2007 - Vancouver Paragliding Log Book

Abbreviations: nw=no wind / cat=catibatic / sy = sunny / bo = blown out / tt= too thermic / ra= rain / ++ = amazing / uk = unknown/ nl = no lift / lt = light thermals / st =strong thermals / ps = partly sunny cr =cross wind

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Date Site Name Weather Lapse Rate
Dec 30 Woodside ++ ?
Classic TC adventure day. The Exploder battled the snowy road to about the 2km mark then we were a foot. A packed snow mobile trail made it easy going until the final turn off. The (almost) waist deep snow could not squash our determination to parawait. Hallbros reported gust to 26 mph and a steady 20 mph. After about an hour, it was time. Denis went first, follwed by myself. However, my glider was stored poorly, and required a frustrating ten minutes to sort out. Finally it was time to take my brother Neil on his first tandem flight. A couple of aborts later and we were skyward. Bigears was enough to keep us out of the clouds, and finally a sunset landing at Harvest West.- always fun landing when you can’t see the ground. Little Dan banged off the last Deimos flight of the year, while Patrick choose to hike down.
Dec 9 Sumas cat 2.0

Chiu was the first in Canada to fly the new U-Turn Emotion – with his custom Canadian colours: Aaron, Chiu and I carefully headed up to Sumas for a flight each off Sumas. Just a small amount of snow and ice – no problem for the trucks, but a little icy if you don’t have proper footwear (as Aaron discovered twice). I launched first, followed by Chiu and finally Aaron. Patrick showed up in the LZ just in time to call out the wind direction. A quick drive back up, and we were surprised to see the second gate open – this gave Patrick and Aaron and chance to fly again.

Fun stuff!

Nov 22 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.0

Very nice conditions for my newest student Marshall. Accept for a few close calls with the tree magnets, he should be flying solo with just a few more hours of ground school.

PS> I set a new record at BM tonight: the first ever flight around the trees heading north then south (on the U-Turn 007). Tried a few heli landings but it was a little too wild and had to abort at the last second - fun stuff.

Nov 18 Elk Mt ++ 1.8

I had one of my favorite flights today. Marshall, Little Dan, Andrei, Aaron, and Patrick were all keen to do some hiking, so I nominated Elk Mt as the site of the day. A quick 1:45 and we were all on top. We were treated to a great winter view with light clouds condensing in front of launch.
The winds were a little too cross (south) for my tandem attempt, so we waited. Aaron was lined up more into the wind so he went first, followed by lots of yahoo’s! Finally a light cycle, and Marshall and I were also playing in the clouds – an amazing sight. Dan launched next followed by Andrei. Unfortunately, Andrei had a small tangle in his trailing edge and had to head straight out to the LZ. Patrick was the student with the most experience, so he went last. I asked Patrick to demonstrate some intermediate maneuvers, but he was not quite up to the task (probably caused from too much partying – the Deimos end of the year party was last night, ending at almost 2am). Too bad the sun sets so early; it would have been great to have a second flight off Bridal.

Nov 4 Woodside cr lt 2.0

Light and cross conditions today. Except for Joe and Ryan: I, Andrei and Chiu all had solid launches. One visiting pilot tried to launch with their brake line knotted, but I was able to stop him just in time (twenty pilots out today and no one else said anything – not good.) Later a girl launched with a cravat and no one stopped her – it took about a minute for her to correct. Do you know the proper steps to fix a cravat after take off? Patrick had to get one last sledder off Woodside, but I had enough. Chiu, Ryan and I headed up Bridal for some compass flying.What a great flight, I threw in a low Death Spiral to cap off the day.

Nov 2 The Chief cr 2.0
Ivan, Marshall, Aaron and myself enjoyed the hike up but only Aaron got to fly down -Perfect wind speed wrong direction (SE). A pretty impressive launch for someone with less than 100 flights - we just need to find a way to get Aaron to relax a bit more on launch (only he was allowed to touch his purple Vitamin! Must be love?)
Oct 27 Bridal lt ?
While Julie and I enjoyed a day without kids (our first in more than five years), Shane and the crew were having their own adventures.
They started out at the Vedder Dykes (moderate East wind) then moved to Bridal. Zenon, Movie Dave (on his trusty Vitamin), Little Dan, Patrick and Andrei all enjoyed the smooth fall air. On their second flights, after trashing Dave’s “truck”, Andrei had some problems with his second baby spiral but a quick hands up solved the problem, however his flight must have been a little too much, cause’ he missed the LZ and land at his favorite golf course.
Oct 26 Burnaby Mt ++ ?
Great student wind at Burnaby Mountain again. Laura, Zenon, Little Dan, Jill all logged a little air time tonight.
Oct 14 Bridal cr 2.2
Great kiting (east wind) conditions at the Vedder dykes, so we played there until the wind died down, then off to Bridal for Graham's and Marshall's first flights. Golfer Joe did his welcome back flight (uneventful) followed by Shane and Andrei. Andrei put on a nice acro show complete with a less than perfect launch, good wing overs, 360's and a front tuck (his first). Visiting pilot Marcus had a couple of nice flights. Aaron and Chiu were last minute no shows.
Oct 13 Sumas cr 2.2
A 50 minute hike and we were at launch. Dan and Andrei barely managed to fly, but before Laura could try, the wind was over the back (until we packed up of course); then Andrei took us to his secret training hill - lots of fun.
Oct 12 Burnaby Mt ++ ?
I set a new record for driving from White Rock to BM - three hours ten minutes - insane! Perfect conditions for my new student Marshall, Laura, Dan and Jill - we just needed to start earlier.
Oct 11 Deifenbaker Pk cr ?
North West wind today, but Laura and Graham did very well - both eager to do this first solo flights this weekend.
Oct 8 Saddle, Tiger Lt ?
The next day offered light conditions at Saddle (where we camped), and an opportunity for Aaron to do his first B-stall. After fixing a flat tire, we decided to go fly Tiger Mt. The $15 a ride and 45 minute wait encouraged us to hike up (50 minutes). Some interesting launches from the locals, and then it was our turn. Nice sled rides to end our great weekend.
Oct 7 Near Saddle St ?
We woke up and it was still flyable, but the wind was gradually building. After we each had a few more flights, it was time to go climbing. Some close calls from me when my foot slipped off its hold, forcing me to hang on with just one hand. Managed three fun climbs: a 10a, 5.8, 10d.
Oct 6 Near Saddle ++ ?
After a long US boarder crossing (at 6am), we were on our way. At about 20 minutes from Saddle Mt, we decided to try a new site, but on the way down I picked the wrong Hwy (I82 instead of I90). I knew we were lost when we saw the welcome to Oregon sign!
Time to do a little shopping at REI then head back North to Mattawa. Some tense moments when Aaron’s low gas LED came on in the middle of nowhere. Finally we arrived at launch – perfect conditions. Chiu managed two flights to earn his Novice rating, and Aaron also had his fill with 2-3 hours of air time
Sept 23 Woodside Bridal ++ 2.2
Strong conditions at Woodside, but no problem for my boys. Chiu and Patrick were quick to get high, followed by Graham and myself on tandem. A few small collapses later and we were at the clouds. After an hour plus, we all landed at Harvest West. At Mt Cheam, Aaron was trying to launch from a new site at 6000’ (way above the clouds). He looked super high when he first launch, my next tandem passengers were a little scared to see someone up so high. Great conditions at Bridal: so Ryan, Andrei also got to fly. Chiu did his first deep spirals: his first exit was way off course, but subsequent spirals were nicely done. Except for the launch potatoes at Woodside, the day was near perfect.
Sept 22 Whidbey ++ 2.0

Great conditions for our intermediate pilots Aaron and Patrick, each scoring up to six flights, while Laura and our newest student Ema spent the day kiting. Some exciting moments when Zenon had a "forced" side hill landing (report to follow?). Just when we were packing up the West wind returned just enough to sqeak off a quick sunset tandem flight with Ema.

Sept 19 Deifenbaker cr 2.0
Probably the worst conditions for practicing that I've ever seen, followed by a huge accident on the freeway adding an extra hour to get home - however Graham and Laura worked hard with what wind they had.
Sept 15 Bridal ++ 2.2
Amazing conditions today (once the fog lifted). First flights were sled rides, but once the sun came out, there was lots of lift. My tandem (Darrin) and I were at the clouds in no time flat, then we enjoyed a huge Titanic maneuver. More Deimosians kept dropping in (Aaron, Matt) and soon we were all in the air, including Andrei, Layne, Zenon and Patrick. Lots of great launches and landings some were a little long and short (business as usual?).
Sept 14 Burnaby Mt cr 2.2
Another fun evening at Burnaby Mt – Jill, Laura, Little Dan and Rushd did great in the strong South conditions.
Sept 11 Woodside, Bridal cr 2.2
Megel, with his rather long and exciting launch, showed Kevin, Stig and I that perhaps Bridal might be a better place to fly. As it turn out it was just slightly better: we each managed another tandem flight, but the East wind prevented any other student flights. Post flight beers tasted fine, but we all got nervous when the police drove by (no problems).
Sept 10 Grouse, Burnaby Mt ** 2.2
I had to meet some one in the city, and hoped to fly Grouse later, but the meeting went overtime so, off to Burnaby Mt instead, to help my new student Patrick #2. South wind at BM so not too productive.
Sept 9 Bridal cr 2.5
Patrick went missing on another XC adventure, this time from Upper launch, while Chiu was the only student to fly from lower launch. Many thanks to my helpers today!
Sept 8 Bridal cr 2.5
More East wind caused us to set a new parawaiting record – 4 hours! The”brave” pilots that launched in cross wind: Matt, Chiu and Patrick got high and stayed high for a few hours, while the us of us (Samuel, Andrei, Ryan, Owen, Layne, Zenon and myself waited). Finally it calmed down enough for every one to fly except Zenon. Andrei, had a close one hitting the rock hard on the left (Another incident/tip report pending?).
Sept 7 Burnaby Mt cr 2.0
A busy night with my girls: Laura and Jill, and my new and old boys: Patrick (#2) , Rick, Andrei and Layne.
Sept 6 Bridal ++ 2.5
Dreamy conditions at Bridal today: Zenon flew for more than an hour climbing to about 1000’ over launch and had a great landing with minimum input from me (mostly because I was landing at the same time); Patrick went XC towards Elk and later hitched a ride back to the LZ; Andrei managed to get into the air, but struggled to hit the LZ (incident/ tip report pending) – a couple of tandem flights for me landing just short of the LZ both times. The highlight of the day was watching Kevin’s full frontal trying to top land in South conditions (at under 100’).
Sept 3 Bridal cr 2.0
I almost didn't fly today, but quite a few Deimosians (Andrei, Tulio, Chiu, and Patrick) and a few tandem passengers dragged me out to the Valley. To my surprise there was a slight West wind allowing everyone to launch easily, accept myself. When it was our turn, the dreaded East wind arrived as forecasted, however three tries later I was air bourne. My passenger said that it was the second best experience of her life: the launch was nice, the flight super smooth, however the landing was a little hard. My passenger kept her legs together, but tripped up trying to run, and twisted her ankle. Patrick and Chiu each did three flights complete with lots of baby acro, including a small spiral from Patrick – fun to watch. Congrats to Patrick: he just finished the Deimos/HPAC Novice rating!
Sept 2 Bridal cr 2.0
More East wind today. It was always a plan of mine to develop and new East launch on Archibald, so today, Andrei, Dave and I hiked up, or tried to hike up, to the site, each taking a different line to determine the best one. The best line, my line, took me through the trees for about 25 minutes then I reach a wall of Devil’s Club (so no choice but to turn around). Later we all agreed that we should first work on the launch at the end of the road – maybe 40 hours work at it can host its first launch. In the end only Dave flew (with his trusty Vitamin – the only Vitamin available today).
Sept 1 Bridal Woodside ++ 2.5
The strong East wind was quickly replaced by light West cycles, six hang gliders and a dozen paragliders. Megel and Erica went first, and slowly sank into the HG LZ. Andrei had another fine launch, followed by myself (tandem), and Patrick and Little Dan (who both hiked up). Dan was getting quite low, but hooked into a thermal and climbed to about 3500’. I joined him with a heavy tandem, but my thermally was a little too fast and my passenger needed to get him back to terra-firma. Unfortunately, Andrei had to wait for me to take him to his car (at Harvest West) and I left my Obsession with him, so he was about an hour late to a special birthday party – sorry!

We headed to Bridal for a change of scenery and to see how Gab’s crew was doing (it was Isabels's first solo flight and Ryan's 25th). Very smooth conditions allowed Jill to take her third tandem flight with me, and Megel and Shane to soar about 500 feet over for more than an hour. Shane was the hero of the day, with a few top landings.

Aug 30 Bridal lt 2.7
Better conditions today for tandems and solo pilots: Chiu, after some warm up inflations, soared in light thermals, while Keo and I followed him. Next Andrei and Tulio flew a few more times, and I managed a couple more tandems (AVA and Frank). We raced up with the slim hope that we could bang off the final tandem with Derek – but it was a little too late.
Aug 29 Woodside Bridal lt 2.5
Baked out conditions today – we drove down from Bridal to try Woodside – a little better, but eventually end back up on Bridal. Patrick and Andrei worked hard on their final Novice maneuvers (asymetricals and wing over, wing over 360) while I struggled to complete the last of my tandems. Hopefully the west wind will return tomorrow.
Aug 26 Whidbey ++ 2.9
Little Dan was ripping it up at Whidbey today, with many interesting landings and take offs. New students Zenon and Graham were kiting jedi’s, and ready to fly, but the solo window for new pilots was only 30 minutes long, and was used up on my customary introductory tandem flights. Another great day at Whidbey – we just need to find a quicker way to cross the boarders without using up our karma points. My new portable DVD player helped a lot to pass the time away!
Aug 25 Grouse Mt ra 2.0
Low clouds and SE wind killed our chances to fly, however it was good to see and hang out with my old friends Trevor and Racer Joe.
Aug 24 Burnaby Mt cr 2.0
Aaron Price was the big winner this year: using his "lucky purple Vitamin", he won both best glide and best kite, collecting a cool $75 cash, U-Turn Team jacket, a bottle of fine wine, a set of crystal glasses, and a skywalk banner..

Other winners include: Gabriel Cote (runner up - best glide) Dan Shook (Runner up - best kite), Karin Sandstrom (best female performance), and Andrei Kravchenko (most effort).

Many thanks to all of the pilots and spectators that supported this event – a special thanks to Gabby (of Westcomb) and the crew of 94.5 the Beat. Sadly only an additional $60 has been applied to the cost of the Bridal Camera. I plan to hold a silent auction for a few donated Westcomb products - coming soon!

Aug 23 Burnaby Mt ++  
Tough conditions for Laura and Graham, but they each managed a few good flights.
Aug 22 Blackie Spit ++  
Perfect conditions fror my new Solo V student Graham and Rushd. Unfortunately Rushd had what seemed like a mild heart attack and stop his training after just two tries.
Aug 21 Woodside and Bridal ++++ 2.5
One of my all time favorite days: my five tandem flights were all amazing: Chantal went first (quite a big deal for her since this was the wildest thing see ever tried; followed by Karli, and amazing high flight and huge “lets do it” Titanic maneuver starting at 3000’, then as promised Tania and I got to touch a cloud. The last Woodside flight with Jarome, was planned to land at Harrison, but we launched about 30 minutes before the sun broke through the clouds, so we ended up at Harvest West, but not before a low spiral dive. Time for ice cream and good bye hugs. Next Andrei and I headed to Bridal for another acro tandem – Ihor was kind enough to drive us up. A slightly awkward launch and we were quickly up at base (about 3500’), then some more “do I really have to do this” Titanic maneuvers for Andrei. We finished the night with Andrei soaring for another half hour and nice spot landing.
Aug 17 Bridal ++ 2.5
Dreamy conditions today. Andrei had a couple of flights, one was his highest to date (about 1500' over launch). Rushd, Laura and I enjoyed some great tandems; Laura and I climbed almost to upper launch (but she was wearing shorts, so too cold to stay there). Fun stuff!
Aug 15 Woodside cr 2.0
Light conditions at Woodside, slight lee – after a few flights we headed over to Bridal Falls; but Bridal was too light to attempt a flight. A flat tire on my rental truck slowed us down even more. Back to Woodside. Eventually, Andrei, Patrick, Tim, Sara and lastly Charissa all got to fly once. Instead of forcing one more tandem for Keo, I decided to call it a day and head back to my daughter’s birthday party (Cabrinha is now 3 years old).
Aug 11 Woodside , Bridal ++ 2.5
Some great launches today, from all of the Deimosians - perfect conditions. Andrei had his finest forward launch to date (at Bridal) but missed the LZ target by so much that he only needed a 9 iron to finish the hole; Chiu had is best solo flight - flying to upper launch (by himself) while the rest of rest struggled below. Eventually I joined him (Chiu) and then guided him on a little XC trip to below Cheam and back - in the mean time Owen and Samuel hung out at lower launch or LZ and waited for us to finally land. More flying stories and food, and a surprise birthday cake at the Wild Cat . Fun, Fun, Fun! Layne still a no show – too much alcohol on Friday is bad, bad, bad.
Aug 10 Woodside, Burnaby Mt st 2.5

Chiu had a nice solo flight followed by a tandem "birthday" flight - we managed to reach cloud base but a little too mixed up to hang out or go XC. Glide Ride Joe was out of commission, so TJM gets the driver of the day award - thanks again Tom.

A great night at Burnaby Mt for our new girls: Laura had a few attempts from the top, while Jill arrived a little too late for any long flights.

Patrick was polishing his technique for the upcoming BMBGC (Aug 24), with many top to bottom flights, while Layne was a no show.

Aug 6 Makenzie, Meagar lt bo 2.3
Only Aaron, Nells, Conny “aka Tonney” and I were ready a willing to fly today. A great flight for Nells, this time landing in the center of the LZ followed by Conney. But on return for more, the Whistler and East wind arrived. We decided to go check out the Meager Creek launch (my last visit there was ten years ago). Unfortunately the conditions were too strong to fly.
Aug 5 Birkenhead, Makenzie ++ 2.2
The day started a little slow but finished with lots of stories. Little Dan managed his first high flight with XC off Birkenhead, however he picked a difficult field to exit from – resulting in going waist deep in swamp water and us spending more than two hours searching for him. The other students were practicing during this time and were more than ready to fly. After I launch the boys and finished a tandem with Stephen, Zenon finally returned from his SAR mission. Back up on Makenzie, more student flights and finally a tandem with Zenon – too strong for Nells so we left him on launch.
Last flights of the day. Aaron showed us his fastest vitamin launch ever, while we waited for the sun to return. Like magic the sun came back and ten minutes later more straight in cycles. Zenon did his first solo flight of the weekend, followed by Andre and Nells. While most pilots were hitting the LZ, Nells had hooked into some magic lift, and was slowly climbing. Flying down wind with big ears was enough to bring him back to terra firma with a big smile. Aaron tried to jump a ditch to help Nells roll up but ended up waist deep in swamp water.
Aug 4 Makenzie, Birkenhead ++ cr 2.2
While we waited for a few more students to arrive, Nells, Zenon, Matt, Little Dan, Aaron did some practice take offs. Finally Chiu, Movie Dave and others arrived. Conditions were a little too strong for everyone to fly, so only Movie Dave, Andre, Dan, Aaron and myself (with Nells) flew. We scratched as low as possible and finally landed at the sand spit, just in time actually. A huge T-storm arrived minutes later, forcing us in doors – a good time to do some written tests. After a long dinner, we headed over to Birkenhead. To our surprise there were at about 20 people camping there (including J.M. and Martin).
Aug 3 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.4
Great conditions at BM. Some old friends showed up to say hi and see if they still could fly, near the end of the night they could but not before a few tree clippings.
Aug 2 Eagle Bluff ++ 2.1
A quick hike to the launch (1:20), but the wind was a bit light and mostly cross. Maybe this site was intermediate a few years ago, but now there are a few 12’ trees blocking the launch – I therefore needed to inflate the wing and kite it 35’ right , threw a number of large boulders and finally off a 30’ cliff. On one attempt (number 13 or more I think) the wing decided to unload at the last metre! The wing went off the edge, and tried to pull me off with it (my boots barely saved me). Once in the air, I could not find much lift and had a strong urge to get something to drink – so I landed on the beach. A couple of rides later and I was back at the parking lot (thanks to a cardboard sign).
July 31 Sumas, Bridal ++ 2.5
Ivan and I spent the day together: servicing the Sumas weather station (some tower climbing involved), configurating the Bridal Web cam (now on line), then a two hour flight at Bridal.
July 30 White Rock ++ 2.0
Private lessons for new Solo V student Rushd - he did great but we ran out of light.
July 29 Bridal and Woodside st 2.5
While we waited for the clouds to clear, Ciff, Brenda and I worked on repairing the Bridal steps. Collene reported that Jim R. was in the air at Woodside, so enough gardening and off we went. Nice tandem flights for everyone. Rick had his longest and best performance, as pilot in command, but rough conditions above the Tandem LZ was a little too much for his stomach.
July 28 Woodside and Bridal bo lt 2.0
First flights off Woodside were nice, but within 15 minutes it became advance, and once in the air quite bumpy. After lunch, Bridal was our site of the day: with Andree adding three flights to is log book, and Owen, Layne, Nells, Movie Dave, and Samuel loging in a few more each. Super fun tandem flights in light conditions - including some interesting landing for all of us!
July 27 Bridal, Burnaby Mt ++ 2.5
A great first flight for new student Doug (1000' feet over), unfortunately his truck had some problems, and the second tandem flight (with Rushd) flight was cancelled. South wind at BM keep my students challenged all night long.
July 14 Bridal, Woodside ++ 2.2
Lot's of tandem and solo flights.
July 13 Bridal ++ 2.0
Lot's of flights, and one solo incident (no damage to pilot or wing) - full report on the forum(s).
July 11 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.9
Perfect conditions for Andrei, Tulio and Patrick. Patrick showed us how to clip a tree, in just the right way, to avoid at trip to the hospital or wing doctor.
July 8 Woodside, Bridal ++ 2.5
A slow start to a sleepy sunny morning. First flights were at Woodside, landing at Harvest West, and then lunch at the Koffee Kettle. Time to head to Bridal for Jill’s tandem flight and more BFAR tandems. Rick was there to help drive and watch the action. Aaron, Patrick, Little Dan, Matt all had a few flights with lots of acro shows. Little Dan did his first baby spiral and titanic – so just a couple more flights for his Novice rating.
July 7 Bridal ++ 2.5
Jonathon was the big winner today: winning the top BFAR draw (a Westcomb jacket), winning the Deimos spot landing comp, and the closest to one hour flight (just seconds off the mark – winning an Aeros stuff bag). Chiu had personal longest flight (2+ hours) and did amazingly well on his first out and return cross country to Cheam – not bad for 15 flights! Tulio and I had a couple of great little tandem XC flight (landing at the Bridal East off ramp).
July 6 Burnaby Mt cr ?
Private lessons for Andrei in great conditions. Rick showed up a little later for some exciting top to bottom flights.
July 4 Bridal ++ 2.4
I had a couple of great tandem flights with new students Andrei and Tulio (landing at the Bridal East off ramp).
July 2 Vernon, lake Side cr ?
Attempts to find Coopers launch (in the dark) failed – even with Owen’s GPS maps. Both trucks were complaining of low fuel, and so was my stomach, so we went back to town to regroup.
Later we tried Mt Vernon. Aaron went first and top landed (somewhere below), and then he launched again when conditions were a little stronger. Layne and Chiu joined Aaron for a nice extended sled rides to our approved LZ directly below launch. Strong cross conditions now, so Owen and I drove down. Back to King Eddie for some parawaiting then started home. In Vernon I discovered a new hill perfect for a smooth lake side flight. A great way to end our trip.
July 1 Savona, King Eddie ++ ?
We camped at Savona (dumps) and later flew and kited for many exciting hours. Aaron was like a kid in a candy store where everything is free. A little too hot for Layne however. Next stop was King Eddie. Everyone had a few flights in light conditions.
June 30 Makenzie bo 2.5
I had a hard time sleeping (too excited about the flying to come I guess). All pilots were more or less on time at McDonald’s, so we headed up to take off. Slight East wing and light cycles present. Corrine went first, followed by Movie Dave – no problems.
Conditions were changing and I warned Karin that she should be ready for a collapse near take off (which turned out to be an understatement). A half hour since the last launch now and strong East wing present. Karin, brought her wing up, corrected the yaw, and was now airborne. Thirty seconds later, a huge down draft frontaled her wing, followed by a quick opening of her reserve (recently packed at the WCSC reserve clinic). After we had collect Karin, we took an Adventure ride up to Miller Creek. However, due to a large wash out, we decided to turn around about a one kilometer short of take off.
June 27 Bridal lt 2.5
A busy day at the office: custom clearing an Aeros order of zip harnesses and hang gliding parts, then the usual renovation project (95% done), and the off to Bridal. Aaron was trying to join us, but his Exploder died (again). After a little site maintenance (watering the grass and repairing and cleaning the out house), Pete and I had a great tandem flight finishing with some baby acro (Big Bob and friend offered to drive – many thanks). Alex and I traded wings (Sigma6 for Obsession). I checked the spec’s both wings have about the same aspect ratio.
June 23 Woodside lt 2.4
We had the whole launch to our selves with perfect student conditions all day – sadly only Stig could stay long enough for one flight. Later it pick up just strong enough for a bunch of us to soar for an hour or so.
June 22 Woodside ra bo 2.5
We were determined to fly even though the sky was quite unsettled.
About a dozen pilots on take off, waiting for the west wind and dreamy soaring conditions – but it never happened. Matt went first and spooked us when he got a 40% asymmetrical (near the hill on the left). I thought that it was best that I test the air solo (for Zenon to fly solo later) and found it to be perfectly smooth all the way to Harvest West LZ. But by the time we got back to take off, everyone had cleared out, leaving only strong NW wind (22 mph) and some light rain. Time to head home too.
June 20 Bridal ++ 2.7

A fun day in Hollywood today. First I got to sit in a real Viper from Battlestar Galactica, then fly with the famous Amy Beeman from 94.5FM.

Aaron, Dan, Jonathon, Matt, Karin and quite a few other Deimosians were out today. TJ reported strong conditions (but I think he was flying a little too heavy handed). Aaron, self-elected wind dummy, showed us that conditions were fine. Soon we were all in the air, but the upper winds kept us just below Archibald. A little Titanic action for Amy and I, and then back up with Jonathon’s friend Mark. While waiting for the pilots to launch, I had the great pleasure of watering the grass (for the first time ever) using the Deimos water collection system – I just need another 75’ of hose and I can water the lower launch next time. We were hoping for one last flight, but heard that Karin had spun her Nova Carbon into the trees. No problems to pilot or wing. As the crew headed to the Wild Cat, I chassed down and picked up a missing Vitamin 25 (stolen about two years ago).

June 15 Woodside lt 2.2
Dustin and I just launched (tandem), when Dan and Aaron arrived on take off. While Aaron elected to kite his wing, Dan raced down to pick us up at Harvest West. Back on launch: perfect launch conditions, but not enough to soar – so Aaron launched, followed by Dan. This time Dustin and I drove down the trucks.
A few more flights from everyone and off to the Wild Cat for food and drinks. On a sad note Aaron’s Explorer 95 suffered a serious problem (differential failure?) and may need to be put down.
June 12 Burnaby Mt sy 2.5
We had a great time teaching a dozen new students today (all Grade 10). Everyone got a little air time, but only Sean Toohey (later, on his “Attack wing”) was able to fly high – Sean complained that his Obsession would not stop flying and had to land near the road!

Many thanks to Owen and Jonathon for take time to help me and give some exciting moments to these great kids.

June 10 Whidbey ra 2.0
Conditions were a little too strong for Dan and our latest Solo V student to fly, so I took a couple of solo flights –one landing on the beach.
While hiking up, I noticed a couple of large land slides (left of launch) –our take off is getting a little smaller.
After the rain and wind stop, we had a lot of fun kiting, and quick sub, and an extra long discussion with Canada Customs (due to some car shuffling).
June 3 Bridal sy 2.6

I recruited Rick, Matt and Dustin for some launch work (we prepared the ground, then added grass and hydro seed to the layout area, then started hauling rocks to the water system). I can’t understand why the WCSC members have not helped to improve this site – very frustrating. We still need lots of rocks for the watering system wall (and 150' + long hose).

With a high lapse rate, and risk of an afternoon thunderstorm, I thought that the conditions were going to overdevelop, but instead they remained fine (with some weird areas). Dustin did his first flight with me, while Patrick and Samuel’s family waited down below. I had the pleasure of flying with Crystal then Rick. Patrick managed the longest flight (between two and three hours).

June 2 Bridal sy 2.5
Our day started at Valley Helicopters, with a return visit from my friends at Battlestar Galactic. A smooth flight up in light conditions, however the north-east wind was too much to land in (full power alarms were going off at 20’). After many attempts, our pilot suggested that we return to base. Instead, I requested that we check out Upper Bridal. No problem landing there. Later, Movie Dave went first (solid launch), followed by a not-so-solid launch from the WCSC Rookie of the year (Matt). Karin offered to go last which made my launch with Hollywood Dave very enjoyable and stress free. In the LZ, the rest of the Deimosians were arriving. Except for Ryan, Zenon and Layne, everyone else were intermediate pilots – today should be an easy one. On take off, our intermediate pilots (Patrick, Owen, Samuel were enjoying the bubbly air), while Bradley and I set up for a tandem. With more than 15 pilots soaring at lower Bridal, there were a few close calls from a few pilots that were unfamiliar with our ridge rules (pilots with the ridge on their right – have the right of way, others MUST give away). Bradley and I had a great flight, hanging out at the ridge to the east, then returning to launch. After a few hours, the launch area, and flying conditions, started to mellow out: so Ryan and Layne were able to safely fly. We escorted Ryan for about 15 minutes (tail gated is probably a better word), and then spiraled down to help guide him, and later, Layne into the LZ. Ryan’s set up was a little high, so he discovered the thistles just off the mowed area. Layne had his softest landing to date on his new Vitamin38, landing a little short. The heat must have been a little too much: many pilots forgetting essential equipment (helmets, radios…). Zenon arrived, just in time to catch the last flight of the day. I missed his landing and happy dance (since it was his first flight). My family arrived just in time for another great Wild Cat dinner and later camping and a special showing of the Never Ending Thermal movie on the Deimos table (how appropriate).
June 1 Burnaby Mt sy 22
The ice cube sliding team were training hard today – which gave us a few challenges, but overall a fun night on my favorite training hill.
May 26 Deifenbaker park sy 2.2
Great conditions for all old and new students - Lot’s of exciting flights including one reserve deployment! Zenon plans to submit his report on the Deimos forum.
May 25 Bridal sy 2.5
Lot’s of great flights and launches (from Little Dan, Aaron, Sam, Zenon, and Rick). At the end of the day, I threw in a little acro show for the boys, while Dan had a front row seat. A fun and exciting day for all!
May 23 Deifenbaker park sy 2.9
A great start for my new students Tyler and Dustin. “Old” student Rick was banging off launches on the south facing hill – including a few reverse launches.
May 21 Woodside and Bridal ps 2.5
After fixing a flat on the truck, we met Little Dan at Bridal and headed for Woodside and overcast light conditions. Launch was pretty quiet. Sam headed for Harvest market, not finding much lift at launch. Owen had a sketchy launch after a bit of launch kiting practice, and headed around the corner to find Sam still scratching back and forth at about 900ft over Harvest in slightly lifty conditions. Dan finally appeared over the ridge after a perfect launch and proceeded to land a ways downrange after putting landing coach Sam’s (thin) instructions to the test. Then it was back to Bridal for another sled ride, in between rain showers, meetings with the Minster of Environment and wife who gave the picnic table and water system a cursory inspection, and Tom reinstalling the windsock. Sam and Owen had another shot at practicing the art of giving landing guidance to Dan, who just missed the circle. Then it was up for one last sled for Owen and Dan as we tested Sam’s skills at launching us, before deciding to call it a day due to the increasingly cross conditions and a desire to get home at a reasonable hour. All in all, a most enjoyable weekend! Thanks to Art & family for hosting us and to all those involved
May 20 Kobau st 3.0
In Keremeos it was quite windy by 9am, but the sun was shining. So we enjoyed breakfast graciously prepared by Art’s mom and did a quick bit of work on the Deimos truck before sending Spokesman Art to speak with a number of the locals to arrange landing rights. At the Cawston launch above Keremeos, Sam and Art squeaked off in the windy, slightly cross conditions. After watching them failing to find lift in the warm sun but windy conditions and Sam experience a bit of venturi in the adjacent valley, Tom and Owen elected to take the scenic route down. Next it was off to the highest launch in the area – Kobau Mountain overlooking Oliver and Osoyoos at a hair over 6000’ ASL. Well above the snow line, we hiked the last 3.5km to launch. The view was spectacular, giving us something to look at while waiting for winds to drop a bit. Tom volunteered to be wind dummy, heading out into the up-and-down windy air. From launch it looked like he spent most of the time either parked or going straight up or down – not much normal flying to be had during that flight. Landing was also a bit tricky as most of the open space within glide range was covered with vines, fruit trees, or unpleasant sagebrush. Seeing how Tom made out, the rest of us elected to hike out, picking up Tom on the side of the road in Oliver after a very long recovery drive. We dropped Art off and headed back to Hope for the night after deciding that Pemberton wasn’t a good Monday choice.
May 19 Hedley st 2.6
Saturday morning, rain greeted Tom, Sam, and Owen, who were happy to be heading out of town. 10am saw us on time, to the minute, for our arrival at Hedley to meet Art and spectators Karyn, Ann, and Mike. We immediately headed up to the launch above the Hedley church where winds were a bit cross and already quite healthy. Tom went first from the upper launch but the rest of us preferred the lower, more west launch. Sam was followed by Art (who revisited his “longest launch” kiting down the hill and out) and lastly Owen. We tried to catch Tom who sneaked around the next upwind ridge and found some lift climbing above launch. But while there were bits of lift here and there, it was still relatively cool in the valley. Before long we were all in the LZ after pleasant sled rides, the change of scenery making up for the short duration; Tom joining us as the wind picked up.

After lunch at Art’s parent’s place we grabbed Art’s dad as designated driver and headed into the hills above Keremeos, arriving at Ripley launch above Ripley Lake. The road being blocked by hoards of campers, we took a 10 minute hike to size up the launch. Conditions looked feasible so we sent the vehicle down and walked back to launch. The launch is about 1500ft above the valley floor, looking toward Oliver, and is approximately the same size as a postage stamp. Think enough room to spread out a wing with the lines ending about 6 steps from the cliff edge. It was covered with flowers, a small shrub growing near dead center, and a hangglider ramp running down the hill across the optimal launch path. To top it off, the winds were now quite cross, due to redirection by the many small valleys in the area. We waited around for a while then used wings to cover the undergrowth to launch first Art then Sam during the lulls. Owen followed, flying down directly into a rainbow forming over the LZ – sadly no pot of gold or leprechauns - probably just as well. Tom joined us shortly after in the stump filled LZ. Then it was back to Art’s for dinner and a failed attempt to trounce Art at Risk.

May 12 Woodside and Bridal st sy 2.8
Lots of delays (again or should I say as usual) caused our huge group to arrive at Woodside with slightly difficult launch conditions. Gabster must of did a good job on take off, because everyone got off without too much trouble. Mark, aka “pool boy”, was first to land at Harvest (roadside) and complained about collapses and strong head winds, so I took his advice and move the LZ further south (now called the “Harness Dykes”). Patrick aced his landing, but new Solo V student, Byron, turned a little too slow on final and just barely cleared the swamp (my wing was not so lucky). Layne, I heard, got an elevator up just in front of the ramp, then headed over the back and arrived with tonnes of height. New Novice student Ryan had a great landing, despite one aborted take off.
Now it was about 1:30 and time to head over to Bridal – we could already see lots of pilots above launch. Once on take off we could see that conditions were too strong for the new pilots, so I took both Byron then Ryan on a exciting tandem XC flight (about an hour long each). Layne was queued for a tandem flight, but conditions were now too cross to attempt a launch – even a solo launch (for myself) did not look worthwhile or safe. Feeling quite tired, I elected to head home and passed up the usual Wild Cat meal and stories.
May 9 Bridal ++ 2.8

Lift was everywhere today – time to give our advance students (Owen, Aaron, Matt and Samuel) a taste of cross-country flying. Most of the pilots made it to Butterfly, with some minor damage control for Samuel and Owen. After we all made it back to Bridal LZ, it was time for some baby acro moves for Owen and Aaron. With the light fading and tummies rumbling, both Aaron and Owen did their 30th flight and got their Novice rating, followed by a great meal at the Wild Cat.

Using their “flexible” work ethic to support their flying habits, Matt, Aaron, Sam, and Owen elected to seize the afternoon and head to the valley with Tom and driver Ryan. Launching in quick succession, we climbed above Bridal launch. West conditions were “healthy” due to the remnants of the previous night’s windstorm. This made tracking thermals sometimes tricky and for some chunky air. A couple of other pilots were heading east along the ridge instead. After seeing them start to climb, Tom elected to take his flock on an impromptu XC flight. The going was good, with some bumps in the valleys along the ridge and easy ridge lift at locations along the way. Sam had an eye-opening experience with his Obsession, choosing to head back halfway to Butterfly. The remainder forged ahead on a very scenic trip. Owen had a few stressful moments at the foot of Butterfly due to improper thermal technique, but made it home safe after being coached back in to ridge lift and getting some height. Eventually we returned to Bridal and landed with Aaron completing his first spiral. All in all, it was a spectacular 21km OR flight and quite an educational experience for all in terms of efficient use of available life, dealing with being out of LZ glide range, and flying in somewhat rough conditions.

Buoyed by our adventure we headed up for a second flight, with Tom demonstrating how to get down PDQ with B-line stalls, spirals, etc, then guiding Owen through some manoeuvres and Aaron’s big ears approach. Meanwhile Matt worked the hill, managing to stay up in the light conditions almost until we returned to launch.

Aaron and Owen made the last flights of the day, conditions being too shutdown for Tom to tandem with Ryan. These last flights of the day were also Aaron’s and Owen’s Novice graduation flights! Owen completed his spiral, which sowed the seeds of wanting more. Then it was off to the Wildcat for the usual excellent food and revelling in our adventurous afternoon.

May 6 Bridal ra ps 2.2
Hooked up with Andre (a visiting pilot) and (Little) Dan at the Bridal LZ. Even though there was some light rain we headed up for a flight. Perfect West wind kept both pilots above take off for about half an hour, but when the rain stop so did the wind. Before their second flights, I recruited the boys for an impromptu work party – time to fix up the water collection system.
Both pilots had great second flights and wanted a little more. Almost sunny now and a little South wind present. I felt the “rotor” air in my ears and warned the boys to check their gliders carefully. Advance pilot Andre had some difficulty keep the wing straight but corrected his heading expertly. Dan, however, let the wing over shoot and got a 50% collapse. He held his course and the Vitamin corrected the deflation perfectly. After our good byes I headed over to my friend's house to work on the Bridal Camera (now on-line).
May 5 Woodside sy 2.2
It looked windy from a distance, so I suggested that (Little) Dan and Chiu practice for a while, while I took my very enthusiastic tandems for a ride. My passenger, Carl, after just a few seconds in the air said he could not breathe. I asked Carl if he was having a heart attack and he said no, it was the wind taking his breathe away. Time to land. Back on launch it was still windy, too much for Kris, Dan and Chiu. So after my second tandem, we went to Bill Best field to kite. Great progress from all students. Saidly our lunch at the Sasquatch was not so great, but at least the “myth” was broken - Deimosian never eat at the Sasquatch. Finally, the wind calm down and my self, Dan and Chiu had a dreamy, one hour glass off flight landing at Harvest West -Kris forgot about the 8 hour no beers rule and had to watch.
May 4 Bridal sy bo 2.9
New rule – no more US residents allowed in the Deimos truck. We were instantly pulled over for questioning, which did not help our ETA (Aaron already added ½ hour when he had to go back for his ID.). When we finally arrive, there were a couple of pilots already in the air, but since they were parked I decided to wait a little longer to see if it would get any windier. Once the wind was over 25 mph, everyone was parawaiting. I suggested that we head to Coupville to do some high wind kiting. After an hour or so, when made one last stop at the Fort (now 30+ mph) then headed back.
Apr 30 Bridal ps 2.8
Like I’ve done many times in the past, I always like to give each student an epic tandem flight. Today was Byron’s day. We launch (around 3:30) and quickly climbed upward, but struggled to get to Archibald, so instead of boating around take off for two hours, we both agreed it would be best if we went on a XC flight. After about an hour we landed near the highway and hiked back to the Bridal road (to get my truck). While hiking, two undercover cops stop us and asked “what’s in the bags – drugs!”. In a way they were more right than wrong. We got about ¾ of the way up, when Nichol offered to drive my truck down (thanks Nichol).

After dinner, I went to configure the Bridal web cam. Some success: the LAN connection to the camera is working, but I need a second visit to complete the ISP stuff.

Apr 29 Deimos HQ ++ ?
Myself, Ian, Rob, Fedja and Ryan attended the first “Deimos First Aid course” (presented by one of our newest students - Brent). In my opinion, it was incredibly useful and well presented (the best that I’ve ever attended). There were even parting gifts for all!
Apr 28 Bridal ++ 2.6

Our day started at Burnaby Mt., with a test flight on my new Aeros Fuego. To my surprise, my newest student Byron, was 45 minutes early and ready to start training. Some interesting launches at times, but by 11:30 we were all eager to start heading out to the Valley for some thermic flights.

Some minor problems with Movies Dave’s car slowed us down, but it did not really matter, conditions were perfect at launch. I went first, followed by Owen, Patrick, Dave and Shane. Shane noticed a broken D line, and decided to land. Back on take off, this time with my first tandem passenger (Chris), we launched and quickly joined the other Deimosians (still stuck up in the air). Chris and I had lots of extra height to do a nice spiral and text book landing. Tina was my next passenger with Byron patently training in the LZ. Another text book landing and it was time to fly Byron on tandem and hopefully, later, his first solo flight. Conditions were still on. Shane (with patched wing) launched and quickly climbed up 1000’, followed by Byron and myself. Byron seemed very comfortable in the light West wing, so I forced a top “landing” and rushed to set up his Vitamin for his first flight. Shane dropped down to be his personal wing-man, and watch Byron’s first launch. Byron’s wing came up nice but he was too light on the brakes (even with me yelling brakes), and just before the frontal I yelled stop which Byron reacted with full brakes canceling the frontal and instead launching him.
After a few more words of guidance, I handed him off to Shane, while I rushed to get into the air and down to the LZ. Shane was trying his best to keep Byron in the light ridge lift but eventually (20+ minutes later) he landed softly in the first third of the LZ. Owen closed the hill down with a quick launch followed by some baby SiV maneuvers.

Apr 22 Bridal Woodside ps lt 2.6
Most everyone was late today – I guess yesterday’s flying was too exciting!
Woodside looked very nice in the sun, and one pilot was already above launch, so it was an easy sell to convince all to head over there. Samuel, Aaron, Matt and Owen all managed to get into the air, leaving Brent and I to fly tandem. A fast launch and a trip over to Harvest West LZ. Our second flights were quite nice, again, with Samuel and Aaron getting slightly above launch. My second flight, with new student Trevor was a little shorter but a lot of fun, especially when Trevor was in command and doing some wing overs. Melba (my booked third passenger) had to head back to Vancouver early, so this left an opening for Aaron and I to do a fun little tandem flight. Back at Bridal: conditions were very light. Both Matt and Owen sunk out quite quickly, but by the time Aaron and I were airborne there was plenty of West wind to carry us well above launch – and time for my customary Titanic maneuver followed by one of my favorite spot landings. A great way to end the weekend!
Apr 21 Bridal ps ++ 2.5
Another great day at Bridal! With the help of Movie Dave, Matt N., and Samuel, we were able to connect the water collection system to the main container – it still needs more work but the system is now working! While we were working on the water works project, Aaron was working on replacing the windsox. The whole time we were working it was blowing hard from the East, but just as the main work was done, the West wind arrived.
Time to fly! Samuel went first, got high, followed by the rest. I managed a mini XC towards Cheam Pk and back for a fast top landing while the others played below launch. Aaron closed the day with a fast forward and an exciting acro flight!
Apr 19 Bridal ps st ++ 2.5
Amazing conditions at Bridal today: my two tandems made last minute plans to stay in the city, which meant that Shane and I were free to go XC! The plan was to fly to Woodside, but we ended up flying to Ludwig and back (I did not want to hike back from Woodside, so we turned around). After Shane’s “top landing”, he generously allowed me to test fly the Obsession (translated means time for an acro show)!
Apr 15 Burnaby Mt ps 2.6
Patrick and Aaron arrived about an hour too late and missed the “secret” BM work party – we removed most of the dangerous branches that present a problem while on our high flights. The students that were more or less on time: Stig, Rick, Matt, Zenon and Mark did a great job sawing and moving the branches. I was surprised to see Layne (since he was working until 7am), but he only had enough energy for three flights. I guess we earned some charma points, because soon after we finished the work party, a light SW wind arrived and allowed many exciting high flights – Stig’s was the best when he fixated on a camera team and almost flew straight into the trees! Maybe he was thinking about what name to give is new baby (due any hour now)!
Apr 14 Bridal ps rain 2.8
While Brain and I designed the new PTZ camera mount, Dave called and said he was free to fly. Even though conditions looked a little too rainy we decided, last minute, to try. Our design required a few last minute changes, which meant I was a little late – no problem ‘cause it was Dave’s first day flying this year and he wanted to practice his launch some more; and Patrick was one hour late because his was “looking at birds”?
Up on launch, Dave went first and in just a few minutes he was half way to upper; while I was checking Patrick’s set up, the conditions quickly started to degrade and Dave was back at launch height. Patrick wisely cancelled his launch sequence – which allowed me a quick sled ride. A little too windy to wind it up, but a fun little flight for Dave and I. Maybe one day we’ll get to do a little XC together, but not today.
Apr 11 Burnaby Mt ps 2.8
Good conditions at BM today, gave my new Solo V student Rick, a quick start towards his novice license. The fallen tree is a problem still. Hopefully BM parks people will remove it soon.
Apr 5 Sumas Bridal ps 2.8
Someone said that the lower gate was open, meaning only an hour hike to launch, but sadly it was locked up tight – and Sean did not want to ram the gate open with his Range Rover! Nice winds at the Dykes gave us some time to remember how to kite our old and new wings. Eventually we sacrificed Shane and Sean to the "Impatient Gods", and then we headed over to Bridal Falls to meet up with my tandem passengers Gerardo and Carmen. The light smooth air at Bridal allowed for many flights. Diane did her final maneuvers, impressing all of us, for her Deimos Novice rating. Many thanks to Art, Karin, Jon and others that help get my tandem flights off the hill quick and safe.
Apr 1 Whidbey ps 2.5

We had an awesome day at Whidbey, an amazing day; everyone was flying, multiple times, except for our new student Xenon - he just started our solo course (so only a tandem flight for him). Conditions were South West, then dead, then rain, then West, then too strong, then dead, then North West then dead then perfect then too strong. Crazy stuff!
Shane looked like a toddler in a candy shop for the first time: with his new Obsession in hand I had to tell him three times to fly! His argument was that there were pilots in his way (all two of them). Soon his was the top wing as it should be.

I did my first tandem flight on the South side with Chiu – I told Chiu this just before we took off (too late for him to try unclip and run away). I made sure everyone had a tandem flight or two, before they flew solo. Little Dan, had a great launch but was a little low at first (on the Vitamin30) but once he got to the West face he had no problem staying up. After about twenty minutes the wind started to increase so it was time to land. First Dan then Chiu. Once Dan was on the ground, it was time to get Chiu down. Chiu’s home made helmet kit crapped out on him, only allowing ten percent of my messages to get received – I’m still not sure if it was the radio or a little brain freeze. Next time it’s two radios for Chiu!

BTW - no trip to OZ (I was inspired by Jim's Woodside hoax).

Mar 31 Woodside Bridal ps 2.4
Today was a classic day of hurry up and wait. Movie Dave was quite late meeting up at Exit95, getting a speeding ticket probably did not help.
Low clouds everywhere gave Stig and Dave a chance to practice their launches (mostly forward), while we waited for news of pilots in the air. After an hour of kiting, we headed to Woodside. Strong conditions (gusts to 22mph) meant advance pilots only. I got to check out my “new” Sigma4, while Karin and Samuel and the rest chased me towards Bridal falls.
Alan reported light conditions, but when we arrived it was mostly strong SW. A dozen pilots decided to wait, including the GST “aka the Gabster Smoking Team”. This gave us time to work on the stairs and clean up the garbage in the parking area. Lots of “bad” launches from various advance pilots keep us watching the conditions. Finally it improved for everyone to fly except Stig. We capped the day with dinner at the Wild Cat.
Mar 30 Bridal Woodside ps 2.2
It took a little longer than Xenon estimated, but he finally got through US customs just as I was leaving for Exit95. Weather girl Karin had confirm mixed conditions (but no rain or high wind) so we raced out to meet Melba and Brent. Bridal was selected as the site to drive up and count the trash left everywhere. I can’t believe the level of disrespect some people have for this beautiful site: someone left a pick up amount of trash near the lower Bridal take off, some tire burning, toilet paper everywhere. Very Sad.
Woodside was selected as the next site to visit. Jim and one other pilot were parked, over launch when we arrived. Perfect tandem conditions allowed for all three flights in just a few short hours: Melba had the longest flight (45 mins), Brent had the best launch and best wing overs, and Xenon had the best XC flight. Thanks Karin for leaving early!
Mar 25 Diefenbaker ps ?
Went to Diefenbaker park to double check my new Sigma4 lines – the South launch was working but lots of water to still deal with at the LZ. If you have good boots, then no problem training here.
Mar 18 Whidbey Island ps 2.0

Perfect training winds and no rain at Whidbey today for our new and old students. While Melba, Brent and Owen were playing with their wings, Samuel had the pleasure of finally getting a chance to open his new Obsession. Near the end of the day I managed a mini flight on Owen’s Vitamin 32, but conditions were just a little too light for any other flights. Whidbey was extra pretty today with the fog a cloud formations!

Maybe some one can post some pictures on the Deimos Forum?

Mar 4 Elk ++ 2.2
Although the weather in the city was mediocre, the weather at Elk was “perfect”. When we arrived at the parking lot, four pilots were enjoying some of the “best soaring condition ever” according to David later. When we all top out, two plus hours later, the soaring winds were gone, but conditions were perfect for either forward or reverse launches. Mark went first, followed by Sean, Patrick and myself. I flew over the trail to tell Movie Dave to hurry up. While we waited for Dave (he started two hours later) to launch, we did a mini reserve repack clinic. Dave’s first two launch attempts were aborted due to the deep snow. We were just started to plan our “hike up to save Dave adventure” when he was airborne. Yahoo! Dinner at Earls rounded off the day. A great way to start our 2007 flying season!
Mar 3 Deimos HQ ra ?
On Saturday, new intermediate student Patrick, pilot of the year Karin, new Deimos instructor Clay, “flat tire” Jonny, Owen and Samuel (no AKA’s) all attended our 2007 HAGAR study session. First we watch the raw footage of my recent trip to Aeros, then footage from the Burgenzercup (Germany) and Mike Kung’s new kiting DVD, then each student had a chance to present their appointed HAGAR topic, followed by some chart reading, Pizza and X-Alps video.
Feb 22 Deimos HQ sy 2.2
The plan was to head down to Blanchard (USA), but the strong local winds and everyones plans (except that of our new student Patrick) to be back in Canada by 5:30 forced us to practice our forward and reverse launches, in the park near by. Lot's of fun!
Jan 14 Deifenbaker and Bridal Falls ++ 2.0

On Sunday, new Solo V students Brent and Melba, along with Aaron and Chiu shared the toboggan slopes of Diefenbaker Park – with perfect east wind. Then Aaron, Chiu and I raced out to the Bridal for a quick flight. On the road up to launch, at the 2km mark, we were stopped by two trees across the road. After removing them, with great effort, we decided to hike to take off (we were too tired to remove the remaining trees). Aaron had a couple of great aborts while Chiu cleared launch on his first try. After a nice meal at the Wild Cat – we all headed back to my place. Aaron picked up his new Deimos Explorer, while Chiu helped me configure the new Deimos forum and PTZ camera – now on line!

I should be able to mount the Bridal Falls web cam soon.

Jan 13 Mt Harvey ++ 2.0
It was a Demios hiking weekend for Aaron. We started with a full day of hiking up to the Mt Harvey Basin. Although it was possible to fly, we both agreed that it would have been a little too risky, and elected to ski down in dreamy powder.
Jan 6 2007 Blanchard ps 2.0
We got there first – but the locals were quick to get in the air. The first pilots were able to stay above take off for a short while, while later pilots had no problems staying up.
Karin led the Deimosians, followed by Aaron and a nervous Samuel. By the time it was Little Dan’s turn, it was too strong for any more novice pilots. I took to the air, on my old UP Soul , and quickly climbed up, with a couple of small collapses and limited forward speed.
We were all excited about flights, so Dan joined in and told us about some of his exciting left and rights turns (as he drove down)!



" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "