Vancouver Paragliding 2008 Log Book

Abbreviations: nw=no wind / cat=catibatic / sy = sunny / bo = blown out / tt= too thermic / ra= rain / ++ = amazing / uk = unknown/ nl = no lift / lt = light thermals / st =strong thermals / ps = partly sunny cr =cross wind


Date Site Name Weather Lapse Rate
Dec 14 Mt Baker Ski Hill sy st ?
The fair weather pilots once again were fooled by the local FV weather – the “smart ones”, Claudia, Peter, Jeremy W and Patrick were all rewarded with bright sun and very little wind. While P & C were carving turns, Patrick got to try out his new MSR snow shoes; unfortunately Jeremy was forced to suffered with his “old school” shoes. The extra delays eventually cost him and Patrick their flights. Once they had conceded to the wind gods, I thought that I would take the quick way down. It was quite difficult to kite in my snow shoes (in 3 feet of powder) but with a little push I was on my way: no problem to stay up, but I needed a little more clothes if I wanted to fly longer. More action on the way home when a tree fell across the road taking out the hydro lines with a big light show.
Nov 16 Bridal sy 1.0
While the early birds, Ryan, Peter, Claudia and Andrei were doing their thing up Sumas, the rest of us were kiting at the Sumas Dykes in light East wind. It was fun to see the boys and girl land at the Dykes – a first for Deimos. Next, we headed up Bridal for a couple of sled rides, Tanya went first, followed by the rest of us Patrick, Laura, Wil, Nic, Wally and finally Jeremy C and myself on tandem. Patrick and Tanya were testing if their wings were spiral stable – Patricks wing passed but Tanya stop the test before the glider was at full speed – a smart thing to do whenever you don’t feel ready. Congrat’s to Laura for completing her novice rating and Wally on his first solo flight. Our final flights were cut short by darkness, but Tanya got off (just in time?) for the final flight of the day (official sun set at 4:30).
Nov 14 Office dark  
A super fun night of eating, talking, speeches, awards and watching endless paragliding videos – we counted about 40 people present – a great way to end this years paragliding season.
Nov 9 Bridal ra 2.0
Another wet day in the Valley: Laura, Claudia, Wil, Jeremy W and C, Andrei, sister Judy, Ken and I where hopeful and decided to drive to Bridal to check things out. It seemed like we should go for a hike to get above the clouds and out of the drizzle. During our hike things looked a little brighter, but by the time we got to launch it was more like rain than drizzle and no sign of the LZ. No flying but still fun just to go for a hike.
Nov 2 Deimos Office ra ?
On a horrible flying day, Chiu, Paddy, Andrei, Wil, Peter and Bora all join me for another successful HAGAR study session.
Don’t forget; go write this exam before your new knowledge vaporizes. Good luck!
Oct 29 Bridal nw 2.0
It was Laura, this time, which fired me up to go flying. Wally, Jeremy W, Wil and Zenon rounded out our group. Great launches and apparently perfect landings from all, so this left Zenon and I for our first Titanic flight. On our next flights it was time for some weaning: Jeremy went first, followed by Wally and I, and finally Zenon, Laura and Wil.
Zenon did his first frontal and small spiral, but it was Laura that showed the boys how it should be done. Bonus points for Wil for his first solo launch. My lecture to Laura’s on how to land safely, was cut short by Wil’s (“I need a license plate on my butt”) landing. Many thanks to Wally for the double rides up. It looks like one more time out and Zenon, Laura and Wil will be signed off to fly solo!
Oct 26 Mission Hill then Sumas b.o. 2.0
A slow start with a crowded finish. After introductions we headed over to the Mission Hill to do some kiting and hope that the East wind would die down. After a few hours it was time to move on: the vote was to hike up to Sumas. It was “bad news bears” all the way there but still we pressed on! Only Bora got lost on the way into launch.
On launch Paddy and I gave a short kiting session (no harness) then I called off the day - still gusting up to 30 mph. The next problem was how to fit all of us into one booth at the sushi place – Clif, Andrew and Elena #2, Andrei, Elena #1 and son, Peter, Claudia, Wil, Laura, Jeremy and Charlotte, Nicolas and guests, Zenon, Walter and finally Bora (our newest tandem instructor direct from Turkey). PS don't park in the lot after hours, apparently Bora has been entered in the " next time we will tow your vehicle list" .
Oct 25 Bridal and Woodside +++ 2.2
Mixed conditions today: East and West wind, low clouds so I deemed Bridal the best choice. After some kiting exercises – we headed up to launch. One of the new cross ditches was a little too deep and damaged my truck nicely, bending the bumper up 45 degrees (probably $300+ to repair – it won’t take much longer before I’ll pay to fix the road myself). The remains of a stolen car was blocking the road, initiating our next adventure. A couple of tow lines and I was able to move the car out of the way. Once on top it was still too cloudy to launch, but Woodside was now in the sun – so down we go.
A relaxed atmosphere at Woodside without the other school – Tonya had a nice launch, followed by Clifton (on his wet Accent). Meanwhile Peter and I geared up for a stellar tandem flight (including a short trip to the “white room”). With no drivers, it was Tonya’s turn to fly with a potential top landing planned. This did not happen, however I got to watch a very poor top crash from another pilot (inches from my glider) and later a couple of hang gliders launch (in good form). Some last minute truck shuffling and I was granted the last flight of the day (on a wet Body Guard).
Oct 19 Harrison ++ 2.0

Perfect conditions all day meant lots of SIV action. Our “shot gun” friend was quite friendly actually (except for his scary stories about lions and tigers and bears). Alex was first up and set the tone by doing almost every acro move in his collection, followed by Andrew, Tonia, Claudia, Mad Matt, Arten, Peter and finally Jeremy. The first set of maneuvers were on the easy scale, just to get the “juices” flowing: (wing overs, asyemtricals, front tucks and search for stall). The next set was where the real acro starts: slow spins, fast spins, full stall, spiral dives, full stalls, Croissant, and even SAT attempts by Mad Matt; but still no wet pilots. Arten must have been a little to excited after his maneuvers and decided to land short (really short). Ted estimated one last flight left in his gas tank and we sent Alex up for his final set – the flying part was perfect but he also was afflicted with the rare “Arten” judgment syndrome. The first load made it in to dock without any issues, but the second crew fell just a few km’s short and required a tow in by Larry. Another fun, fun day! Thanks to Clif for helping out all day with the filming.

The next SIV clinic will be in Spring 2009 – I can’t wait!

Oct 18 MIssion Hill, Woodside sy 2.2
As usual, we started out at the Misson Hill, will Elena, Jeremy W, Clif, and Jeremy C all doing well. Then off to Woodside for a few flights. Tonia was first in the air with her new Deimosian style launch, followed by Andrew, and our “American friends” Peter and Claudia. We were in a hurry to start flying so I forgot to show Clif the Harvest Dykes LZ and made him miss his first flight – the wind was a little too cross anyhow. On the next flight, the same crew flew again, but this time with the Bridal work crew (Chiu and others). Most pilots climbed well above launch, but not for long. Finally it was time for Clif’s (second) flight – I tried to catch him on my Obsession but he was just a little too fast on his Body Guard (time for a bigger wing for Clif). We needed to do one last retrieval, and since conditions were still on, Clif had a chance to fly again, but this time I was able to fly with him and guide him in to Harvest Dykes – a great way to end the day.
Oct 11 Mission Hill, Bridal Falls lt 2.0
Light conditions at our Mission Hill, perfect for our newest students Nicolas and Wally. Zenon show the boys how it's done with a few high flights off the North Hill; but only Nicolas pulled off the other Mission Hill "high" flights. Next, it was time to see if Nicolas can manage his first solo flight. Well, three aborts (just to get rid of the EBE-GEG-BEES) and he had a near perfect launch and landing. Our next launches were better for Zenon, but both students missed the LZ. Congrats on Nicolas first two solo flights! It's confirmed PG launches are more exciting the PPG. A Titanic and solo spiral dive and Zenon is done his Deimos novice maneuvers - probably next Sunday and the SIV clinic (Oct 19th).
Oct 10 Burnaby Mt lt 2.0

Slightly cross but generally great condition today for Wally, Laura and Wil. Had some fun with Wil with his first spin landing!

Oct 8 Blackie Spit ++ 2.0

Light conditions today - great for Clifton and Wally to work on their launches - a special thanks to Tania for her help.

Oct 1 Harrison **** 1.8
A flat day - but full of adventure and full on acro SIV action. See Deimos student forum (private) for the full story.
Sept 30 Woodside cr 1.8
A last minute effort was put together to show some English tourists a good time. Kevin helped me with a couple of tandems, while Jeremy did a few sled rides; Jeremy's last ride required a little extra hiking (full story coming soon…), we missed the last launch window by a few minutes and had to drive down.
Sept 28 Mission Hill, Sumas ++ 2.2
Strong East meant great conditions for my newest students Nicolas and Wally at the Mission hill, but after a couple of hours I thought that it was time to head up to Sumas launch. Ryan, Andrei and Paddy join us for the one hour hike in. The place was very over grown, so a small work party was started and soon the North launch was ready (with only Andrew willing). One tough abort and finally Andrew was soaring in the light East wind, soon followed by Ryan and lastly Paddy (going up). Nicolas and I made one lame attempt, but the wind was most gone for us– so better to hike out. Fun stuff – we need some hikers to complain and get the second gate relocated – maybe one day?
Sept 27 Bridal ** 2.5
Another fun day at Bridal with all pilots excelling. Our first flights were rather uneventful, with maybe the exception of Andrew's launch, everyone else (Wil, Claudia, Peter and Ted) all having extended sled rides. When I saw the Shane and Karin arrived, I decided to spice things up with a U-Turn syncro acro show (Shane and I both fly the same size Obsession, but even though I’m a “little” heavier, I could not catch up to him to do our wing walking; we did however put on a nice spiral, wing over show finishing with a low SAT and death spiral. Tonia was most helpful when she offered to drive the last truck down – many thanks. More SIV from Claudia and Wil meant that they finished their novice course. Congrats!
Sept 26 Mission Hill, Woodside +++ 2.2
Great conditions at the Mission hill: with Laura, Wil, and Wally all getting some air time. Next we headed to Woodside for a few high flights: Laura was off her game and decided to drive down, and Wil was also not looking so sharp – wierd? Wally and I got to play with the new DVD camera – this should be a nice option for those students that want to record the full effects of a Titanic or pleasant XC flight. Next, Wil aced a high wind launch and climbed up about 800’ followed by my newest student Jeremy C. and I on tandem. I think I have most of the bugs worked out on the camera / DVd system (missing one cable today and could not burn a DVD).
Sept 20 Whidbey ra lt 2.2
Lame conditions at Bridal ( too wet to even do some kiting), so we practiced our simulated tree rescues. Our newest student Stephen did great, as did Claudia and Peter.
Sept 19 BM +++ 2.0
Perfect student conditions tonight for old time student Tom Chromy, Elena, Claudia and Peter.
Sept 17 The Chief +++ 2.0
A slow start, but the night was still early. Thorge arrived on time, but Julie was late, which pushed out our ETA by 30 minutes – precious minutes when you plan to fly the Chief. Wil, Peter, Brian and Manu were ready for the hike, but not cancer man (Thorge), he was convinced that it was impossible. Manu offered his sherpa services and still Thorge was no way to be found! “Du fonda de hunt”! When we arrived, conditions were absolutely perfect, but ten minutes later, the wind was almost gone. Wil and I aced our tandem, followed by (I’m not hiking down) Peter and Thorge. Brian was not rewarded for his ATC duties and barely escaped the hill alive (but that’s another story).

Part Du: Deirdre in the dark (#18 I think). Thorge was challenged to his max, with more complaints that it was impossible, and yells of “I’m falling” (but never really falling); but three hours later Peter, Wil, Thorge and myself topped out. Probably the most dangerous part was the drive home at 1am.

Sept 14 Bridal, Elk , Bridal +++ 2.2
Launchable conditions at 7am meant the Claudia wanted to fly! And she did – a new early morning record for Deimos. We had a “quick” breakfast then headed off to hike Elk (with Andre and Jeremy). East conditions but still no problems launching. I think we ran into Max trying to beat his record of six trips up and down Elk - unassisted even! Back to Bridal : It was my great pleasure to give local hiker Walter his first tandem and hopefully start his training soon ( I think that he even added gas to my truck after he offered to drive it down!), followed by giving Jonathon’s friend (the beautiful Monica) a very smooth tandem (with Diane as our wing lady for most of our glide out – welcome back guys! Feeling like a acro show, I talked Andrew and Peter into doing their first B-stalls – well done boys!
Sept 13 Bridal +++ 2.6
More tandems and nice flights for all advance students, with a huge day of firsts – Peter with his first top landing, Claudia’s first frontal, Laura’s first spiral, and the list went on and on…(but I can’t remember now!). We finished the day with dinner at Earl’s and watching paragliding videos up on launch and later camping there.
Sept 12 Woodside, Bridal ++ 2.2
A full three days of flying (starting on Friday with Claudia, Thorge, Peter, Laura, Jeremy, Will, Andrew (of course), Chiu (of course), Veronica (of course, but it’s her job) and a few tandems.
Sept 10 The Chief +++ 2.5
A great night for a hike: Andrew was ready to fly after an afternoon of climbing, when Patti and I showed up. A quick check of our LZ indicated a much smaller LZ than the old days – lots of construction going on in the first field. SW wind 5-10 on launch meant that it’s time to fly! I was a little too fast out of the starting gate and forgot to hook up my speed bar. I tried for about a minute to do this safely with one hand but eventually had to used both hands to complete the job in about ten seconds (the air was a little too weird -9.5 m/s to let the wing fly free style). Andrew was also too quick, and had a riser twist. I guess Patti does not win any awards for launch instructor! The landing was a little rough at the last 20 feet but no problem for my Obsession; Andrews landing was “Style ling”; but Patti’s seem to have some issue with wind direction and had to do some “jail time”. Half price food at the Copper House was the icing on our mini adventure.
Sept 6 Bridal Falls ++++ 2.8
Another great day of flying. Erica and I lead the attack, with her best screams, followed by Brad and Thom. Veronica and Clif arrived at 2pm, after yet another private training session – ready to fly solo. The conditions were a little too lofty for Clif, so another driver was born. Second flights for Patti, Laura, Wil and Thorge went well, so time for the big guy to fly. A less than perfect take off (The Uturn BodyGuard -DHV1) saves the day, followed by a nice standup landing.
Sept 5 Bridal Falls +++ 2.0
Perfect student conditions all day – meant lots of exciting flying for my Red Robin friends. A pretty big turn out for a Friday with Andrew, Chiu, Veronica, Brad, Laura, Clif, Little Dan, Wil and Thorge. Some aborts were required, occasionally, and some fast landings, but a really nice day to play hooky. Congrat to Thorge for completing his Novice rating – next time you see him you can ask him about his first “baby” spiral. Will and I also had some fun SATing around.
Sept 4 Burnaby Mt +++ 2.8
Great conditions today - with both Clif and Ian getting a few flights from the top of the hill. Wil and Laura also joined in the fun with Wil showing off a few of his new tricks - I missed the show but saw the aftermath.
sept 3 Blackie Spit +++ 2.5
Great conditions for our newest student Clif - another Jedi is born!
Sept 1 Fairview, Hedley, Iron Mt, Bridal +++ 2.9
Time to tour the Valley: first Fairview - too windy, Hedley – too windy. Next was Iron Mt (again). Perfect conditions this time. I launch and within minutes was near the clouds (4000’), hard not to go up actually. A baby spiral and I was back at launch. Art “the fearless” was quick on the draw and was on big ears before you could say “going up”. After watching Art zip out of sight, down wind, it was decided to head back home. Great conditions every where in the Fraser Valley, this time with Zenon, Patrick, Andrew, and Peter getting high, while Thorge and I flew tandem. Finally Claudia and Jeremy (tandem) got to fly. High light of the week was seeing our first cougar near Princeton, just a few minutes out of town.
Aug 31

Iron Mt


bo 2.9
More strong winds – great. The next (hopeful) plan was to find a low elevation soaring site. Iron Mt. was our best choice, however, after a couple of quick test flights it was clear that we were not allowed to fly today. Art and myself proved this a couple of times. Back to Hedley. The Valley winds were calm now, but strong gusts on launch about every 15 minutes. Art “the fearless” launched, clamming it was “smooth”. A few minutes later Patrick tried to fly but was quickly grounded (full story coming soon) complete with a movie. After about an hour or two I decided we were done, but for some weird reason felt compelled to fly down. Lots of big ear action help keep my wing over my head – another dumb flight to add to my collection. We finished the day with three Paragliding DVD's at Art's "club med".
Aug 30 Woodside and Bridal +++ 2.7
The day started out as planned, but then quickly changed. Our first tandem flights with Jon and Wil were perfect (over an hour long in Brad’s case) - too windy for most of the other students however. Sometime while we were airborne, our newest student was caught by another school and never released – quite unbelievable really. We gave up searching for him, until finally we heard he was kiting a wing at the Ranch. Our next group of tandems were forced to return home, due to a huge accident near Boston Bar, so in the end only one tandem passenger for Brad and me. Nice launches from the remaining Deimosian’s: Zenon, Chiu, Laura, Wil, Andrew, Thorge, with Jeremy getting the best flight of his life (about 45 minutes).
Aug 29 Hedley bo 3.0
Desperados Andrew, Jeremy and Thorge were keen to fly – so time for a mini road trip. Rain everywhere until Princeton, but in the end it was too windy to fly: light wind, too light to even kite in, followed by 40kph wind for one minute (repeat every 15 minutes).
Aug 25 Bridal bo tt ps 2.8
Strong conditions today, no big surprise with the huge towing Cu’s everywhere. I set a new slow record driving up to launch (knowing that we would have to parawait a few hours); but eventually it mellowed out enough to fly solo. The air had a nervous component to it that we could not ignore – only small collapses but not much fun. Chiu made one wrong turn and was on his way to the LZ, while I easily remained out in front of launch. We both experienced interesting air in the LZ but no real problems while landing. The Jag man (Thorge) was our volunteer driver – thanks J-Man.
Aug 23 Bridal Falls cr lt 2.1
The 2008 Burnaby Mt. champ was off her game today, with a harsh take off and hard landing – learning how to fly tandems can be tough! Wil got to experience his first frontal, but on a DHV1 wing it’s no big deal. My newest students, Stephen and Nicolas got a full show of good, bad and ugly take offs, but in the end only Nicolas got to take his first flight off Bridal. A fun day of slid rides with Stein and Brad having fun on their tandems and solos; Andrei, Thorge, Peter, Andrew, Tania and Claudia all doing well
Aug 22 Burnaby Mt. ++++ 2.0
One of my favorite BM nights with almost everyone having great flights from the top of the hill. Peter, and Andrew set the bar high for best glides, but no match for my Obsession – setting and re-seting a new best kite record. US Black Mt. champ, Patrick, opened his Golden with great expectations, but was quickly relegated because he hit the trees. Andrei was also rejected for similar problem. Shane, in a desperate bid to clear the path, grounded out hard, but not harder that Peter putting in a huge team effort. My newest instructor Veronica, showed the boys that girls can play too, and edge me out for the Solo BG award (and $25 hard cash). Wil (pilot) and I (the pusher) teamed up one more time to blow the P & A team off the hill with a huge effort started at just 50’ off launch winning ($50 hard cash). After congratulations and other awards, we crashed the Mt Shadow for beer and burgers. Another $150 was raised for the Bridal Falls Web Camera – many thanks!
Aug 17 Bridal Falls cr 2.8
Light east, strong east, no wind strong west, no wind strong east...but somehow Bradley and I completed our tandems with our very cute passengers. It took a record amount of parawaitng, but in the end the flights were quite nice, however our landing were a little to fast at times. Only half of the Deimos students were lucky to fly – you had to be in the right place at the right time today.
Aug 16 Upper Bridal ++++ 2.0
Bradley added just the right spice to our day: we started out with a hike up to upper (took just less than an hour), and then later lots of fun acro at lower Bridal. The first launches went well; except for Patti (his NK1 seems to have a stall issue or something). Bradley demonstrated, very clearly, why jumping into your harness is a bad plan. After our tandems were completed, it was time for more fun – Andrew completed his first solo spiral to complete his deimos Novice rating, while Chiu and I got to do some asymmetrical 369s and a Coconut spin (by accident sort of) followed by a low spiral dive. After our customary dinner at the Wild Cat, Chiu, Bradley and I settle in to a night of watching advance acro (Jocky’s latest DVD).
Aug 15 Burnaby Mt ++ ?
Good conditions with lots for top to bottom flights for the boys and girls (Andrei, Ryan, Elena, Thorge, Andrew, Wil...)
Aug 13 Bridal +++++ 2.8
This time it was Patti’s turn to take the spot light on take off, in the air and on landing – check out the Deimos Forum for the full story.
Good launches from everyone else, Art, Tania, Chiu, Laura, Thorge and Wil. Chiu had the best flight with his first ever cross country flight to Cheam and almost Elk.
Aug 11 Bridal ++++ 2.5
After a quick visit to Grouse, we raced out to the Valley to meet Thorge, Mike and Jamie, and later Andrei. Very nice conditions for all flights, with Thorge complaining that my Tandem with Jamie was getting too high (1200 m). Andrei showed us how to not do a Asymetrical and then Thorge showed us how to do one correctly. Another great day in the Valley.
Aug 8th Bridal cl 3.0
Surprising easy launch conditions today with Thorge, Eduardo, Laura and Art getting lots of great flights. I ended the day with a fun titanic flight with Laura – and yes she refused to scream!
Aug 7 Blackie Spit ++ 2.5
A big last minute turnout (Laura, Andrei, Elena, Alek, and new student Ian) with a special guess apperance from Matt Ashley.
Aug 6 Bridal Falls +++ 2.5
My efforts to be on time were almost rewarded with a nice ticket from the RCMP, but in the end it did not even matter ‘cause Andrew was 30 minutes late anyhow. Everyone did well in the light conditions (Ed, Wil, Laura, Andrew, Andrei and Chiu). The high light was Andrew's first unsupervised, end of the day, no wind, super scary, why do I have to be in Tom's weening program at just 29 flights, launch (with only Tom's Dad checking his lines). Once again the LZ pool was in the wrong place for most of the landings.
July 30 Diefenbaker +++ 2.2
Another fun night at Deifenbaker with Thorge, Andrew, Alex, Claudia, Tonia and Deniz showing off their stuff.
July 27 Woodside and Bridal bo cr 2.7
The low clouds at Bridal meant a trip up to Woodside. Windy conditions on launch, so time for some hacky sack. About an hour later, it “mellowed out” enough for me and Daryl to do our tandem. Patrick launched next and discovered that he needs to practice his speed bar set up. After lunch, we tried Bridal, just the intermediate students were on deck: Peter, Patrick, Andrei and a visiting Japanese Pilot. This time I got to test out Patricks Golden II (very nice wing). The first flights went well so up came the rest: Thorge, Claudia, and Andrew.
July 26 Bridal +++++ 2.6
Another great day of flying especially for the girls. Laura spec’d out at over 3500’ and Claudia had her best landing missing the spot landing by just a few feet. I mixed it up with Andrew (with a customary Titanic) and Zenon had one of his best flights ever on a new Infinity. While on tandem I guided my intermediately students, Andrei and Peter, on a cross country flight to the Pump station LZ. It seems like this LZ is a little easier than the Bridal LZ – just stay away from the hydro lines.
July 25 Bridal **** 2.6
Nice conditions today – while Chiu and Andrew were carving up the ridge lift, I got Thorge ready for his third solo flight. Great launch from Thorge, but the odd thermal was a little too much for him so I followed him in to the LZ. Laura, Stefan and a visiting pilot (Peter) were looking for a ride up, so Chiu offered his services. Conditions were still nice, but a little more cross now. No problem for Andrew, but without a reverse launch in her bag of tricks, Laura got pulled up quick, and failed to counter steer in time and quickly found her self in front of the stump – a hard flare and she did her first top landing! Her next launch was business as usual, so next was Thorge. Almost catabatic now, so after a few aborts on the Tequila, I suggested that Torge fly the Vitamin – first try and he was airborne. Now it was my turn, I quickly caught up to Thorge, and gave him an acro show with a nice spot landing.
July 20 Bridal +++++ 2.6
Feeling a bit tired, I needed a nice breakfast at the local country restaurant (turning down the free BFAR food was the right call). Alex was right on time with his friend Vlad and his wife, and so it was back to work. Some nice flying with Alex’s wife (a natural pilot to my surprise), followed by a BFAR passenger that tried to kill me (she sat down at the last six feet, but I was just able to abort in time). Vlad, on the other hand was the perfect passenger. Laura and Claudia managed a couple of nice flights, while Peter and Andrew continue to rip up the skies, this time climbing to almost 1500 meters! Patti set a new personal best flying almost three hours and Patrick with his first 12km XC flight to Annis Road. Thorge aced his second solo flight with lots of cheers and support from the Deimosians and BFAR pilots. Just when I though I was done for the day, Nichole asked me if I could do another BFAR tandem, this time with a very cute dancer named Tasha – it’s a tough life sometimes!
July 19 Woodside and Bridal +++++ 2.6
Mike brought his Dad out today, but unfortunately it was too strong for first flights. Mike H and his wife Lewei got to fly tandem – completing a 20 year old dream to fly. Layne managed a tough forward launch, followed by lots of BFAR pilots. Andrei, Peter and Andrew teamed up and started to spec out at 1300 meters and finally landed nicely at Harvest Dykes.
Afternoon flights were at Bridal Falls. Some felt that flying with 20 pilots was a little too much and eventually sank out. Some close calls from Layne and later Claudia, and eventually with myself (when my passenger sat down near the edge – luckily I was able to abort the take off. Laura, Wil, Peter and Andrew showed great style with lots of near perfect launches. Thorge was a no show (banking issues or “something”).
July 18 Bridal ++++ 2.6
Even though we started at 4pm there was lots of flights for everyone: Laura, Wil, Peter, Claudia, Andrew, Patti Andrei and Thorge. Always fun to watch a new student (this time it was Thorge) take their first solo flight.
July 16 Bridal ++ 2.6
The plan was to hike to Upper Bridal, just because, but the conditions were so nice at lower Bridal we had to fly. It was Thorge’s turn to fly solo today, but he suggested some more training hill time; instead Dan and I got to do a little XC flying (to below Cheam). After gathering Wil and Tania, we headed up for more flights. It took a few tries but finally Wil had a nice inflation. Too windy now for students, so we kited for a while. Once the wind died down it was time for Rob, Robin, Laura and the rest to fly – still no solo for Thorge – maybe on Friday?
July 13 Woodside and Bridal bo 2.6
Andrew’s bad day: A long day of para-waiting, no flights and one broken window, and one missing Ipod. Some late arrivals (Ryan and Andrei) resulted in a very late noon start at Woodside; however it was already too strong so only a tandem flight with new student John to the Harvest market LZ. My other tandems were patiently waiting at Bridal, along with Patrick and the usuals, but conditions were missed up still. I offered some free kiting lessons for my tandems while we started the para-waiting process. Finally with a record high number of aborts, Glen and I were in the air (mostly in the middle part) and in smoothish air, followed by a nice landing. Patrick and Ryan followed shortly afterwards, but Andrei decided to wait and see. One last tandem (with Mike), first try this time, and we wrapped up the day at the Wildcat.
July 12 Bridal +++ 2.7
Brilliant forward and reverse launches for all Deimosians (Andrew, Peter, Claudia, Chiu, Patrick, Zenon, Karen, Andrei, Kris and Laura), but we still need to work on our landings. Peter had the best landing, I thought, with his perfect big ears elevator landing. I wrapped the day up with a super fast take off with Peter, followed by Peter being “baptized” into the fold (screams were withheld). Andrew was my "movie date" this time - we watched 2005 X-Alps on launch.
July 11 Bridal Falls ++++ 2.6
Lots of flights today, even though it took some pilots 3.5 hours to drive out. A great tandem for Thorge’s friend (Klee), and later Thorge, while Peter and Andrew remained stuck in the sky. Jeremy and Laura also had a great flights and landing. Wil had a close call when he decided to stop running at the last meter (all caught on film for future debates). Chiu actually decided to land after just two hours in the air – I think he misses his Emotion.
July 10 Blackie Spit +++ ?
Private lesson for Thorge - some success in great conditions.
July 9 Burnaby Mt cr ?
Tricky conditions - but everone had fun (Peter, Claudia, Thiorge, Alex, Andrew, Patti, Kris...)
July 6 Bridal Falls +++ 2.5
Aaron was my guest instructor today, coaching the students as much as possible. I think he actually did a better job launching the boys (and girls) than I did. Great conditions meant early flights for the A team: Aaron, Andrei and Andrew (Wil arrive too late and Laura needed to practice so they both missed the first flights – plus their name does not start with the letter A). Time to fly Andrei’s daughter Jana, and the rest to fly. The West wind proved difficult to judge for most pilots, but no problem for our visiting friends for California Gabriel and Chris. The mid day thermals were a little too much so only a hand full of pilots flew (Peter and Andrei). Some spooking moments for Andrei when he spun his wing trying to exit an easy spiral dive (turns out he shorten the brake lines way too much – good thing that we discovered this problem while under guidance- this explains what happen last week with Andrei's big collapse). Finally the air smoothed out for everyone to fly, including a last minute drop in (Martin – Tim’s friend). A big thank you to Aaron for the free beer and generous help throughout the day.
July 4 Deifenbaker Park ++++ 2.0
Great conditions today! Lots of interesting flights especially from Eleana (when she failed to check her set up). Great progress from all the students: Wil, Tholger, Andrei, Peter, Claudia, Andrew and Alek.
July 2 Burnaby Mt ps 2.6
More mixed conditions, but still we had quite a few flights from Peter, Claudia, Tholger, Kris, Andrew, and Barbra.
July 1 Bridal Falls sy 2.8
The thunderstorms near Hope were missing up our air, not too windy but really turned up at ttimes. While Brad and I did a few tandems, the signed off pilots flew. At one point Andrei reported a 90% collapse (check our forum for his summary report). Eventually the storm dissipated and we all had very nice flights, including Chiu, Captain Stefan, Judy, Tholger, Layne, Peter, and Andrew.
June 29 Woodside and Bridal +++ 2.8
The morning came too early. Our local launch warden was out trimming the grass but stayed clear of us (plus I had my fearsome three inch hunting knife). Andrei was first to arrive (as usual) followed by Trevor, and finally Jeremy (one hour late). The plan was a couple of flights at Woodside, picking up Laura for flights two plus. Easy take off conditions, but bumpy air meant another tandem flight for Jeremy and Laura, but not before Shane gave us his low acro show (probably due to lack of practice – a common scenario if you have kids.) Bridal in the end was the place to be. One more tandem for Jeremy and a few more flights for Zenon , Andrei and Shane. Shane's effort to help drive up the Bridal stragglers cause a big lag in the Deimos program, but in the end, Zenon got to try a baby spiral and Jeremy finally flew solo landing just a meter short of the pool. Always a pleasure to be in the LZ for first flights!
June 28 Bridal +++ 2.6
A full day of flying, with Claudia (completing her first solo flight), Laura (third solos), Chiu, Patti, Peter, Layne, Andrei, Zenon, and finally Ken, Lindsay, and Thoger (on Tandem). With out the huge sacrifice from Samuel, (landing coach) , the day would have been quite different. Many thanks to Samuel!!!
I finished the day with a big acro show and spot landing, but the adventure was not over. With the help of my friends Klaus and Monica, Zenon and I camped out on launch and watched the Never Ending Thermal DVD.
June 27 Burnaby Mt +++++ 2.6
Easily the best conditions of the year – it was a good thing ‘cause there were tonnes of students tonight: the Solo I students Kym and Peter managed their first flights from the top, along with Patti, Peter K, Alex, Laura, Thoger, Peter, Claudia, Zenon and Jeremy.
June 25 1100, Burnaby Mt. ++++ 2.9
Chiu, Brad (instructor) and I were going to give Chiu a dream XC flight – but instead Chiu got to work on his wing rescue skills. Light conditions in the Bridal LZ meant a trip up to the new 1100 launch. First flight (ever) went well for me, but not so good for Chiu – he had a cravat that pulled him into the tallest tree in the area. Brad met me at the lower Bridal launch and we grabbed the new tree kit and extra rope from Rob and Alan. A short talk with the local police and SAR guys and I was allowed to do some tree climbing. I just started working on getting the wing down and realized the time: I was already 1.5 hours late for my class, when I had to abandon Chiu at the top of his 150’ tree and race back to Burnaby Mt. (where Shane was trying to figure out what to do with no gear and eight students). In the end it worked out: newbies Kym, Peter G, Peter K and Thoger all managed a few seconds of air time, while Andrew, Elena, Jeremy and Wil helped out the best they could – too bad the wind was S to SE.
June 22 Sumas, Woodside ++++ 2.7

A huge day and the God’s were pleased...

With the help of the FVRD we were allowed past the second gate to retrieve our supply of Nylex (abandoned a few years ago on a previous Sumas work party). On this hike the wings stayed in their bags (already West wing on launch) so in no time we scooped up the Nylex and headed back down the hill. Some delays on the highway (a native protest) and quickly started work on resurfacing the Woodside take off. With lots of Chief’s we finally figured out how to layout the Nylex and the site was slowly transformed. Some of my helpers could not stand it any longer and finally flew while most of the crew keep on digging, and spiking. Finally it was time to fly. Patrick, Shane, Chiu, led the way, followed by Peter and James (and myself on tandem). Poor Andrew and Felix had to watch (too windy). Second flights were amazing: the boys were still in the air going on 3+ hours so time for Andrew to fly (Felix left a little too soon). I chased Andrew around on my Sigma4 then escorted him to the LZ. Lots of nice landings, except Shane’s -but that’s another story!

June 21 Mission Hill bo 2.8
Strong East wind at Exit 95 – so off to the Mission hill. Very switchy and sometime wild conditions limited our training flights (all except for one quick flight that Peter sneaked in while my back was turned.) Lots of good progress from new students Jim, James, Wil, Felix, Andrew and Andrei. The risk of a T-Storm was getting stronger and stronger so I pulled the plug early.
June 20 Burnaby Mt ps 2.2
Mix conditions at BM tonight, but eventually Wil, Laura, Felix, Peter, Andrew, Jeremy , Chiu, Claudia and even Elena had a flight from the top.
June 15 Bridal +++ 2.6
I guess I was destine to fly solo today: Felix had his car towed, Andrei, Elena and my tandem passenger called in sick, even Pemberton Patti had his volume turned down (so I could not guide him on his first XC flight); so that left Stein and I to fly solo to Gloria and back. Some bumpy moments but an exciting hour afternoon of cross country flying.
June 14 Woodside, Bridal +++ 2.8
Our day started at Woodside, with instructor Brad going first, followed by my senior students Zenon and Layne. A little too much for Captain UP, so that left Laura and I to fly tandem. Up, Up and more up until we had to do pull out the compass to steer clear of the clouds. A nice landing at Harvest Market and we were off to Bridal, but this time both Laura and Captain UP (Felix) got to fly solo. A couple of long landings and some NSP launches – (not so perfect) – but another fun day of flying.
June 13 Blackie Spit ++ 2.8
We were once again graced by Princess Kelly and her side kick (James), and my newest student Jim. Light winds to start with, but by the end of the evening it was blowing a little too strong. Just before we packed up, I put on a little kiting show with some B-Stalls, front tuck, asymetricals, big ears, croisant, and a spin landing.
June 12 Burnaby Mt cr 2.5
Felix, Peter, Claudia, Elena and Jeremy all had their moments of greatness - but overall Elena showed the most improvement.
June 8 Bridal and Woodside ps 2.2
A low cloud base (2300’) slowed us down (just a bit) today but did not stop us: Little Dan, Ryan, Andrei, Peter and finally Jeremy and my self got to play with our compasses. Peter’s flight was especially challenging when his harness pitch adjustment was way off on just one side and he had to fight the wing to stay on course. Conditions for our second flights were much easier, which allowed Andrew to take his first solo high flight, Peter to take his second flight of the day, and Claudia and I another tandem flight with a very long run. Andrew apparently did not read Felix’s posting and ended up coping his landing (minus the underwear show). Peter and Andrew still had some flying mojo left, so we headed to Woodside for our final flights of the day. The South wind (I deemed) was too much for Andrew, so that left Peter and I. I thought that a reverse launch was in order for Peter (his first for Woodside). After a nice cycle his Style came up quite nice, a quick turn and Peter was off to Harvest West. I quickly hooked in and tried a reverse. My first attempt was aborted but a quick reset and I was able to quickly catch up to Peter – just in time to give him a short acro show. A fun day – many thanks to Dan and my drivers.
June 7 Blanchard and Whidbey bo 2.2
Lots of adventure flying this weekend. Andrei, "Pemberton" Patti (my newest intermediate student), Peter and Zenon all had nice 20 minute+ flights off Blanchard, then we raced off to Whidbey for some soaring action. All my short cuts and fast food options were still not fast enough – by the time we arrive the last of the local tandem pilots, and Patrick were wrapping things up. The local wind guru (Jim) put on a nice demo of high wind backwards (with speedbar) flying, his close calls were enough to convince me to leave my new G-Force in its bag. Instead we spent a few hours kiting. Lots of great progress from my newest students Jeremy, Elena and Claudia.
June 1 Makenzie ra 2.0
Low clouds and light showers meant time to drive home - no flights today.
May 31 Makenzie BO 2.8
The early birds (Andrei and Patrick) got the worm! The rest of us watched the “experts” sky-out. At Mackenzie “East is the beast”. My instructor de jour was Art – he launched first but quickly radioed that the air was not suitable for first flight students; not more than 30 minutes later it was much too strong for most pilots. My other students Toler, Layne, Wil, Jon, Andrew, Zenon, Peter and myself could only watch. Finally I suggested that we try some simulated tree rescues – I think the fastest student was Zenon! Our late pizza dinner kept us away for the start of the first ever WCSC Pemberton meeting, but we still managed to watch some of the Columbia slide show. Later we join the HGer’s for some campfire songs (provided by Jon on guitar).
May 30 Bridal Falls, Burnaby Mt ++ 2.8
The plan was a cross country flight with Chiu (solo) and with Lucy (tandem passenger) to Ludwing and back, however the strong South wind had other plans – we barely made the LZ. On our second flights (with the clouds out of the way) we were able to quickly climb to 1000’ over launch, and probably XC to anywhere but it was time to land and head to Burnaby Mt.

Another busy night with reasonable conditions this time. Peter and Claudia, armed with their new gear, were first on the scene. Barabara, Wil, Jon, Andrew, and James (AKA Mark sometimes) started a little later (because I was ten minutes late from my Bridal Adventures). Great progress from all.

May 28 Burnaby Mt sy 2.8
A tough night at BM. When I arrived at 4pm it was blowing +25kph, but by the students arrived it was more like 10kph (but from the South – East). Elena, Peter, Claudia, Felix, Wil, Andre, Jon and Alex all managed a bit of air time before packing it in.
May 25 Woodside and Bridal sy, bo 3.0
Klaus and I (mostly Klaus) worked on the new Bridal bench then I hooked up with my keeners/ addicts – Andrei, Peter, Claudia and Felix for some flights off Woodside. The weird conditions at Woodside meant a solo flight for me while the crew drove down. Chiu and Karen reported moderate conditions at Bridal so off to Bridal, but not before we picked up the Bridal bench. A quick installation and we were all fighting for a chance to try the bench – good sign that it will be well used. Andre launch and was climbing quickly, too quick for Felix and Peter to fly – time for Claudia and I to get high (on Tandem)! It took a few tries but finally the wing decided that it was time to fly. Strong lift every where. I crossed over to the next Valley just in time to watch a pilot full stall and spiral into the trees. A fire truck and two ambulances were called in (probably a little over kill since the pilot was already hiking out). More dark clouds were on their way – time to land (this time Felix still had his pants on)!
May 24 Mission Hill, Bridal Falls sy 2.8
Strong East wind today, so the group minus Laura, all went to Mission for some early morning kiting. Matt , Toller, Felix, Peter, Claudia, Elena and Will. Lots of interesting flights. Finally we heard from Patrick that Bridal was turning on. A quick launch and we were off to Bridal. We found Laura hiking down (with her daughter) but some how had space for them in the Explorer, and dragged her back to launch. Matt, Patrick, Andre and a few others were quick to get high. Peter, and Felix also joined in the Bridal party and stayed up for about an hour. Conditions were quite light now and I really wanted Laura to take here first solo (even with Patrick my last minute landing instructor, completely stressed out and a half naked German pilot roaming the LZ). She did one practice abort to get rid of the Eby-Jebies, then a really nice forward launch (I guess six months of training really helped). With a huge effort Will and I managed a quick tandem to end our day nicely.
May 23 Burnaby Mt cr 2.0
Another busy night: Barbara started her solo lessons, Laura showed the boys how it’s done, while Andrew, Peter, Wil, Alex, Claudia, Elena, and visiting pilot Phillip had various flights. A special thanks to Samuel for his help with Barbara – good to see you out again Sam!
May 18 Woodside and Bridal ++ 2.8

We woke up to a slow breakfast at the Rancher, and later strong conditions at Woodside. Peter was treated to a very exciting and sometimes bumpy ride to Harrison Hot Springs (my vario recorded plus 8 m/s and – 12 m/s just flying straight no acro), while Andrei flew to Harvest West. Back to Bridal. Strong lift everywhere: perfect for Ryan (already near upper launch and a few other pilots). I took a couple of drop in tandems and later launched Peter and Felix for more first time solo flights. Did I mention that Zenon did his first top landing – but that’s another story!

Many thanks to Little Dan - ATC jedi, Layne (driver) and a few others that helped keep things moving along.

May 17 Mission Hill, Woodside and Bridal ++ 2.8
We started the day at the Mission hill, with Peter, Zenon, James, Mark, and all Elena all getting nice little flights. Once in the Valley, conditions were quite strong. My two Dutch friends managed a couple of nice tandems (with the help from Kevin Ault) while the rest of the students were patently waiting for calmer conditions. Soon the game was back on: Layne managed a three hour flight (his longest to date), Peter managed a couple of solo flights and finally Andrei finished the last of his maneuvers to graduate and complete the Deimos Novice rating. There was a small window for Alex to take his first solo flight, but he opted for another tandem flight. By the time we were set up conditions had shut down. A bite to eat then some sleep by the river.
May 16 Burnaby Mt cr 2.5
Another big night at Burbaby Mt, with mediocre conditions. Toller was first to arrive and got rewarded with lots of high flights, but by the night the others arrive: Shane, Little Dan, Elena, Wil, Zenon, James, Mark, Alex, Peter, Layne, Stig and Claudia, the conditions had started to switch to North wind. Still there was some great progress.
May 12 Bridal Falls ps 2.5
Great conditions today at Bridal, we were able to drive almost all the way to launch – Bridal is now open for business.
I launched first, this time with a new U-Turn Emotion , followed by Little Dan and finally Chiu. Timing is everything: Dan and I sank out to just below the cliffs, but after about 25 minutes Dan was on his way to the LZ while I scratched and scratched until I finally joined Chiu above launch. Together we climbed towards upper launch. I’m still struggling with cold hands – time to land but not before I tested this amazing wing to it's fullest– Chiu managed to film my acro show this time – should be a good one!
Next some tandems with my newest students Princess Kelly and James. I had my work cut out for me today: with a knot in the lines on the first launch (fixed it in the air) and an apprehensive passenger on the second flight (with no time to abort). Great to fly Bridal Falls – the best acro and XC site around!
May 9 Burnaby Mt ps 2.5
Another busy night for the Deimos instructors: Shane arrived just in time and surprisingly still had lots of energy to help me teach the new students: Kelly, James and Mark. While, the regular students Alex, Felix and Peter were doing well in the slight South wind. It’s nice to see Peter bond with his new gear so quickly. The free pizza and drinks must of helped – I’ll try to make it a tradition when ever we have such a large group.
May 8 Bridal ps 2.8
A very last minute change of plans paid off: after a short 15 minute hike Brian, Gab (AKA birthday boy) and I were ready to fly except the sun was still an hour away – a good time to catch up. Once the sun arrived we were all happily soaring above launch. With just three pilots in the air it was surprising how much KOS was around! Lots of acro shows then time for a birthday beer – fun stuff!
May 7 Burnaby Mt st 2.8
The strong west conditions meant that we all got to kite our wings (without a harness) - a little challenging for our newest student, Elana, but most of the remaining students, Andrew, Jon, Wil and Peter managed quite well. Near the end of th evening everyone got their share of air time.
May 4 Woodside ++ 2.5
Mike would later confess that conditions were a little too strong for his first high flight, but great for most other pilots. Andrei, Layne and Patrick were doing great, but before Mike and I could fly, a local pilot launched and flew directly into the trees (right of take off). It seems that I was the only person able to climb a tree today, so we headed into the woods for some climbing action. Less than an hour later he was on the ground. Mike and I finally launched and quickly climbed to top of the stack (minus one pilot Claudio). I handed the controls to Mike but soon discovered his secret skill of coring sink. After picking up Layne we headed up for a second flight, but this time with Andrei’s wife Anna. It took a couple of tries to get the launch perfect, but it was worth it. Later Layne and I had a quick dinner then headed back up the hill to rescue Don’s wing . A couple of hours later and it was down (I think with no damage).
May 3 Whidbey ps 2.5
Endless amounts of flying, especially for Art and Patrick - the "XC Duo". While Laura battled with the wind, I took my new boys on a few tandems – the best way to learn how to fly Whidbey. Andrei was more than ready to do his first Whidbey solo flight, so with a little push he was airborne. Wil and Mike also managed a couple of little flights. After a quick pizza dinner, we took a drive up to Blanchard – mainly to watch the sunset. Another successful Whidbey trip (even without Matt Ashley).
May 2 Blackie Spit ra 2.8
Except for a few drops of rain we had a great time at the Spit – Layne showed us that he still has the touch, Wil and Alex also made great progress. High flights are coming soon!
April 30 Burnaby Mt ++ 2.8
Exciting conditions today at Burnaby Mt., with many pilots especially Art, Patrick, and Alex getting extra high. While my “old” students (Peter, Felix and Andrew) practiced their pre-inflations, my newest students, Wil and Mike worked on their forward launches. Later the wind was near perfect for many flights from the top for all. Mike re-affirmed my theory that gliders are attracted to wood, when he failed to run under his wing. This is the best training hill around (when the wind co-operates).
April 27 Woodside st, lt, ps 2.5
It was like pulley teeth to get my instructors to fly this weekend. It was only Felix that was able to convince his friend, Craig, to drive us up Woodside today. A slight delay while I had to drive back down to get the tandem harnesses – but it was worth it. Strong conditions but between lulls, we had an easy launch, followed by Patrick. The NW wind was still a little too cross to keep us airbourne for hours, like on Friday, but still a fun flight landing at the Harvest Dykes. Patrick demonstrated his new spot landing technique, landing near the end of the Dykes, using 7/8 of the LZ. After some food, we tried for another flight (in no wind?), but alas only Patrick was able to fly; but not before Felix got to try 4-5 forward launch aborts (for on site practice).
April 26 Blackie Spit ps 2.8
Only one pilot wanted to play today, so I spent the afternoon teaching Felix the fine art of the Deimos reverse launch. He should be ready for a high soon.
April 25 Woodside ps 2.8
My plans for a few high flights were nearly squashed, when my truck decided to throw in the towel. Luckily, first and second gear still worked and I was able to drive back home.

Dreamy conditions for all pilots, novice to advance : Chiu and his cousin had a great flight, then I managed a short solo flight while I waited for Peter to arrive on take for his first tandem flight. A quick top landing, swap wings, and I was back in the air. Initially we sunk out, but eventually hooked into some small tight thermals that got us up a little higher. Fun stuff.

April 20 Woodside st 2.8
We just finished installing the new beautiful Bridal LZ sign when we saw a pilot high at Woodside – once on launch we had strong thermals followed by reasonable lulls. I was elected wind dummy – My don’t-loose-an-inch test, followed by no harness kitting showed light conditions. I hooked in and boom – before I could turn around I was up 50 feet! Bigears keep the collapses to a minimum as I went up and down quickly. I tried for Harvest West but no ground speed (hardly), so I headed to Joe’s place. A little rough down low, but managed a nice landing. Patrick followed my suggestion and drove down, however Al (the hammer) launch after me and put on an acro show (so I heard). Better to be on the ground than….
April 18 BM and Rupert blah 2.8
Windy conditions today – perfect for Alex W. and me while we waited for the other students to arrive. Tonight only Peter and Alex B. showed up – a bit too much for the boys but I think they learned something. We tried to out run the snow, by going to the Rupert hill, but no luck.
April 13 Woodside cloudy 2.4
A late start but we still managed lots of flights. It was intermediate maneuvers day, time for Chiu and Patrick to do their funky baby acro (lots of tips discovered – please visit our private Deimos forum for details). Jon and I went first, followed by the boys. Almost an hour late, my next tandem group showed up Barbara and Memmet– easy launching and landing conditions today; but on our final third drive up, the wind had started switching to East – time to head home (sadly no flight for Barbara).
April 12 Sumas, Woodside sy 2.5
Ultra strong East conditions at Exit 95, but with a large crew of more than a dozen people – we had to try...
An easy hike and we’re at launch. Some interesting launch attempts from the first three pilots, Kevin , Stein-Lisa and Pierre, but eventually they all got off. Andrei showed us how it’s done with a very slick reverse launch in no wind. Next was Pemberton Patrick, one “abort” and then he was going (but not gone): 20k west wind slammed him a few times – that’s when I call the site closed. Just then Patrick, Shane and Dave arrived – but no flights for them. A few pilots were over launch at both Bridal and Woodside, so with just a few hours left of sun light we drove over to Woodside. Stein-Lisa went first, followed by Zenon’s, Pemberton Patrick and finally Alex and myself. Time for one more flight. Zenon was in the spot light and boy did he dance (with a second perfect thirty second Deimos take off), followed by Stein-Patrick and final myself on solo – time for an acro show! Fun stuff, but a little too much sun!
April 11 Burnaby Mt and Rupert Park ps 2.0
Burnaby Mt was the wrong call, so after an hour we (Andrew, Felix, and Peter) all moved to my old stomping grounds – “Rupert park”. Still a little too much East, but a lot better than BM. Great progress for the new boys - almost solo time!
April 9 Burnaby Mt ps 2.0
A busy night with my students: Laura, Peter, Felix, Alex, and Jonathon, while Chiu and Shane did their part to keep things under control.
We had great conditions until about 6pm when some light showers arrived, but the boys did not show any sign of slowing down, and kept on practicing. We made some great progress but now I have a few wings to dry out.
April 6 Woodside ps 2.4
Felix was on deck for his first flight today when I bumped him for the 100lbs lighter Andrew. We had a nice flight - surprising short (15 minutes) for such a dynamic looking sky. On return for our second flights, Patrick got off just in time - then the rain started. We tried one last time at Bridal LZ to do some ground school work, but alast, the rain found us again.
April 2 Burnaby Mt sy 2.8
Perfect conditions for our newest student Jon – Shane would have launched him from the top, but there was a good chance that he would have started thermalling to 3000’ – so only low flights permitted today. A few more hours of ground school and he will be ready for his first high flight in the Fraser Valley – maybe this Saturday?
April 2 Woodside sy 2.8

A little too much East wind meant a later (casual) start than usual. Eventually, Karin, Chiu, Patrick and my self were ready to fly. Since Chiu was the most senior pilot (?) he went first: the tight thermals were a little elusive at first but after about half an hour we’re all at 900m. The plan (for everyone) was to cross country to Harrison and beyond, but I felt that conditions were not quite right – better to practice some baby acro and hang around launch. Two hours later, I managed a sloppy top landing, while the others warmed up at Harvest West. Bridal was calling for me, for our second flight, but the boys and girl were too tired. A great welcome back flight for Karin.

March 30 Bridal sy 2.8
My dream XC day was shorten to just a pleasant sled ride day – you would think that a 2.8 lapse rate would be enough?
The Explorer had an easy time driving up to the ¾ mark, then the snow was just too deep. A short half hour hike and we were on launch – clear sunny – beautiful Bridal! Patrick and I took turns shoveling the first meter of snow aside until we had our little runway. I was on the Obsession today so no problem launching (first try and no belly dragging). I thought Patrick was going to steal the day (when the West wind arrived – 10kph in the LZ), but no, only another 15 minute sled ride and some belly dragging. The boys at Woodside sounded like they were have a bit of a fight with the snow, rain, hail front that was approaching – but a few XC flights were heard (almost to Bridal).
Mar 24

Vincent Pt,


sy ?
A few seconds of flying followed by more seconds to of how to keep my wing over my head – see the Deimos Private Forum for the full story.
Mar 22 PV sy ?
Aaron and I tried hard to find a place to fly, but just too windy or catabatic.
March 12 Woodside ps 2.4
Only a couple of short flights for me: I was playing wing man for my newest student (Toler), but he was not able to thermal and had to land early. Even Little Dan tried his hand as Toler's wing man for a short while. Chiu on the other hand stayed high all day (on his new DHV1 wing - U-Turn Emotion). Later Andrei showed up with his Dad, so Toler was "forced" to fly a third flight - this time he got his harness adjusted perfectly, but conditions were too light to go high. Time to pack for California - back March 25.
March 9 Sumas cloudy 2.0
Probably a little too much adventure for my newest student, Toler, but he did his best to follow Little Dan and myself, which earned his spot as pilot of the week. We had some trouble with the forest trail (without snow shoes), but with a little extra effort we punched our way into launch (pass the wild cat tracks). Dan was more than committed to his forward launch setting a new record for long distance belly slide. I guess Toler thought that this was the correct way to launch, and made a special effort to out distance Dan’s slide – sorry no video camera today! After I finished my baby acro show, I thought that the excitement was over for the day – not so – the ride back up to Sumas (in Toler’s van) was even wilder! You had to be there.
March 8 Whidbey ps 2.5
Of course the conditions were great when we left for Whidbey, with lots of flights for the early birds, but perhaps the karma gods were not pleased with our duty free maneuver. Toler and Zenon and I had fun kiting but no flights to day.
March 5

Church Hill


++ 2.2
A great day of flying! Our newest and keenest Deimosian, Toler, along with Stein and Lisa, spent a few hours on “Andrei’s” hill (in Mission with near perfect conditions) –then we headed to Woodside. I actually felt giddy seeing the pilots above launch. A short hike in (from the final spur) and we were ready to fly. Stein and Lisa went first (with a slightly less than perfect launch) followed by Chiu’s (I can correct and save any wing) launch, and finally by Toler (oh my god – what a jedi) launch. On this day, if you missed the early house thermals you would eventually be too low to climb out, however when I launched, it was easy. Two hours later I made one weak attempt to top land then was forced to Harvest West. Apparently the boy’s second flights were flawless. Lots of lively PG talk, at the Wildcat, capped the day off nicely.
March 4 White Rock PS 2.0
Perfect conditions in White Rock, so I spend a few hours teaching Toler the fine art of the Deimos forward launch (and some reverse training) - high flights planned for tomorrow.
March 2 Woodside ps 2.1
Only new student Toler called in today, so I asked Stein to run the show: He took him on a couple of extended sled rides at Woodside, and at one point, they were a few hundred feet over launch – apparently he forgot to bring his boots and flew in his runners – that’s the spring fever in him I guess. Wednesday, March 5, is looking flyable so far - who's in?
Feb 24 Deifenbaker cr 2.0
Light West conditions so no big flights today - although Zenon gave it a good try. New students Craig and Toler worked hard today, but we had the most success at Winskill Park, but by that time Samuel, Laura and Zenon had other plans.
Feb 22 Burnaby Mt cr 2.2
The East wind was no match for my newest student Craig. Eventually Little Dan and Movie Dave showed up to steal the show, but not before Craig managed to fly to the bottom - another Jedi is born!
Feb 16 Elk snowy 2.0
The Elk reports were great when we were at Exit 95, but by the time Little Gill, Little Dan and myself were able to hike up, things had degraded to a small snow storm with cloud base almost to the ground - BLAH! Ivan radioed up that there was no sign of blue sky anywhere - BLAH! So before we started to cool down, we quickly packed up and hiked down. 3/4 of the way down I could see blue sky again - that's the way it goes sometimes. Ivan offered us all a little hiking snapps and a cold beer which helped remove some of the blah's, and told us more about his new top landing technique (specially designed when their are spectators around).
Feb 13 Deifenbaker cr 2.5
Genrally North West wind today. Only Chiu managed to get airbourne a couple of times while I worked with Laura on perfecting her reverse launch skills. Nice to be in the sun! BTW the "evil fence" has been removed!
Feb 3 Sumas lt 2.0

We met at exit 95 today and decided to head up and try our luck at Sumas. Mister Windtalker was reporting gusts to 20 mph E so we were hoping for some soaring. When we got to the second gate, it was unlocked, so we were able to drive a bit farther than usual and shorten our snowshoeing a little, which seemed like a great idea at the time. Another hour or so of walking and we are at launch, with little to no wind and the occasional gust over the back, where had our 20 mph gone??? ….mysterious…. We tried the higher wind launch, but ended up back at the larger launch, where there was more room for error. The wind was coming up very light to zero now, and Tom launched first after a mysterious abort. Little Dan was next and also had a very fast snowshoe run launch. Art launched last and got it right the first time. Save for a little issue with a runaway seatboad (mysterious!), everyone had nice sledders to the LZ, where we found out our driver was stuck behind the now locked upper gate. @#$%ing mysterious! We called 9-1-1 (always a good choice when you don’t know who else to call), and they send a grumpy fireman up to open the gate. How exactly someone managed to lock the gate and not notice the vehicle still inside is still a mystery, but in the future, probably best to park below the gate and save the trouble. Meanwhile, Little Dan went on an entertaining hitchhike ride back to retrieve Tom’s truck from exit 95 with a local who suggested that the solution to our problem might be to “jump it with a dirtbike”….I don’t think he was very clear on the details of our problem, but it sure sounded cool, and the ride was very helpful nonetheless. We finished off the mysterious adventure day with some mysterious-adventure-meat burgers at Schnitzelz, and everyone headed home. Tom always seems to somehow come through when it comes to surprise adventure, I think it follows him around or something.

Little dan



" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "






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