arrived, the experience pilots were waiting for the first thermals to arrive, while the new pilots were having extended flights up to about 45 minutes. Soon the thermals arrived, allowing many pilots to take their first cross country flights of the year. New student, Mark managed his first tandem and two solo flights, while Sean scored four great flights, climbing to up 1000’ over launch. Fedja, was able to soar for a few hours, and only landed to guide Mark into riverside. What a great day for all!
Mar 2 Burnaby Mt nw 2.0
New student, Mark, managed a few good launches, while the regular Deimos boy's fine tuned their forward and reverse launches.
Feb 28 Woodside bo 2.2

Plan A: to hike and fly off Elk was changed to, sit in a truck and play Black Bridge, twice, then get challenged by some strong gusts, then soar for about an hour in the smooth February "breeze" at Woodside. Only the darkness and a little snow storm forced Ted and I to land. Karin preferred to drive down, than set a new personal record for launching in windy conditions.

Feb 20 Burnaby Mt lt 2.0
Surprisingly good conditions for new students Mark and Dan starting our Solo V course.
Feb 19 Sumas Mt. sy cat 2.0
It’s been many weeks since the boys had a chance to kite their wings, so we spent about an hour warming up at the Sumas field before heading up. I was surprised to see so much snow and ice on the upper road (after being in CA for three weeks) – nothing the Explorer and Land Rover could not handle. Zak launched first, followed by Karin, Sean, and Jonathon. After an earlier aborted take off, new student Saied and I managed a tricky launch, followed by an exciting Titanic maneuver (probably a little too exciting) and a smooth landing. After a quick bite, we headed up for more, but only Sean and Zak were able to launch. The West wind had arrived making the first 30 seconds pretty bumpy. For a demonstration of skills, the “old Zak”  showed us a full stall and SAT attempt on the Aeros Vitamin. A pretty fun day full of great flights.
Feb 18 Dieffenbaker cr bo 2.2
The winds at Exit95 were too strong (and cold) to even think about kiting in, so we headed back to Diefenbaker. Sadly, the North, West and South wind followed us, so no high flights to report.
Feb 17 Dieffenbaker cr bo 2.0
Some of the worst training conditions I’ve ever seen, but new our student Mark managed a few good inflations on the flats.
Feb 15 Oceanside cr 2.0
Light, cross winds and almost no beach prevent us
from flying. Probably one of the prettiest places
to parawait on the whole trip.
Feb 14 Woodrat ++ 2.0
Local pilots Jim and Paul gave us a lift up to
launch. Even though it was noon, the thermals
were not strong enough to launch. After Paul
showed us his low save, we all launch and slowly
climbed to about 5000’. One hour was all we could
handle (too cold), so I announce that I was
planning to top land, and Karin followed . Karin
fixated a little too long on me and ended up
staling her wing at about 6 feet, landing hard on
her bump air. Our second flights were quite
different, more or less ridge soaring with
almost no thermals. A great day of flying.
Feb 13 Salina st 2.0
The Santa Ana wind was still hanging around, so
we found a couple of little soaring sites.
Only the local birds were able to stay up.
Feb 12 Ave S/L st 2.0
Silmar was blown out, so we chassed another group
of HG pilots to a remote desert site.
I managed a few minutes of air time on a small
hill near by, but it was still way too windy to
even think about heading up to launch. Karin’s
old friend dropped by and told us of another site
that may work. The new site was a little too cross
to fly but perfect for some high wind kiting.
Feb 11 Sultan Seas / Elsinor ++ 2.0
With a little help from PPG legend, Wayne Mitchler, Dave
was flying his Vitamin 30 all over the desert
sky. When it got a little too hot to train, Dave
suggest that we head back to Elsinor. A quick 2+
hours drive and we were back on the Edward
launch. I took the U-turn Infinity and the
Deimos Zip harness for a ride, while Dave and
Karin sorted them selves out. After about an hour
or so, I was about a 1000’ over launch, while all
but one other pilot had landed. Karin had another
LZ glide problem but spotted a nice landing on
the hill side. More tennis the next day, and
then Dave was sent back to the rain and wind of
Feb 10 Elsinor ++ 2.0
Dave and Karin and my self spent the first night
biving on the “E” launch - alittle “cool”
according to Karin. The thermals started around
10am but were followed by weird lee conditions.
In one of the “up” cycles Dave launched and then
repeated his Del Cerro experienced and landed
short in the “Elsinor dumps”. Karrin also missed
the LZ but landed fine. After a friendly
E claw hand shake from an “E-Team” member, we headed up
for a second flight off the Edwards launch.
While Dave was in the air I announced that he
just got his Novice rating. Karin, managed a
proud moment when she saw the top side of (Fly
hard legend) Mitch‘s new comp wing.
Feb 9 Del Cerro lt 2.0
Dave’s early arrive allowed us to play a few
games of tennis, in the hot California sun,
before flying. After a quick briefing by a local
pilot, Dave had a good launch (in slight
conditions) followed by a short flight to the
bail out LZ.
Jan 26 Dumps ++ 2.0
Light conditions in the morning made us try the
upper launch. Fred was the wind dummy, followed
by Samuel and myself. After two aborts, Samuel
was eventually hauled into the air with twisted
risers, he then calmly waited for his wing to
straighten out. I gave the boys a short reminder
of the do’s and don’ts then we all did our thing
for the next 4-5 hours. We all had many flights
and low saves. At 4pm the boys were done, even
though other pilots were still flying!
Jan 25 Dumps cr st 2.0
We arrived in the late afternoon and a few
advance pilots were already in the air. Fred and
I joined them, while Samuel watched and waited
for calmer winds. After a very exciting ground
spiral I finally gave Samuel back his wing so
that he could start flying, but it was still too
Jan 24 Pilot's Butte ++ 2.0
Too much snow to even try to drive to Pine Mt. Launch so we gave up and started to drive south. While near Bend, we found a great little hike and fly site, right in the city!
I launch first a quickly climbed above launch, followed by Samuel and Fred. Ratty conditions in the LZ , resulted in a slightly less than perfect landed for Fred and my self, but Samuel aced his landing on his new Infinity.
Jan 23 Silos lt 2.0
A full day of kiting and short flights. I managed
to climb above the take off for just a few seconds.
Fred and Samuel managed some great photos.
Jan 18 Elk Mt. cr 2.0

With only a 9% chance of flying, I convinced Karin that we should go for a little hike.

My new carbon tip poles were useful when we encountered ice on the last third of the hike (crampons recommended). While we parawaited, we tried our hardest to get a fire started, but in the end we were force to hike down, due to a thick low blanket of fog. Of course, after we were down it looked flyable – it was fun just to be outside.
Jan 15 Hatchet snow, windy 2.0
Our initial plan to ski at Manning were changed when we saw a 45 minute line up just to buy tickets, and later when Julie reported that the Deimos truck had a problem and she could only maintain 30 kph max. It turned out that Manning Park was packed because Mt. Baker and Hemlock were closed (too much snow they said). As for the truck: a long tow into Hope, a hook up with some interesting back yard mechanics, and some catalytic converter rework (plugged), I was back on the road to Dave’s chalet. The net day, Dave and I hike up to his new site “Hatchet” and we each managed to soar for a while. Dave’s flight was a little more interesting when he had to battle a small cravat for the first minute or so.
Jan 8 Sumas, Woodside cr 2.0
After an hour at Burnaby Mt, complete with top to bottom flights, we headed up to Sumas (but there was strong west wind) then finally to Woodside. Cross conditions were challenging most pilots, but Jonathon had very little problem and logged a couple on smooth sled rides. PS> the Woodside community will be a little “cleaner” with the crystal meth plant removed (located just across the street from Joes place).
Jan 7 Elk Mt ++ 2.0
Horrible weather was everywhere except Elk Mt. After a quick 1.5 hour hike up we were rewarded with an hour plus flight. The LZ would disappear now and then, so we just kept on flying. Finally I convinced Steve to head out to the LZ, but not until we spiraled to the top of the clouds (about 500 above the LZ). We must have been in the air a little too long ‘cause Steve’s landing gear stayed in the locked position. Sadly, I crunched his finger (with my knee) when we toppled over. Not the best way to end a great day of flying.
Dec 29 Sumas ++ 2.0
Even with the short day and ugly forecast, we managed two flights each, complete with Karin going over the falls for the first time, Movie Dave climbing up to almost launch height and going XC, and me doing a few asymmetrical spirals. One more day and Dave should get his novice rating – just a few things left to fine tune! Thanks Steve, Karin and Dave for helping me with the trimming of "bushes" just below take off.
Dec23 Dieffenbaker lt 2.0
Great conditions for Karin to test her advance launching skills (aborts, knotted brake lines and cross brake lines).
Dec 18 Elk Mt. cat cr sy 1.0

Even though conditions looked bad, we decided to hike up Elk “just to look around”.

We heard that Denis had just launched – this gave us some missing optimism. Gab decided that he had to fly ‘cause walking down was not an option. After an exciting minute or so, Gab’s wing started flying normally, so that prompted the rest of us to gear up. Sean launched next and quickly locked in the big ears followed by myself.

Denis, after see us in the air, drove over to the LZ to help out in the retrieval process.

Thanks Denis - much appreciated.
Dec 14 Sumas sy ++ 1.0
I love my new job! Samuel and Karin and I spent an hour or so warming up at the Dykes, perfecting our high wind launches; then after a long lunch, we headed up to take off. Samuel was the elected wind technician, and had one of the best launches ever, going straight up to soaring heights. I joined Samuel for a short flight just so see if the U-turn Infinity can out climb my old Sigma4 - and it did! I managed a quick top landing to give Karin a chance to fly. It took her a little extra time to get in the air (one “abort”) but soon she was soaring the cliffs and enjoying an amazing Fraser Valley sunset. An awesome day!
Dec 11 Dieffenbaker foggy 2.0

Samuel was not into a long para-hike, so we spent the morning playing with his new Infinity, then had a great but rushed lunch.

Thanks Samuel!

Dec 10 Sumas ps lt cr 0
Quite a comical day: first Movie Dave drives towards the LZ (thinking that we left him at Exit 95), but we were just buying some food; then Sean launches and discovered a new LZ, probably a first for any pilot; then in an attempt to find out what happen to Sean, I rushed my launch, in strong lee conditions, and just managed to “split the uprights” to the right of launch; then Sean gets his truck stuck and it won’t turn over! Sean posted a great flight log on our MSN site.
Dec 7 Sumas ps lt cr 2.0
Karin called me early to see what’s up2.0 I told her that I needed to mount the new Sumas lock box, but we could fly afterwards. She said, as usual, “sounds good to me!”
The snow was a little tricky in places, on the way up, but no real problems for my Explorer. We used snow shoes, for the approach, more for fun than necessity. Karin waited for a light cycle then had a great forward launch, followed by some “advance maneuvers”. Except for some minor problems at McDonalds, we had a great day.
Dec 4 Whidbey sy cr 2.0
Conditions looked pretty gross, around White Rock and the Fraser Valley, so we headed south to Samuel's favorite site, to test fly the new U-turn wings. We "warmed up" for a few hours, at a local Oak Harbor school yard, trying lots of different reverse launches and the latest Deimos launching tricks. It's true the Infinity and Bodyguard can launch without touching the risers - a very cool option. When Karin, Samuel and TJ were ready, we headed back to our secret site; the Fort was way too cross and strong to even kite, but our new site was great. We flew until it was too dark to see!
Dec 3 Elk Mt. ++ ps 2.0
No reservations received today, so I went for a little hike up Elk Mt. I had a “little” trouble with the last icy hill, in the Escort, but still managed to escape the ditches (un-like some people). Ivan and the boys were just in the air when I arrived at the parking lot, which only encouraged me to move faster. The hike up was a little tougher than I remembered (1:45), but when I arrive at take off the winds were near perfect. With the help of a few hikers, I launched and cruised around until my hands were numb (five minutes worth), then landed close to the car. Some good clean/cold fun!
Nov 26 Whidbey Island bo, cr 2.2
On the radio we heard pilots parawaiting (at Woodside and Elk) so we decided, to keep it safe, and head down to Samuel’s favorite site. At Whidbey, the wind meters were pushing 25 mph, so off to my favorite near by kiting site. While there we could see two pilots flying at the landing, but parked; so we continued to practice our reserve launches. After about an hour or so, we raced back to the Fort, but pilots were already packing up. They said the West winds switched to South and were a little too strong. I pulled out a Vitamin 30 and managed a few nice flights, but Alex and Natalia had their hands full and could maintain airborne status just a few seconds at a time. Movie Dave and Sean wisely elected to watch the action with both feet on the ground!
Nov 25 Whidbey Island bo, ra 2.0
The rain and wind seem like it was going to comply with our wishes to fly, but this all changed while we were driving down. The winds doubled, and then tripled to almost 50 mph!
Dave said it was the most wind he has ever seen!
Nov 20 Sumas sy 0.5
A lazy start to another Deimos adventure day: we meet our new HG friend, Andrew, at Exit 95 then headed up to launch. Light student conditions allowed Karin, Art and myself good launches and fun extended sled rides mixed with some acro moves. While waiting for our new friend to drive my truck down, Karin had time to practice her new “Deimos style” forward launch. The wait seemed a little too long, so we piled into Dave’s car to find Andrew (slightly lost half way to the LZ). I placed our chances at 40% for second flights, but the crew felt that those were good odds and we headed up again. We banged off some of the fastest launches this year, followed by a few Vitamin SATs and a “slightly” less than perfect ground spiral – another Kodak moment missed!
Nov 19 Woodside sy 0.1

Yesterday's adventures greatly limited the pilots flying to just the Rookie of the year.

Sean was little too relaxed (or tired2.0), and blew his first attempt with a full frontal, but managed to stay on his feet. After a quick regrouping, he banged off a good launch, followed by three more flights; of which he successfully competed two trips towards Harvest Market. Well done!

Nov 18 Upper Bridal cr ps 0.1

A huge adventure day almost epic some would say!

We decided to for go a day of sled rides at Woodside (mistake #1), and instead try to hike a hike off the top of Bridal. The Explorer cut through the snow to about 3/4 of the way up, then we were forced to start hiking. After a short “15 minute traverse” we finally arrived at the Saddle (some younger pilots more tired than others). Just then three ATVs arrived and offer free lifts to summit (how perfect mistake #2). The ATVs could only gain 1/2 the summit road so again we were forced to hike the remaining kilometer or so.

Conditions were bad all the way up but we were hopeful for a small miracle (mistake #3). After a few desperate attempts to fly by Karin, we started down the "very long" road to the truck. After more than five hours of hiking, we were finally back at the truck and ready to eat and enjoy the Deimos end of the year party (already started at the Deimos headquarters).
Nov 13 Whidbey bo 2.0
My prediction was for West winds around 4pm, but at that time we were still measuring NW gusts up to 40kph! The local said it was flyable around 11am (a couple of hours after we arrived). I guess we needed Matt to join us with his perfect Whidbey record!
Nov 11 Dieffenbaker cr ++ 2.5
Gusty conditions proved to be too much for most of us, and a little too expensive for me, but needless to say, a lot of fun.
Nov 6 Whidbey Bo CR ++ 2.8

One of my favorite days this year!

Blanchard was blown out and cross, so we raced down to Whidbey.

After showing the boys a few different high wind launch techniques (like Cobra, the Deimos Hump, AB line…) I got Sean to "carry me" over the edge. Using a combination of Cobra and Deimos reverse styles, I got my wing to carry me up the embankment and eventually flew above the South end trees. I finally headed back to the Fort and managed to control a small collapse just before landing. Time to go home2.0 Not yet! We found a beautiful South East hill that offered Dave, Sean and even new student Will, many two to eight minute flights. Dave and I took turns finding new and exciting not so perfect launches and landings, while Will and Sean perfected their techniques.

 We plan to return to this new site soon!  
Oct 29 Blanchard cr sy 2.5
We were not quite sure, if Blanchard was the site of the day, but we're smartly rewarded with fine weather, a few extended sled rides, and a chance to practice our new reverse launches. Dave managed to get above launch a few times, while Sean seem to hang in the air forever, taking almost 20 minutes to glide to the LZ. Their second launches were near perfect. Great Deimos style launches from the young Jedi's!
Oct 27 Dieffenbaker ++ 2.5
Amazing conditions at Dieffenbaker Park, allowed Jonathon to test fly every wing in the house. After a few hours, it looked like the Skywalk Tequila (M) was the leader, followed by Style 26. We just need to size him up for a harness next.
Oct 26 Woodside sy ++ 2.3
We thought that we were first to fly, but soon Barry and Andy arrived and told us of their extended sled rides. Karin launch first and slowly climbed to about 1000’ over launch. Soon Andy had joined her. After about half an hour they both sank out. I decided to launch, and slowly climbed out to about the same height (on my new Tequila).
Barry and Andy re-launched and we were all joined by a dozen eagles and hawks. At one point I leaned forward, in bird position, and a near by eagle (10') flipped over and got a little aggressive, so I slowly leaned back in the harness to avoid any chance of an attack on my new wing! Sean arrived just in time to picked up Karin and then headed up the mountain. I spiraled down to top land, but missed my approach and was about 15’ up with just 15’ left (a little to risky for a full jet flap maneuver), so I decided to head out to Riverside. Sean managed to launch, but shortly after (4pm) the catabatic winds arrived. A super fun day!
Oct 24 Grouse Mt. cr 2.2

After a slightly longer ride up the old tram (new tram will be down for another 3 weeks they said), and a easy hike to the launch, I was still on the edge if I should fly or not. I decided to fly on my only free solo day (since I don't know when, maybe three years). I had a clean launch, but I needed to use the Tequila jet flaps a few times while on my way to the LZ. Minus 400-800 feet per minute sink holes.

In hind sight, it was probably a better day to go rock climbing!

Oct 22 Sumas/Bridal Sy cr 2.2

A brilliant day: complete with lots of adventure and team work. We first met at Exit 95, then after listening to the local (non) flight reports, we decided to head up to Sumas and do some launch work. BTW, the washed out area has been repaired! After about an hour, we were ready to push someone into the sky. Movie Dave went first followed by Sean and myself (Karin elected to drive down). After a quick Wendy's pit stop, and we were back at  it, but this time Bridal. Karin went first, armed with her new Deimos tricks, and soared for about a half an hour, followed by every one else. When the sun went behind the clouds, the take off was quickly closed down. We were packed up and were ready to go, when I talked the crew into waiting for the next sun opening. In ten more minutes Sean, Dave and Karin all aced their launches, and then put on their own acro show. We finished with a great dinner at the Wild Cat, with beers and more cool stores.

Oct 21 Sumas Dykes Bo sy 2.0

New Deimos Solo 222 student, Karin and I headed to Exit 95, with hopes of flying Woodside, but instead, we were greeted by high SE winds. Time to do some exploring! We found a cool little soarable hill, but will need to wait for the next true East wind day to fully test it. I did managed a short test flight but sank out.

Oct 19 Blanchard cr bo 2.0
In a desperate attempt to get airborne, we headed to the boarder and straight to launch, in hopes of a beautiful soaring flight. The winds were SW all the way there, but turned to SE on launch. The drive home was quite nice - more quality time together!
Oct 9 Hedley cr bo


We managed a few morning flights before the strong East winds arrived. Later in the afternoon we explored a new site, and almost flew (but strong catibatic winds arrived before we could take off).
Oct 8 Hedley lt ps 2.0
The casual and friendly atmospheres of the Hedley fly’n crew seem to be contagious. First, Art showed us his new “green monster” launch, for about 500’, followed by good launches from Jonathon and later Karyn (tandem), and new birthday boy Glen (tandem). We all had up to four flights each, complete with solid landings. Art kicked an old ghost from his SiV closet when he did his first complete B-line stall (complete with no cravats or death spirals). The full turkey dinner to follow was the perfect "icing on the cake" - a great day for all! (no show from Doug S).
Oct 7 Sumas west dykes bo ra 2.5
After demonstrating a less than perfect high wind inflation, at the Sumas West Dyke, followed by a few hours of exciting student inflations, we headed to Keremeos.

Oct 1

Blanchard sy 2.5
Since the valley looked way too unstable for our students, I made the call for Blanchard. We arrive to perfect student conditions, and blue sky. Beautiful! Matt had to work the lift at first, but soon needed bigears to escape the white room. Sean join him, and together the circled each other in easy smooth lift. We pulled Ted’s wing out of the bag, but were disappointed when we discovered that the Soul was in the Vitamin bag. Ted was forced to do some practice launches and then be our “ driving bitch”.

After a great lunch at the local café, I flew first and had to battle for lift with a single HG and flew for about an half an hour then top landed to talk to the local HG instructor. As the sun went down so did the lift. Matt and Sean managed another flight each, in smooth sweet Blanchard air.

Sept 27 Woodside, Bridal sy cr 2.2
Samuel, Sean-T and Jonathon were joined by Movie Dave, and new student Doug, and Dave Merrick today. With a little student take off help from Dion, they all had great flights (some more exciting than others). Movie Dave had a couple of great inflations on his Aeros Vitamin, but he lost style points when he immediately pulled in his landing gear, way too early, and just missed hitting the ground. Jonathon had the flight of the day when he showed us how to use the Skywalk jet flaps to lever your self into your harness (scary stuff), then flew into the venturi to the left of take off, followed by his radio going dead. With lots of upward and downward yelling, Jonathon repeated his early landing pattern, then added some last minute advance/unorthodox brake pumping, and another Jet Flap stall experiment, and finally landed softly on target.
Aftre all students landed, we decided to head to Bridal for some evening Titanic action. Dave finished the day with a twitchy B-line and a cute spin landing. A great weekend full of adventure a stories!
Sept 26 Woodside sy cr 2.5
Despite the forecast for a high lapse rate, the flying conditions remained “acceptable for all pilots”, for the entire day. With the help of Arthur and Dion, the boys managed a full day of challenging launches and landings. Samuel (now flying Dave’s old Style) had to react quickly, when his wing turned quickly to the left during his first inflation, and then did a great job to extend his flight by trying to core many small thermals; Sean-T was solid as usually on take off, but had a couple of interesting moments while landing; Jonathon had a great take off, but he too was challenged by the Riverside LZ; followed by Will (no problems). Ted, with two strikes on launch, and a warning that he may be benched for the day, managed to (finally) commit to the wing and get air borne. Later, Amine and Trevor bagged a flight or two landing while the sun was setting. I managed a couple of nice tandem flights with just a few small wings-overs mixed in for fun.
Sept 23 Burnaby Mt sy 2.0
A few flights from top to bottom, and lots of improved launches from the new students – another fun night at Burnaby Mt.
Sept 17 Bridal cr sy 2.2

After a short warm up kiting session in the LZ, we rushed up the mountain only to wait in the clouds. Half an hour later Matt was in the air (first flight since he’s been married), followed by the rest of the boys: “Movie Dave”, Samuel, Steven, and Sean (first flight).
Great launches and acro flying from all (especially Samuel – Matt forgot that Samuel has been away for a few weeks and ran him through a full series of maneuvers on his first flight).

The next flights were a little tougher due to a light south wind: a fast launch for Matt, followed by the rest. Steven survived a last minute abort from the lower section, but did much better from the upper launch in zero wind conditions. My passenger and I finally launch (fast); while in flight I got my passenger to fly us “over the falls”, but after three or more turns I had to take command back of the wing, before things got too interesting. I managed to spice up the landing (just a little).

Sept 11 Mt Woodside ps bo 2.3
It was a day of hurry up and wait. Waiting delays at Exit 95, and in the training field, and on launch, allowed the west wind to sneak up the hill. Soon only pilots with reverse launch skills could fly. After about an hour or two, the status was upgraded to advance pilots only. Gab and Brian arrived around then. Brian had a difficult launch (pretty exciting to watch from above) followed by Gab and maybe one other pilot. I flew tandem with both Sean T. then Ted, for about three hours getting to about 3000’ AGL.
Sept 2-5 Mara Lake, Mt Vernon, Mt Baldy cr bo ++ 2.0

The weekend started slow, with just a few flights, between windy cycles, but finished with a bang. Lots of firsts for almost everyone: during the first few days, Dave and Brian did their first full stalls, Brian did a death spiral to 70 feet and almost splashed, Michael missed the LZ completely, Ted did his first high flight (tandem) while Art, Doc and myself managed just a few flights with no huge acro to boast about.

On the last day, we watched a Muller SiV pilot fall into his wing after a failed loop attempt, then fall to within seconds of his life, but somehow managed to throw his reserve (just in time). Five minutes later a helicopter dropped by to see if they could help. That was our queue to leave Mara and start the XC flights. With Doc gone, conditions should be perfect (he has a reputation for bringing bad air to Mt Vernon).

When we arrived the CU's were huge, but on take off, the wind was quite cross for the first hour. I launched first, but side hilled after 30 seconds. A local pilot went next and found a great thermal just right of launch and was on his way. I re-launched and after about ten minutes, I too was on my way to base. Brian and Dima went next and we were all up at 6000' and climbing. Art and Michael launched almost an hour later and they too got high, but we were already half way to Lumby. As I approached the town, things got pretty exciting: first I saw a leaf fly past me at 7000' , then a branch, then an entire tumble weed plant! I thought Dorthy and Toto were next! Conditions quickly changed to full lee, forcing a quick landing next to the road. Michael, after an hour caught up to Dima and tried to follow my flight path, but after I told him that he would likely crash if he continued, he (finally) turned back and managed to land safely (with some embarrassing novice errors). That was Michael's longest flight (10km).

After a quick dinner at Whitespot , and a comparison of vario flight logs, we headed home, still pumped from our weekend of flights.
Aug 26 Burnaby Mt cr 2.0

Another great BMBGC with lots of classic footage provided by Mia, Brian and Natalia.

Dave open the event with some amazing flying in strong cross winds, followed by a volley of wild launches from most of the other pilots, including the occasional radical wing over (Art).

Alex was clearly the pilot to beat this year, setting his mark quite far on his first flight. I thought he was lucky at first, but then he matched his distance a second time! After the awards were handed out, and the sun was setting, Art was still going for gold (he was disqualified for clipping a tree on his second flight) and was determine to pass my distance marker; it was only with a few helpers that he could come close. My legs still hurt from chasing him down the hill with limited pushing success. Results will be posted soon.

Aug 25 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.0
One of the best BM training sessions this year: everyone flew from the top of Burnaby Mt in light straight cycles.
Aug 21 Woodside BO 3,0

Traffic delays caused us to arrive a little to late at Woodside, and before the new students (Malek, Wil, and Glen could fly the strong West wind arrived. I managed a couple of nice tandem flights get just a few hundred feet above launch. We then spend the afternoon kiting in Bill Best field. Some exciting kitting moments as usual!

Aug 19 Burnaby Mt cr 2,5
Another tough night at BM. I did manage a flight from top to bottom before the south wind arrived.
Aug 14 Whidbey cr 2.0
The West wind never arrived (as predicted), but conditions were perfect for forward and reverse wind launch training. Great work from Will, Sean and Janice.
Aug 13 Grouse ++ 2.0

Perfect conditions for this great event. I started the day with a Vitamin30 and a little doughnut kicking in the LZ, followed by three tandems and one of my softest tandem landings (on the spot).

Philipe became famous with his "ultra-long-hope-my-wing-has-a 20:1 glide-ratio" landing, while the hang gliders made it look easy.

Aug 12 Dieffenbaker cr sy 2.0
Not the easiest conditions to start training, but new the students Will, Malek and Sean did great. Lots of flights near the end of the day.
Aug 6 Woodside sy st 2.5

A small group allowed Malek and I a couple flights in a real mixed bag of air, eventually landing because I was cold (no flight suit). Since there were no pilots ready to fly, Movie Dave got to play with his Vitamin in breezy conditions: he needed about fifteen minutes to pull off his first Deimos style standing take off followed by a slightly long landing - just what the doctor ordered!

Aug 5 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.0

New students Malek and Will did great on their first day on the hill. Meanwhile, with a little help from Dave, intermediate student Michael, discovered some new tricks to launch his wing (AKA the heaviest wing ever made by Pro Design). All his problems were removed when he flew the Vitamin (so his technique is there but his wing is not).

Many thanks to Shane and Dave.

Aug 1 Grouse bo 2.8
Even though the airport winds were at least 41 kph, Megel, Dave and I managed a few flights before the West wind settled in. Dave, Anna and myself elected to ride the tram after Megel claimed to have his wildest landing ever (I saw the video and it looked like strong lee conditions in the LZ, but he "McGivered" a safe landing still).
July 31 Bridal ++ 2.8
Samuel, and my new "crazy friends from Quebec" were all over the mountain getting up to a max height of 5200'; Samuel managed to follow me almost to upper launch before falling out of the last thermal and was forced to hang out at about 1500' over lower launch. After more than three hours of air time we were getting a little tired and called it a day.
July 30 Grouse ++ 2.5
A busy day at Grouse with no stop flights all day long.
July 29 Grouse ++ 2.5
After one aborted take off - Samuel and I managed a clean launch and soared the cliff for about half an hour.
July 27 The Chief ++ 2.0
The winds were perfect for testing a new East facing launch, followed by Dave, but by the time Matt was able to launch the winds were less than perfect. A few minutes went by and then we heard that Matt was in the air. Matt and Dave were super hyped after landing (Matt even huged Dave - after breaking a line on his forward he was pretty happy to complete his last flight as a single guy).
July 23




++ 2.5

Samuel was not able to train this Friday and it resulted in his worst launch to date. Matt even yelled!

A little too busy at Woodside, so we raced over to Bridal, but the South West wind was missing up the air, a little too much for our new students. We still managed half hour flights. So back to Woodside. On Samuel's second flight, we waited for all to launch, then we spent almost 45 minutes, perfecting his launch. Eventually he managed to kite his wing, for more than 30 seconds before taking off. Conditions were a little bumpy at first, but he scratch his way up to about 500' over, while the rest of us were about 1000' over.

Dima ripped through our easy student maneuvers and is ready for our next SiV clinic (coming soon)! Matt had the pleasure of adding a couple of hours of air time on my new Skywalk Tequila.
July 17 Bridal ++ 2.2
Plan A (Woodside) was changed to Plan B (Bridal) when Jonathon and Diane arrived 45 minutes late. Dave Merrick tried to escort Chris up to upper launch, but eventually had no choice but to fly solo. Diane and Jonathon's first flights went so well that someone asked how many flights do they have2.0 and I answered one!" Just when I thought I had two more perfect Deimos students, Jonathon showed my why the Aeros Vitamin is the best wing of choice for new pilots. Matt continued to land students in perfect style: Diane's landing took more than twenty minutes! Racer Joe had some fun: with two flights totaling more than three hours air time, a sun burn worth talking about, and 1.75 perfect landings (a little short). Trevor went over the falls and performed some extended asymmetricals and was rewarded with his Novice rating. Congrats Trevor!
July 16 Burnaby Mt. lt 2.5

Samuel, Chris, Jonathon and Diane spent the afternoon at Burnaby Mt. The high light was when Chris tried his new spin landing (at the bottom).

July 14 Grouse lt 2.0

After Kerry and I had a nice tandem flight off Grouse, I raced up for more tandems with Chris and Harv. I had to do some quick piloting when Chris almost fell at the end of the take and more fancy work when our wing decided to dive into the LZ at 70 feet (with Harv).

July 10 Woodside and Bridal cr sy 2.5

To speed up the launch process Dave, Movie Dave, Chris and Fias all raced up to Woodside launch, while I waited for Art and Gautam. My optimizing trick did little to speed up the launch delays, since there were already about fifteen pilots preparing to launch. Even though adding more Deimos students would have probably improve the hit to miss ratio, we all agreed to head back to Bridal for some XC action. Dave Merrick and Nicohli (wind dummies) were both rewarded with flights just pass upper launch, while the rest of us waited for conditions to improve. Even though Gab and Brian showed us that conditions were still soarable, I was not convinced, and encouraged all of the Deimos students to call it a day.

July 9 Bridal sy 2.5
Harv worked very hard all week and was rewarded with a 45 minute flight getting to about 500' over launch. Except for sitting down too quickly Dima had a good launch and quickly join Harv for perfect soaring conditions. Great to watch.
July 8 Dieffenbaker sy 2.5

Near perfect conditions at Dieffenbaker – Diane had the highest flight of the night. Harv demonstrated why we sometimes abort take offs.- great progress from all students.

July 1-4 Makenzie sy 2.5

A very frustrating weekend, full of para-waiting and para-sleeping. No tasks called within four days (the right call in hind sight) I only managed one flight in slight lee conditions; other pilots managed to soar the East launch. Even Miller creek was not working!

The high light was hiking around my favorite site Birkenhead. We have lots of great idea to perfect this site.

June 25-26 Bridal and Woodside ++ 2.5

Saturday was the better of both days, with many flights for all students (old and new) at both Bridal and Woodside, then back to Bridal.

Sunday was a little disappointing, but we still managed a few flights before the clouds settled in. Gautam managed his first solo flight, but had some problems managing the wing while taking off (strange since he has been aceing his take offs for weeks now).

June 24 Dieenbaker ++ 2.0

Another great evening at Dieffenbaker: Diane, Jonathon, Gautam, Trevor, and Samuel all managed to get some air time.

June 19 Bridal Upper and Lower ++ 2.5

After I finished ranting about students not doing their homework assignments, we all had great flights. Chris showed us that he is always100% committed to his launch and did a great job to recover his wing. Ryan and I quickly drop below launch, on our tandem flight, but then hooked into one thermal that took us to cloud base followed by a twenty second huge Titanic from 4000' . Twila' s tandem started well but after two steps she sat down (time to abort). The next try was better and we had a very nice flight. Conditions were still on at 3:30 for Diane first flight, we launched and slowly made are way up to upper launch and top landed to zip up the flight suit and enjoy the view. Strong 15kph winds made for a perfect reverse launch and back up we went, eventually flying to about 300' below the peak of Cheam. After almost three hours, we returned to lower Bridal and tried to top land, but conditions were not right (I was getting physically tired) and elected to float down to the LZ. An amazing experience for us both!

Unfortunately we missed the Acro show from my new Swiss friends, Marcus and Daniele (flying a Vitamin 25 and Edel Live).

June 17 Dieffenbaker ++ 2.5

One of my favorite training nights this year! I think that we should train at Dieffenbaker more often. New students Jonathon, Dianne, Samuel and Gatham all flew with great style! I got to test out the new Skywalk Poison.

June 12 Bridal and Woodside cat st ps 2.2

Spirits were pretty laidback at my office so the conversation quickly drifted to cravat stores of horror, reserve deployments and high wind escape plans. I guess we were mentally preparing for windy conditions today. At the Bridal LZ, Matt spent almost an hour with new students Gautam and Jonathon, talking about Bridal landing techniques and take offs; then we headed up. Jonathon and I had a long take off, followed by Movie Dave' s (near perfect three step take off) and Matt. Michael wisely elected to drive down when rain and no wind arrived.

At Woodside pilots were slowly launching in strong conditions, too strong for students, so Jonathon and I did another tandem. About six other wings were above launch but we were just a little too heavy to join them (or maybe it was our evening plans pulling us down). A nice day of flying and for Gautam (kiting).
June 9 Burnaby Mt nl 2.5

Light lee side conditions at Burnaby Mt, provided challenging launches for Michael and Gautam.

June 4 Woodside ++ 2.5

Visiting pilot Manuel, and new student Gautam and myself raced out to Woodside. Great conditions allow myself, and an hour later, Dave Merrick to fly to Harrison. A new best for Dave!

I gave Amine' s younger brother a tandem flight he' ll never forget: we launch and quickly climbed to 4700' then hooked into a 1000ft/min thermal, did big ears to escape the clouds, but still went in for a few seconds, did a baby Titanic then finished with my softest landing ever, right on the beach (like movie stars). Fun stuff! Later Gautam and I flew tandem and had a very nice XC flight until we were lectured by an 85 year landowner on American f__ing politics and the 711 attack” really funny stuff  (for the first half hour). Sometime landing at the regular LZ can be easier!
June 3 Woodside ++ 2.5
Strong conditions at Woodside allowed for two great tandem flights lasting for more than an hour each.
May 29 White Rock ++ 2.0
Many thanks to Ivan, Beau, Julie (#2), Samuel, Trevor, Art, Mark, Ali, and Brian for giving up their Sunday to help us move to our new house. Special mention to Art for his B&E skills (turns out the key was in the truck all the time)!
May 28 Bridall Falls ++ 2.5

New student, Samuel, (finally) did his first solo flight off Bridal falls! Earlier flights were basically sled rides, but a couple hours later many pilots could stay up as long as they wanted. Only tears could make them land: myself, Matt, Art and Movie Dave had to force our way to the LZ in order to comply with previous engagements. However Chris remained in the air for more than three hours only landing 'cause he got bored! (3:22 a new record for Chris).

May 27 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.5

Perfect student conditions at BM (many flights from the top of the hill for all).

May 23 Blanchard / Whidbey sy cr 3.0

Perfect student conditions at Blanchard: I launched and quickly climbed a 100 to 200' over the NW launch, but a few minutes later I was below launch and on my way to the LZ. Brian followed with similar results. Once Samuel finally arrived with the truck, we decided to continue to Whidbey (plan A). We had perfect training conditions for about two hours, then the NW wind arrived; slowly it picked up and soon a local pilot launched and climbed to about 300 feet, followed by myself and Brian. After about a half an hour of flying, Brian decided to follow me on a one way XC trip north. The results: we broke Brian' s Whidbey distance record then turned back and landed on the beach. By the time we hiked back to the fort it was blowing 21-27 mph.

May 20 Burnaby Mt cr lt 2.5
With a promising forecast of West winds, we raced off to Burnaby Mt for a few hours of ground schooling, but the wind was more like North East (no upper launches).
May 15 The Chief cr st 2.0

It was my birthday wish to fly the Chief today, but is was not meant to be. Brian, Mark, Julie, Miranda, Cabrinha and many more hiked up in record time only to parawait in condensing fog, there was a few windows to launch in, but we were more happy to just hang out. The fog was replaced with 20kph East wind, so we hiked back down.

May 13 Dieffenbaker cr ps 2.5
Samuel showed great promise and is almost ready for his first solo flights. Trevor and Harv worked on mastering the reverse launch.
May 7 Woodside ++ 2.5
One of my all time favorite days at Woodside: new student Samuel and I launched and basically flew directly to Harrison (slightly slower than you can drive there (31 mins); Arthur and Matt took turns being top of the Sky, for many hours. While Matt guided Arthur over the back side for a little XC action, Lee and I finished the day with an hour plus long soaring flight. It would have been perfect if it weren' t for Lee' s aborted” take off first thing in the morning. The boys were in the air so long they needed a two hour rest before their last flight!
May 6 Burnaby Mt. cr 2.3
New student Mel had a tough day to start learning at BM, but still manage a few launches.
May 1 Bridal ++ 2.5
Dave Merrick was the air technician for the day but then proceeded to fly past Cheam to Butterfly and back to a near perfect top landing, I demonstrated more death spirals and a few tandem top landings (check out the gallery later for a cool picture); but in the end Trevor out did us all with a three hour plus flight! At one point he dropped way below launch but sometime later climb back to five hundred feet over – an amazing day.
Apr 30 Bridal ps 2.0
Movie Dave had solid launches all day; Chris had one good and one bad launch, and Matt was just plain solid. Matt asked me to demonstrate a proper downwind landing, but I ended going for a rather interesting death spiral (enjoyed by all).
Apr 29 Burnaby Mt cr st 2.0
New student Samuel did great but got eaten by too many bugs, Movie Dave and Trevor aced most of their take offs. Only one or two flights from the top (too cross).
April 23 Makenzie sy st 2.5

Since the soccer field was in full action until 2PM, we had lots of time to talk about landings and approaches, and then do some head to head racing in the Pemberton school field (Trevor won on distance).

On take off, a few local pilots were waiting to see if the upper winds would improve, so I took the opportunity to show off my usual kiting tricks. Although the wind up was great, my kiting proved that we were still in the lee (probably of 30 KPH East wind).

While we were waiting, Brian went for a little dirt bike riding, but came back with a little road rash -nothing three first aid kits could not fix!

A few hours drifted by, then one advance pilot could not wait any longer, and smoothly threw himself into the air, followed by another and then Denis. They all got high quickly (without any big collapses). I thought that it was still unsafe for Trevor and any tandems, so we waited a little longer. Soon, Samuel and I launched and climbed to over 4000' , but the air was too unsettled for a long XC flight so we top landed for a quick switch with Trevor. Trevor' s aggressive weight shifting was helping, but sadly, it was a little too late to climb out of the launch area. We were treated with a tree side 50% collapse, while flying low at 70' , which was fixed in a timely manor avoiding any tree action. Mean while Lee, spent the afternoon training with just the kite (since he forgot to grab his harness). Another great sunny day at Pembie.

April 22 BM sy cr 2.0
A great at Burnaby Mt: we started new student Samuel with the basics; Steven was in heaven doing flight after flight on "his" new Skywalk Mescal; Trevor showed us how to reverse launch in low cross wind conditions and how not to check your lines; Shane tested out the repairs to the Vit30; and Lee did quite a few good forwards.
April 16 BM cat ps ra thunder and hail! 3+
Another strong afternoon at Burnaby Mt.. however Art and Trevor did great in these difficult thunderstorm conditions. Spectacular stuff! Hail rain hail sun wind... (no flights from the top today).
April 9 Bridal Falls sy cr ++ 3.0

Saturday brought another fine day of aerial adventure for the Deimos clan.

Dave Merrick started off the day with a gentle sledride off of Bridal to warm him up for some higher flights to come. With Dave on the ground, Karyn helped by serving hotdogs from the VW while enjoying the sun. For the next round of action Dave, Art and Tom flew out into some nice lift right in front of launch and headed up well above take-off. Soon they were talking about cross-country plans (Hope or towards Elk2.0 The decisions are hard to make). Art was pretty excited about this day, as he was higher above launch than he had ever been at Bridal. He also chuckled to himself as he looked down to see more experienced Dave and Tom scurrying around to find more lift. Then Tom and Dave could start their chuckling as Art had to pull on big ears with the cold penetrating his wimpy gloves. Art headed down for more clothes. Art met up with Brian, Gab, Meagan and Cheryl in the LZed and headed up for another go. Tom expertly top landed to get a compass after the whiteroom was inviting him in. Dave also smoothly top landed as things appeared to be easing off also. With afternoon upon us, Tom hopped back into the air. Gab and Meagan scooted out for a tandem. Then Art managed a non-pilot-induced (according to video evidence) abort which resulted in extra dirt on his Grade 8 ski pants (a.k.a. flight suit). After laying out again and a little excited, Art popped off of launch with a little more grace. Brian joined in soon thereafter. The lift from the morning was not as evident and gliders slowly came down to meet in the LZed. Meagan felt her tandem cruise was long enough to make her a little queasy but you could see many of the pilots could have played a while longer. Enjoyable flights for all. Plenty of time in the sky and pilots look forward to springing off again. An impressive height recovery was made by Dave. At one point Dave said over the radio that he was almost back up at launch. Art thought he was about to see Tom2.02.02.0s truck arrive2.02.02.0. Instead Dave2.02.02.0s purple Style came bounding up from below. Great work Dave. Keep flying, even if your teeth do get cold from the smiling.

Arthur Sanderson, The Ridge Riding Thermal Monkey

Apr 8 Burnaby Mt sy st 2.8
Art comments about strong conditions were quickly proven when he launch from the parking lot and few for many seconds. After about an hour, the conditions mellowed out, long enough for all of us to fly from the top to bottom.
Mar 25 Blanchard /Whidbey bo 2.8
After 2+ hours at the boarder, we raced off to Blanchard, just as we were about to launch the gust front arrived, shutting down the site for all but the HG boys (who were sometimes parked). Our new US friends, Steve and Mark showed us to a new site” for SE winds. It was on our way so no harm in looking...Steve went first but quickly landed as the gust line hit. A few minutes later Brian pulled and pushed me into the air, a few times, before the winds finally encouraged me to top land. Probably the hardest and most dangerous site I' ve ever flew.
Mar 24 Sumas /Bridal Sy, bo 2.8

It was time to investigate the wash out” and clear cut” situation at Sumas Mt: so with just a few calls, Steven, Brian and I headed up to launch on our mt bikes, while Cheryl guarded the trucks. We all agreed that the ride up is much harder on two wheels than four! In my opinion, the road is safe enough to drive up for now, but should remain closed to the public to prevent further erosion. The clear cut is also pronounced but should not affect the take off conditions too much. After an exciting ride back down, we headed over to Bridal for an afternoon soar. Pilots were already high, but we arrived a little too late to join them. Brian followed my example and missed the LZ by a few feet ( low spirals are sometimes hard to exit).

Mar 13 Bridal sy cr 2.4
With a little convincing, Amine, and new students Sam and Cameron and I, raced off to Bridal for some afternoon tandems. The strong East wind was perfect to start teaching the basics. Two hours later, Zak was first in the sky and started his upward trek, then soon joined but ten or more pilots. Perfect conditions on take off, for Sam' s first tandem flight. Our flight included some bird and light thermal chasing getting just a few hundred feet above our take off. Interesting flying the East slope for a change.
Mar 12 Woodside / Bridal sy cat 2.4
It was the big day for Racer Joe: if Joe nails his next launch, he will complete his Novice rating. Everyone and their dog was para-waiting at Woodside, so we went to Bill Best field to practice (AKA play) with our reverse launches. Art and new pilot Alex, were styling in the perfect East wind and soon Joe joined in on the fun. A couple hours later, a few bold pilots were in the air and so we rushed up to join in the game, but after just a few minutes wait, it was obvious that Woodside was not going to be safe to fly so off to Bridal. When we arrived, many pilots were getting high, but our timing was too slow, we just managed a few solo flights. Joe nailed his launch and his rating. Congratulations from all of us at Deimos Paragliding!
Mar 5 Woodside sy cr 1.8
Light conditions allowed for lots of flights, especially with just ten or so pilots on launch. With new student Scott, we had a near perfect one step take off, but could only manage to stay at launch height. We spent the rest of the time scratching it out in light orthographic lift. Scott said he was ready for a little acro action, so I introduce him to my famous Titanic maneuver, however we were too low to make it a full Titanic! On my third flight, I decided to go on a little XC trip towards Bridal, then found a small, square shaped field, too sweet to pass up; so I set up for a Death Spiral pulling out at just inches from the ground then climbing back up to thirty feet. I' m not sure if my wing tip touched the ground, ‘cause I was too busy trying to not hit it! Scary but fun stuff.
Feb 27 Woodside and Bridal sy lt 2.1

After some quick introductions (Gabby' s back), we headed off to Woodside. The light cycles, coming straight up, allowed lots of easy launches, and the light thermals were able to keep most pilots up for half an hour or longer. Gabby demonstrated his famous fifteen minute landing, staying 200' AGL most of the time. The new Deimos truck worked great, although a little slower than the last Explorer. On the second flights, Racer Joe was a little too excited and rushed his inflation: I yelled stop!, so Joe pulled full brakes (which corrected the surge) and he was now in the air. Art did his first bigears-to-the-ground-approach, perfectly, while Movie Dave landed himself, overshooting to the half way mark. Not too bad. Dave had his best forward launch ever!

After two flights each, we decided to try Bridal, for some extra action. The road up was a little snowy but not a problem for the XLT. Conditions at take off were first un-flyable, so we watch some locals shoot clay pigeons with great accuracy. Conditions improved shortly, enough for Gab, Two-Tries-Brian”, Art and myself to fly. Art had the flight of his life, when his B-line stall went bad, his quick thinking and training, allowed him to recover, and amazingly he managed to land in the driving range.
Feb 21 BM and Sumas sy bo 2.2
The forecast was for high winds, so instead of parawaiting at Woodside all morning, we spent the day training. Conditions at Burnaby Mt were surprisingly flyable; perfect student conditions actually. Art had the longest flight of the day, but after some controversy, I elected myself victorious for the longest flight (but I still have not seen those promised push ups Art!). After a couple of hours at BM we headed out to Sumas, to our favourite soaring site. At 35 km wind, it was just right for me to try some of my new kiting tricks. Gradually the wing calmed down allowing everyone to do a little soaring (anchors were mandatory). Art and Joe showed the most improvement. When the wind finally became boring, we could hear that pilots were now flying Woodside. We all agreed it was too much effort to pack up for Woodside (accept Amine), so just Amine and I headed back to BM to test out and repack our reserves. Amine put on a little acro show for the crowd, a flight that would even make Matt proud!
Feb 12 Blanchard and Whidbey sy bo ++ 2.5

Nine point five out of ten! That' s how fun the day was.

We started the day at Blanchard: Shane went first and just as we thought he was done, he cored a small thermal to get back to launch height very exciting to watch. By the time Art and Dave geared up, the best they could manage was an extra long sled ride. Alex and Natali caught up to us in Oak Harbour, just in time to follow us to Fort Ebey. Art, Dave, and Shane had great launches, in moderate conditions (much the same as last weekend). The wind started to die down a bit, so Alex and Natali took turns flying (first time soaring). Natali, had her share of challenges, with her new fish maneuver, and crazy hands” landing technique. Meanwhile Art had his hands full, when a local tandem pilot tried to join with him, not once but four times. Art attempts, although not very obvious, to shake off this pilot were ignored Art' s new Vitamin is just too hot I guess.

Dave surprised us with his new cross wind landing, and he finally got to do a little wing walking on my Style!

Around 5pm the white caps returned, and the action started: most pilots including myself made safe but interesting landing, at the same time, the local  tandem pilots prepared to take off2.0 Crazy stuff! About 5 minutes later there was tandem pilots being dragging all over the place!

Always a treat to hang out and fly with some of the best Deimos students.

Feb 5 Whidbey Island sy lt ++ 2.5 It looked like the valley would be a little too strong for students, so we decided to head down to Whidbey Island. A great call: the weather and wind were great, offering too many flights to count. I also go to test out the new Vitamin 25 and Skywalk Tequila. The Vit25 may be my new acro machine, the next time I fly Mara (this spring).
Joe and I did a few tandem flights with some pretty fun touch-and-goes, while other pilots struggled with the wind. One local tandem pilot impressed us by dragging himself and his passenger through my new Vit25 (no damaged).
Jan 29
Bridal Falls
ra cr

After discovering that the Sumas road had been washed out, we had no choice but to head out to the valley. Bridal had low clouds but looked flyable - so we headed up. Arthur had another solid lauch on his hot new wing, and yahooed his way in to the LZ. I had to abort my first launch but managed to control the Sigma a little better on my second try. Moments later I was at cloud base and need to do some baby spiral to keep out of the white room.

A driver passing by (Brad) was so impressed with us, that I offered to drive him up to launch so he could watch the action first hand (on the "Exploder's" bumper of course). He later said that it was the best day of his life!

We each had three flights. A great way to start the season - thanks to Murray for driving all day.




" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "