Vancouver Paragliding Log Book

Abbreviations: nw=no wind / cat=catibatic / sy = sunny / bo = blown out / tt= too thermic / ra= rain / ++ = amazing / uk = unknown/ nl = no lift / lt = light thermals / st =strong thermals / ps = partly sunny cr =cross wind

Date Site Name Weather
Dec 19 Hemlock foggy

Low clouds/fog encouraged us (Aaron, Andrei, Grama and Paddy) to try a new site, well new for most of us – Hemlock. Once we arrived, we discovered that the history of the previous pilots had not faded but grown to stories of almost hitting the chair lift and expensive tree extraction; also the lift rate was increased to full fare. After about half an hour we were able to talk with the site manager and he agreed to a $16 a day ticket and full refund if it was not flyable – perfect. Light cross wind on launch with mixed visibility (fog). I went first on my “new” Infinity II and was tricked by sudden sink at the last 100’ and missed my spot by more than 100’! Despite my guidance Paddy also land short. By the time Aaron launch, on his brand new Air Wolf, conditions were back to normal (no wind) but over shot his spot landing in an empty parking lot (his plan B LZ). After many attempts, Elena step down to let Andrei take his flight. Time was ticking so I decided to trade lunch for a couple of cookies and the best granola bar ever (complements of Aaron’s mom). Aaron generously let me fly his Airwolf – after a couple of practice inflations I launched. Right off I could tell this wing was one of the most maneuverable wings I’ve ever flown: very easy to do huge wing overs, but to my surprise big ears are self clearing. With a minimum of extra turns, I was only able to try a few SIV tricks before spot landing – a super fun wing! It’s hard to tell how good a wing is without thermals and other wings to compare to, so Aaron will have to be my test pilot once he returns to La La Land. I guess the Infinity was not to happy to be orphaned in Canada, and almost deposited Aaron in the bushes (just short) of the spot, but a few “come on baby” and he landing near the spot. Andrei , after many attempts, finally launched and was dropped five metres in the Plan B LZ – either caused by too much brake (sin #1), rotor, or his old wing going parachutal.  In the end Elena got to ride down the chair and would get to fly Hemlock another day.

In summary Hemlock is not for new pilots.

Dec 12 Sumas very nice

We were surprised to see a new gate at Sumas, but no problem, both Andrei and Marshall brought their hiking legs (as usual). Slight cross wind on launch, but we all aced our launches in the thick winter air. I always enjoy the smoothness of a winter flight, kind of like powder skiing on an empty run – time for some wing overs and other fun tricks. Sadly probably the last flight for 2009. My log book say that I did more tandems this year than solo flights 130 in total.

Nov 1 Woodside awesome
I had one of my favorite solo flights of the year. Quite a few pilots showed up last minute at Exit95, with hope of sharing a ride up Sumas, I guess, but Woodside was the place to be.

Alex B launched first and had a great ½ hour+ flight getting just above launch, and eventually a rough landing (report to follow). A nervous Clif followed with a nice launch, but struggled to stay up. New student Sandra and I had a solid launch, but there was no lift to be found. Second flights: once Wally, and Clif were on their way to the LZ, the sun came back out, leaving me no choice but to fly. Some light thermals at first but in no time I was at the clouds. To my surprise there were three eagles already inside the cloud. The clouds were not too dense so I was able to maintain a constant view of the ground. Wally became our volunteer driver (after he lost his special break toggle) forcing me to take one more flight on my Magus. Felt like an early spring flight – fun but cold on the fingers.

Oct 24 Woodside smooth
A weird start to the day with Patti needing stitches, a few last minute sign ups, and finally gear being left at the LZ; but somehow we all had a great day. Peter and Patti took turns getting high in the fat cool air, while the other pilots John, Alex B and Clif tried to remember how to launch. The peer pressure was too much for Clif and I eventually helped him with a “high wind forward” launch (not the way I like to do my launches, but it worked).
P&C messed around too low and finally landed at Riverside, while the rest landed at Harvest Dykes. I top landed and waited for the boys to arrive. Watched a scary launch, by a “new” pilot - if you don’t crash then it wasn’t a bad launch – right?
Just when I though my boys are better, John proved me wrong when he turned too early (on his reverse) and almost hit the trees on his right (perhaps he’ll write up his story for all to learn from?). After everyone was I flying I joined them for about an hour of super smooth soaring) and some nice landings.
Oct 18 Bridal Falls overcast
It took awhile, but finally it stopped raining. Today’s Deimosians included: Babushka (AKA Grama, AKA ACRO Girl, AKA Elena K), John, Alex B., and my newest student Dean. Wally showed up too, but was too tired to fly (from sewing his wing back to health until the wee hours).
Our first round included a mandatory abort (due to the long time away from any training or high flight). Babushka went first being the senior pilot (weird eh?), then the rest. I was reluctant to launch due to my sore back, but eventually the call was too strong to ignore and Dean and I were finally airborne. Second flights were a little more exciting with everyone trying some baby acro, including Andrei. Check out the pilot of the week for more details…
Oct 12 Hedley, Iron Mt windy
After suffering another loss at Settlers, I was a little depressed and not quite ready to fly – turns out conditions were unsafe for new pilots so only some of the intermediate pilots flew. After a quick lunch, we played at Iron Mt, but eventually the conditions were too strong even for me – lots of fun while it was on.
Oct 11 Hedley nice, cold
Another day of soaring with everyone getting two or three more long flights and some more small XC flights – no pilots made it to Keremeos.
Oct 10 Hedley nice, cold
We arrived just in time for the afternoon flights: Deimosian’s in tow include (Andrei and Babushka, Elena –T, Andrew, P&C, Art and my self. After watching quite a few bad launches, my boys and girls did me proud with lots of fine launches, XC flights and smooth landings. The high lite for me was flying with the Peter’s around the mine (finally).
Art’s family made some big announcements and followed it up with a huge pork meal – yummy stuff!
Oct 9 Diefenbaker smooth
Nice conditions for Kumar and Yue li tofday – each getting lots of air time.
Oct 7 Sumas nice
You could hear the wind in the trees when we first arrived (not a good sign); but by the time we finished trimming back the weeds conditions were fine for Gerry’s first Sumas flight. Gerry’s first abort was fine, but on his second (forward launch) he panic and almost stalled his wing. I should have doubled check his set up (after his abort), but instead I left it up to him and he had a few problems (full report coming soon). Once clear of launch the conditions could not have been smoother. After about half an hour I tried some small XC but sank out – another very nice day of flying! Laura could not join us on time and managed her our adventures at Bridal.
Oct 4 Blackie Spit windy
Too windy for the second weekend in a row, and Whidbey seemed high risk, so I called for another training session, this time at Blackie Spit. Louise was first in the air followed by Svetlana. After some “discussion” Louise discovered the power of the D-Riser – the best way to handle high wind launches. Next week we plan to fly in the USA!
Oct 3 Gary point windy
We first met at Diefenbaker, but the west wind meant a little more driving – this time to Gary Point (the kite capital of Richmond)! While Laura and Elena T were battling the wind gods, I was focusing on my newest student Svetlana. I think everyone got some air time if they wanted it or not.
Sept 26 Bridal windy
I took a chance that the upper winds would not destroy our chances of flying, since the WEB cam showed zero wind at Bridal; however by the time we were at the Bridal LZ the wind was already too much(15 to 20 mph). So instead we spend a few hours kiting in Agassiz.
Sept 25 Burnaby Mt cross
BM was great at 3:30, but when the boys (and girl) arrived at 6pm, it was a little too late - the wind was more SE. For Kumar, Alex B, JC and Elena they manage some nice inflations and the odd flight (Hans had car trouble and DNS).
Sept 20 Woodside then Bridal Spring like

A frustrating start to the day with three tandems not bothering to show up, followed by some students arriving late and not ready to fly – easy work for my driver Hans he got to stand around for almost two hours. Spring conditions today – weird mixed up thermals, every now and then, likely caused by the light east wind. The difficult conditions on launch were too much for some of the students from the other school; but my boys did slightly better and managed to climb about 1000’ over launch. Elena (Grama) and I had a fun flight and would have flown XC to Harrison if Patti had managed a better flight – maybe next time. Lighter conditions at Bridal for Kumar, Ryan, Bill, Gerry, Elena and Lawrence getting a couple of nice soaring flights.
Meanwhile....other Deimosians (too many to list) were adventure flying off Cheam and upper launch – but you’ll need to read their flight logs for more details. The beer went down great today - many thanks!

Sept 19 Whidbey then Blanchard cr
Another fun boarding crossing with an extra long interview – even had to show my drivers license! A fun crew at Whidbey: Zenon, Andrew, Andrei, Grama, Louise and Marshal, but alas only the intermediate pilots could fly (and myself). When we first got there I saw Andrew fully testing out each side of his harness – time for some helpers (ballast). While ground handling in high winds, I tweaked out my back (again) trying too hard to stall my Sigma with the D risers, so had to watch the last few hours of fun. We finished with everyone getting a quickie off Blanchard and some “fine” food at the local bar. Marshall - see you in three months my crazy friend.
Sept 18 Burnaby Mt cr
Crappy conditions at BM tonight, but new students Marshall, Kumar, Yue and Mark did pretty well considering. Only Andrew, I think managed to fly top to bottom. Elena T was last to roll up determined to master her reverse launch. Leon - thanks for your help.
Sept 15 Bridal lt
I met Wally at 8:30am for our tree adventure. Easy 45 minute hike with some bush whacking and we were at the base of this very high tree (+38 meters with no branches until about 25 meters). I used climbing spurs mixed with nailing (aid technique) to reach the top in about an hour +. I was making good time until the branches got in the way. Finally the wing was on the ground and time to head back. Feeling quite tired (not use to the climbing business) I decided to take a cool down flight. My plan was no acro, but the wing overs were too much fun so I added a few other tricks. Looks like Wally’s BG will live to fly another day (just one broken line).
Sept 13 Upper Bridal strong
Jo and Lawrence continued their hospitality with a full Auzzie style breakfast – many thanks, and then Andrew and I went to replace the Bridal Web Camera dome. I discovered that the bury opticals was caused mostly from the camera lens (it has started to melt and delaminate) – hard to say how many more years we can get out of this camera in +50 degrees C. The small crew of Andrew, Bradley, Elena T, Gerry (tandem passenger) and finally Marshal, slowly made to upper launch. I was surprised to see Wally’s truck at 1100m and no offer to team up on the drive (I guess destiny was calling)? Carrying all the tandem gear was a little hard for me, but just what I needed. Before I could catch up to Wally he called me to announce his first tree landing on Alan’s ridge. This sounded like a SAR event, so I called 911; but someone beat me to it – they were already on their way. Only 4-5 hours later, he was back on the ground in one piece - not sure about the wing (it spent the night in the trees). At the same time Marshall was having his own mini adventure: but that’s another story…
Sept 12 MIssion Hill, Woodside easy
A weekend of Mayham. Lots of goofy landings at Harvest Dykes, with Alex and others putting their wings in the bushes or landing dangerously long. While Brad and I had great fun with our German friends – too bad they had to leave, a few of the girls are ready to become pilots. The night was capped off with the usual Wildcat action followed by a rowdy game of poker at Lawrence’s place – I finally got to see Andrew talking at a normal volume, but at the cost of 3-4 beers – fun stuff. Andrew won.
Sept 11 Blakie Spit ok
Light conditions for Kumar, Elena T and Alex B.
Sept 4 Saddle Really BO
I woke up to my tent slapping me silly at 7am (40 kph winds this time) – time for breakfast. Desert Aire was closed so we had to make our own food – no problem: oatmeal, cereal, fruit and coffee. We were all hopeful for more flying, but in the end JC, Clif and I sacrificed our flying to allow Peter and Claudia and better chance on Monday.
Sept 3 Saddle BO
Peter, Claudia and myself were probably the only local pilots to get any air time this weekend. We were too lazy to drive all the way back to Saddle so instead we went searching for a new site now known as “Broke Back Mt” and “Peter’s Ridge”. By the time Clif and JC were ready to fly a huge gust front (measuring 70 kph) blasted in, leaving us no choice by to try and fly with just our jackets. We filled the remaining time looking for the lost/stolen muffin (someone just confess already!) and a few fun card games.
Sept 2 Woodside smooth
A casual start to a casual day. We could see a couple of pilots above launch at Woody so it became the site of the day. Some interesting aborts from Wally, Clif and Lawrence but eventually they left Gerry and I for his first Mt Woodside flight. Second and third flights were smooth and easy.
Aug 30 Bridal Awesome
The early birds Elena and Clif got the first flights, but Stef was more than 30 minutes late and had to hang out in the LZ and watch. Clif keep his keys so she could not even start kiting. Once he landed Stef started warming up. Since today was going to be Stef’s first solo flight, I spent an extra hour with just her, but progress was slow (jitters maybe?). Eventually Peter and the Cheam team (Andrei, Claudia and Ryan) were in the LZ except Wally, he had launch suck, and could not come down. Stef had to be at work soon so up we went. A nice launch and an extra long first flight, probably a bit too much, but after more than a month of training I really wanted her to fly today. Grama, Elena T, Clif and the rest all had nice launches and extra long flights. I rush up with Driver Hans and Elena T for one more flight. We just barely made it (see tips report).
Aug 29 Upper Bridal Awesome
I had a small “experience” crew today so I thought it was time for an adventure flight (Adventure Tom style). Before Grama could back out (with her soar foot excuse), Wally and I had transferred her gear to our packs, and JC and John C, took the remaining items that would not fit. We had a nice hike up to upper Bridal, but when we got there the clouds quickly formed delaying our launches. This marked a good time to lower the bushes and eat them at the same time (blue berry). Wally lead the team, followed by John, Elena and JC – sadly only Wally (and myself) came prepared with a compass, but promises were made for next time.
We all had amazing flights touching the clouds as they formed near by.
Aug 28 Burnaby Mt crap
Crappy conditions (SE) but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (Alex, JC, Stef, John C, John Cx2, Gany and Elena T). Once Peter and Andrew finished their Intermediate exams they did a great job helping everyone - thanks. Leon arrived just as we were packing up.
Aug 27 Bridal flat
The lame conditions (NE) discouraged me from heading out to the valley, but since there were quite a few students, mostly intermediate, I changed my mind. I spent the first hour repacking Harv’s parachute (four years over due), then headed up with Peter, Patrick, Claudia and Andrei. I had a smooth extended flight on my Magus, while Peter barely survived his challenge to beat me to the ground – crazy to watch! Note to all intermediate pilots: before going full speed on your spiral dives, make sure you know how to exit exactly on course. Congrats to Andrei – he just finished our intermediate course, he just need a few more soaring flights for his rating.
Aug 26 Bridal east
Some NE wind this morning meant a late start for Bridal. Students Olivier and Stef-ani were my tandems today, while Clif and Gerry add a few more flights to their logbook.
Just when Clif thought that this landing stuff is too easy he almost joined the JC swimming team (almost). I find that when the East wind is about the take off and landings are quite tricky – upper launch is the way to go usually.
Aug 23 Sumas Upper Bridal nice
Plan A was to fly Sumas, Elk, Upper Bridal and Woodside (The Grand Slam), however once we learned that Sumas was not flyable, Elena and Jeremy and I turned around and hiked up to Upper Bridal. Some great flying there, Elena’s best flight to date, I’m sure.
I watched Wally (who launched from Cheam with Andrew, Andrei amd Lousie) get sucked up into a cloud, but I used big ears and was able to avoid most of the white stuff. My next flight with new student Brian was amazing, climbed to about 1200m and did about an hour of XC flying. Thanks for the free beer (from someone – Andrei?).
Aug 22 Woodside Bridal Very nice
We started at Woodside (weird to see it empty), then after I canceled all student flights (Gany and I) flew to 1200m and finally to Harvest Market, Lousie, Ryan, Brad followed.
Better conditions at Bridal, so everyone (JC, Elena T, Grandma, JC, Alex, John and Clif) got to fly except Gany (he had to go home). I had a great tandem flight with Alice and did some XC flying, then once Elena won the WLOFD award and JC was a close second, I decided to play a joke on instructor Bradley: pretend to JC and botch some novice maneuvers (severely), but Bradley figured it out after my SAT and Heli attempts.
Aug 21 Burnaby Mt ***

Another fun night at Burnaby Mt.: Harv (AKA the ringer) shows up after MIA for four plus years, and flying his trusty Aeros Accent, clears the path and sets the mark for the best glide – unbelievable! Some controversy when he touched a tree on his next flight, but I decided that his first flight should remain valid. Jeremy came a very close second (less a few meters), but in the end he won the grand prize (in a draw), a new Flytec wind meter ($100+) - which is what he really wanted. The Solo B was easy (for me) when I simply flew almost around to the front of the trees, only Andrew (or maybe Peter) could barely get close enough to see my marker. The Team C event switched between last year’s champs (Wil and I) and the Peter and Andrew team, and few times, but in the end the old farts were able to edge out the young boys by a mere three feet. Almost everyone won a nice prize including, $50 or $25 gift cards from the running room, vegi chilli , Westcomb pull over, Deimos shirts, X-Alps DVD and much more. In the end a total of $310 was donated to the Bridal web camera.
Many thanks to Wil and Clif for there support and everyone that came out a played.

See you all next year!

Aug 20 Bridal lt
The day started out with strong wind but later it mellowed out, so I called the boys and girls for a 4pm start. After just two hours we were finally on launch. The early birds got some height (Rob, Robin and Louise) while Wally, Clif, Lawrence, and I was forced to fly either extended sled rides or crazy acro. Laura was our driver this time.
Aug 19 Blanchard Whidbey lt
A private lesson for my cousin John: first a quick flight off Blanchard and then lots of reverse and forward kiting at Whidbey. The wind line almost made it to shore at one point, but alas we were shut down.
Aug 16 Woodside Bridal ++++
The Brad team were able to fly five more tandems, while I managed the last four. An exciting day for Clif: he needed only two more controlled flights for his Novice rating (and some minor kiting maneuvers), so I gave him a secondary challenge – fly longer than Wally or Jeremy. I guess the challenge was too hard to comprehend, resulting in his worst launch to date (50% collapse) but he managed, somehow, to get airborne. Clif tried very hard to pass his challenge, but you need to fly for more than six hours to beat these guys – he probably flew for almost three hours however. Just when I thought Clif would get the WLOTD award, one of Dion’s boys did a spectacular sideways skid launch, bumping Clif into second place. Elena T took a solid third place with her full frontal followed by the comments “what was the sound?”; where Mike and I took fourth place with our sloppy take off just right of the flag. Good to see the other Deimosians (Peter, Claudia, Louise, and Andrew) return home from their Black Mt adventures (this time in one piece).
Aug 15 Woodside Bridal cloudy
Teaming up with team Brad, we were able to fly ten tandems. The Woodside flights were fun with the clouds being just a few hundred few away – some would say less than 500’ but no one was really checking (or caring). Note; if the clouds are close make sure you have a compass!
Our next flights were at Bridal with another group of tandems and solo pilots John, Jerry Clif and Grandma– extended sled rides mostly.
Aug 14 Diefenbaker +++
Again very nice training conditions at Deifenbaker Park. Everyone had some air time, but it was Nigel that caught my full attention when he started going up and his hands started going down (at the same time) – even my yelling would not stop him from stalling his wing; luckily he was on the Vitamin and the wing gently lowered him back to the ground (from 20' up). Alex and Jerry had good success with both forward and reverse launches.
Aug 12 Woodside then Bridal strong
Strong conditions today at Woodside. I have been waiting for this day to take Clif on his first Titanic ride, but in the end we could only manage a small Titanic and lots of wing overs – fun stuff. We had the usual –6m/s sink just before landing but my Big Ears keep every thing in order and a very soft (uneventful) landing. Bridal was quite cross (south 15-20kph), but those that flew (Wally, Peter, Claudia, Lawrence, Clif, Karen and Eddie (but not Grandma) had up to two hours of air time.
Aug 9 Bridal smooth
Another fine day at the office. With the help of my new driver Mike, most pilots were able to get up to four flights today. My second flight with Nathan was amazing, super smooth, chased a hawk around for 10 minutes and climbed almost to the clouds. Mostly solid launches for everyone, including Shane, Wally, Lawrence, Patty, Andrew, Peter, Claudia, Elena T, Gerry (first solos), Clif, and yes Grandma. Gany did his second high flight with a “less-than-perfect” take off (strange since we spent weeks working on it) – sometime panic can really take over and mess things up nicely; but in the end Andrew was able to guide him into LZ for a nice landing (so I heard). Top score for Andrew and Peter this weekend, stepping in for Tonya (MIA due to rain in Burnaby – never judge the weather at Bridal by looking only out your kitchen window, or living window!).
Aug 8 Bridal smooth
Nice student conditions today with Laura placing 1st (longest flight about 45 minutes) and 3rd (worst launch) – she was in a solid second position until visiting pilot Shane clearly used up one of his luck coupons and jumped in to first place. The A team (Andrew and Andrei) were tops in my book for best acro and most helpful – much appreciated. Good launches generally from JC, John, Lawrence, Elena T, Clif, Alex B, and Grandma! Not quite a beer day for me but a good idea no the less - thanks JC!
Aug 7 Diefenbaker Park nice
Another busy training night with a special visit from an old student Harv (Wally’s neighbour). Some great progress from Elena, Gerry, John, Clifton, Alex, JC, Gany and Nigel, however with the South wind we were forced to share just one take off. Fun stuff!
Aug 6 Blackie Spit nice
Private lessons for my lovely ladies, Laura and Elena. Nice wind conditions overall – I should try to hold more of these private sessions; there was some nice progress
Aug 5 Bridal smooth
A fun day of flying. Toler join us today, but it’s been a long time since his last flight so he needed some training before we could head up. After a few planned aborts Toler, Lawrence and Wally were all in the air. Since Wally was still stuck in the sky (a common problem with him these days), we regrouped (with Doug and Lawrence) and headed up for our second flights. Some of the nicest air ever! After about an hour, and it was starting to get dark, so I ordered everyone, including Wally, to land. Fun stuff!
Aug 3 Ephistone ++++
Soaring Man (Fred) took Shane and I on an adventure day up Ephistone. Very tough road up, nasty launch, extra long glide and tight LZ. I went first, after 3-4 aborts, and quickly climbed above the mountain for some spectacular island views. I saw Shane launch then head south to explore the next ridge. Unfortunately, the air was sinking too much to risk a return flight to launch (no LZ possible if I failed); so I headed out to the beach in some of the smoothest air ever. Fred landed second followed by “I-forgot- how-to-land-this-acro-wing-because-I-have-not -flown-since-Mother's-day” Shane (no pictures to follow, but maybe he’ll write up something). Meanwhile Tonya gave Lawrence a private lesson off Woodside and Bridal (I think).
Aug 1 Bridal Nice
A great day of flying, thanks to my new driver Hans. Layne was able to complete the last of his maneuvers (spiral) and receive his novice rating. Doug, Alex, Lawrence, and John were impressed with Layne’s acro show (although a little too exciting at times). Doug was able to complete his first two solo flights before it got too windy (thanks to Bob and Tonya). After a short brake and we were back at it, this time only the “hard core team “ of Lawrence, John and Alex got to fly. Conditions were eventually too difficult for Elena and I (better to drive down).
July 31 Burnaby Mt cr
The SE wind kept most of us on the flat part of the mountain; it was only some “self taught” pilots that tried to fly from the top. I asked/told them that they need to wear a helmet and have HPAC insurance to train at Burnaby Mt, but got the classic response. In my response I took their picture for my records, which prompted them to call the police! I showed the police where in states (in our Burnaby Parks agreement) that you need insurance but even then these morons would not listen to three officers. Hopefully this won’t happen again otherwise we could loose this site (again). This BS took away an hour of my time, but Leon managed the group without me (Elena, Doug, Jerry, Gany, Kumar and Nigel).
July 30 Bridal Very hot
It’s not all fun a games!

I recruited Clif to help me cut down some trees, to help see Bridal take off better; and clean the camera dome (first time in two years). Lawrence arrived just in time for our first flight. Some exciting launches from both boys, just to prove my point – practice, practice, practice. Clif owns his own wing now, so no more excuses (except it’s too hot).
Our third flights were canceled, as predicted by Clif, due to a sudden 30-40 kph wind from the East. This gave us a moment to kick back to a cold beer (thanks Lawrence).

July 29 Bridal Super Hot
Super hot day, but still we took the time to practice our aborts - always a good idea when you are trying out a new harness or wing. Easy launches from Clif, John and myself with just a hint of lift. Things were delayed slightly when I pulled a no brainer and forgot my tandem wing at home, but Ivan was able to retrieve it just in time for Stef and I to fly, then later Elena T. Lawrence and Kumar joined in the fun for final flights, however the katabatic wind had arrived making it too dangerous for Kumar’s flight.
July 26 Bridal Smooth
The low cloud base, this morning, gave Lawrence and JC a chance to perfect their launches. Around noon, the clouds finally started moving upward and so did we. My first flight was with the charming Claire, but not before Lawrence and JC were air born (nice launches). Second flights were more adventurous. I invited Peter to join me (and Chris) on our way to Cheam, however, Lawrence thought that I wanted him to follow too (not a good idea to fly XC without checking out the LZ first). I ended our tandem flight a little early to help guide Peter and Lawrence into LZ1A. The heat must have been getting to us: a big frontal (and abort) from Claudia; and near miss from Lawrence (tried to abort) and a close call for me when my passenger (Laura) sat down near the edge. Almost a beer kind of day but I had to drive so better go for a soda!
July 25 Woodside T-Storm
We had some difficulty with our warm up training, that later lead to extra delays and eventually no student flights; however myself, Layne and Wil managed a flight before the thunder started.
July 24 Winskil then Deifenbaker smooth
The West wind kept us kiting until 7pm in the Winskill field, then as predicted, the SE wind arrived. Layne, and JC packed up to head home, while the others, John, Doug and Nigel, were rewarded with perfect launch conditions – I wish we could have stayed longer!
July 23 Bridal smooth
Dreamy conditions for Andrew to test out his new girl friend (Obsession II). Clif and I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to launch the Edel Atlas (AKA PW), eventually rolling it up for the Aeros Accent. Cloud base was just above launch, so easy smooth lift everywhere. Andrew and I took turns top landing so I could fly. Fun stuff!
July 22 Bridal *****
Such a fun day. Tim, Clif, Lawrence and my tandem were all ready to go at 1pm, but no driver. Then Steve (and his wife) showed up (a FlyBC student) looking for a ride up (just to look around)– problem solved. Tim reluctantly went first , followed by the rest. My passenger felt a bit weird and we opted to land after about 40 minutes (world's softest landing). On our next flights Tonya and hubby, Jeremy W. join us. Lots of baby acro by all. Jeremy saved the day by doing his first top landing/crash to drive Andrei’s car. Clif recored a max +6.6 m/s lift, but generally smooth air everywhere.
July 19 Bridal *****x10
One of the best flying days in months! Great student conditions to start with, but then around 1pm the conditions were too much, and time for the intermediate pilots to XC. Most flew to Elk and back. After Clif’s sacrifice for the team, conditions could not be nicer: we all flew for 2-3 hours in glass off conditions. Wally set a new flying record of more than six hours in the air! Dinner was postponed due to one hour of post flying talk and well-appreciated beers in the LZ. If you stayed home today – you really missed a great day!
July 18 Bridal sy bo
We started a little earlier than usual, but still we could not all fly. Probably a good thing, ‘cause it would have been difficult to land Elena (if she did get air born). It was expensive for me to cancel the remaining tandems, and student flights, but the safest move. The lucky fliers were John, Lawrence and Ed. The Elk team were also successful with 45 minute flights (Peter, Andrew and Andrei).
July 17 Bridal **
Laura and Patty arrived a little too late for the first flights with Louise and myself – Louse got to test fly my Obsession while I managed a quick flight and top landing. Next on my list, time for some XC flying for intermediate students Louise, Patty and Laura. We first checkout (LZ1A) then headed up. By the time I launched Louise was below launch, but Patty and Laura were a few hundred feet above – time to go! It took awhile but finally Laura climbed up to join me at 1100m (Patty landed around this time), and Louise finally left BRTO. Once at Laura’s ridge we climbed fast to about 1000’ over the ridge and waited for Louise to arrive. Laura and I were almost at BUTF when it was time to head back. Just like kids in a candy store, the girls would not follow instructions and played a little too long. After about 15 minutes they finally realized that the wind was picking up and it was time to head back. Laura join me in LZ1A while Louise made it back to BRTO. I was probably going to arrive at Burnaby Mt. about 5 minutes late, but at Chilliwack I realized that I had left most of the harnesses with Louise (and had to head back to LZ1A). After all this effort, a small number of students did not show up, providing private 1:1 lessons for Doug, Allan and John.
July 16

Upper launch,

Bridal Falls

I was in the mood for some adventure and exercise, so Upper Bridal was the site of the day. Hikers included Wally, Rachael, JC and Andrew. Solid launches from all and we were all flying in super smooth lift.

It took a long time to regroup (I had to drive up again to retrieve my truck and drop of some more pilots). Next were Lawrence, Louise, Andrew, Elena and Clifton. Lawrence got the b.l.o.t.d. award and Elena joined up on JC swimming team. Just to round off the day, JC had a minor incident driving down Wally’s truck. Overall, not too bad of a day.

July 15 Burnaby Mt ****
The rare NW wind was at Burnaby Mt tonight offering lots of fun flights from the top – we should have started earlier.
July 12 Bridal Falls bo
The BFAR event was a great success with my students taking five out of six flying awards – congrats to Karin (quickest and highest climb), Jeremy (best XC), Laura (longest flight), and Owen (closest to one hour). The party was great with tonnes of free gifts, great food and dancing. Congrats to Wil for winning this year's WCSC Rookie of the year award.

The West wind arrived at 9am – not a good sign. By the time we got to launch conditions were almost blown out. A few Deimosian’s were already in the air, Claudia, Peter, Layne and Andrew and reports of tough landings (some including speed bar just to stay in front of the trees). My BFAR tandem had me challenged with many aborts, at one point I had packed up but then the conditions changed at it was flyable again. One more abort, which was more like a blind-sided tackle, and we were flying. Afterwards, I was feeling tired so better to head home. Another fun weekend of flying.

July 11 Woodside then Bridal st sy
Some mix air conditions at Woodside, so I canceled most of the student flights – Elena had some problems landing at Harvest Dyke (report to follow?), while Warren had a “perfect” landing apparently; while I took Lawerence on his second tandem to orient him to Woodside for future flights. The latecomers Alex B, Gany, layne and others were egar to fly Bridal so up we went. Conditions were still too strong for the newbies but perfect for Laura and Jeremy to join me on a little XC adventure to Cheam and back: some nervous moments for Laura, when she got quite low and no where to land, but she managed a low save and recovered for a very long flight (3+ hours). Meanwhile Andrew, Peter, Claudia and other were above Cheam for their highest flight ever – some were higher than 10,000’!.
After things mellowed out Tanya helped me launch Gany and Lawrence for their first solo flights, while I got to fly around with Tanya’s student John.
July 10 Bridal then Burnaby Mt +++
Some extremely fun flights with Jay and Sylvia, then off to Burnaby Mt for some evening training in light condtions. On my tandem with Sylvia we had a very close encounter with the local Peregrine stopping just a couple of meters from our faces – wild stuff!
July 9 Blackie Spit lt
Outstanding progress today with Lawrence now ready for his first high flight this weekend. The other members of the "L team" showed up: Louise, Laura and Lolly Poppins. Special guest appearance from Matt Ashley and Movie Dave.
July 5 Bridal Falls lt
Great student conditions, but a hard day for Stein and I trying to do our seven tandems – but we did.
Some interesting moments when John’s radio would not stop transmitting, but it finally worked properly just before landing. Lots of long landings today, from my self, John, JC and Alex; but not as bad as the visiting pilots (draping the Bridal sign and parked cars)!
Remember to head to the golf course if you plan to over shoot the LZ.
July 4 Bridal Falls ******

Some smooth flights for Elena and not so perfect launches from Warren and Layne, and slightly long landings again; while I guided Laura on her longest XC flight towards Buttlerfly and back (2-3 hours)! Great flying from Andrew today: he launched first and stay up for hours while every other pilot landed; then performed a sort of top landing (not quite a crash from my point of view).

July 3 Bridal Falls *****
Had some fun today (tandem with Dylan and Greg). Took Greg or a short but exciting acro flight; then Dylan on a nice XC flight to Cheam and back, then at 3000’ we started the requested Titanic but it was too much for Dylan and we ended it as quick as possible. Wally finished his last novice maneuver (while I guided him from the air) – looks like he has passed the exam so he is free to fly whenever he wants.
July 2 Bridal Falls ++++
A quite morning with Elena and Cliff doing up to three flights each; then later Laura and Wally joined in the fun. Lots of fun acro for Laura and Wally, which allowed Wally to finish all of the Deimos novice maneuvers (he just needs to pass the exam for his rating now) – piece of cake right Wally! The high light for me was SATing the Body guard on my first try! Tried to Heli but the brake pressure was too high for my weak arms.
July 1 Winskill Park bo
A fun night despite the high winds. Warren took off a little too early and miss out on all the fun. Every one got a chance at keeping the wing over head, but helpers were needed. Only Alex, Cliff and Bernhard were actually able to “launch”.
June 28 Bridal st
Once Wally and I finished fixing his truck (new power steering hose), Gany and Elena were ready to head up to launch (Allan wanted to stay down and kite some more – hard core indeed). Strong conditions eliminated all student flights (except Wally's and our two tandems, Mike and Jennette). By the time we launched, Mike was already approaching the one hour mark and asked for some
‘Stein acro” - maybe bitting off more than he could chew? Some weird sinking air at about 60’ but a soft landing for me and Jennette. Next flights included Tabatha and her brother – slightly smoother conditions to almost 6000’ where I had to manage an easy 50+ % collapse? My passenger was unfazed so we headed out and did a huge spiral and some nice Titanic style wing overs - staring at 4000'. Fun stuff. Stein had one more tandem so I had and chance to catch up to Wally and Louise now in the air for three hours! I flew next to Louise to tweak her wing overs and try the same with Wally. Wally was high enough for his first spiral dive, but decided it was best saved for another day – too tired I guess.
June 27 Woodside then Bridal st
Conditions switched from student to advance in just 30 minutes. We (Kumar and I) flew with Leon to Bill Best field and got dropped hard from about 50’, but since we were already ears the landing was very soft (love the big ear landings). Leon had a 60+ collapse at about 80’ but recovered nicely (scary to watch). Bumpy flying on our next flight to Harvest Market with Bernhard with some nice climbs.
June 26 Woodside bo
A great first flight for my new student Allan, almost touching the clouds over Woodside; but when I saw Wally and Patty rocket upward I thought that this was getting a little too hot and time to land. At the Koffee Kettle we hooked up with my newest student Doug and tried to fly tandem; however the cross, gusty conditions were a little too much. An hour plus drive back to Burnaby Mt to teach the dozen of so pilots now waiting patently and watching some dangerous flying from a couple of visiting pilots - showing the boys how NOT to fly. Great conditions tonight with almost every pilot getting a few seconds of air time.
June 23 Bridal sy
I managed to brake away from the office and family for a couple of flights with Wally, Elena and Andrei – however Wally’s work had other plans for him and he was quite late. In the end we could only fly once each. Wally and I, still managed to climb above launch and do a quick Titanic; while Elena had her best flight out flying Andrei and her first soaring flight of about half an hour.
June 20 Woodside then Bridal st
Our extra slow and disorganized start (student arriving one hour late and no vehicle in the LZ) meant that all students could not fly (too windy), however Kevin and I both had great flights with our passengers. We eventually headed over to Bridal for some easier flights. Peter was wind dummy and was soaring nicely, followed by Claudia, Layne, Wally, Alex B, Elena and finally Warren on his first solo flight. Some tense moments when Elena’s radio went dead and she had to land her self (she had more than ten flights so no problem). I must have a truck curse lately, because Wally's truck is now sick too!
June 19 Deifenbaker +++
A busy night with more than a dozen pilots playing in various wind speeds: the new students Bernhard, Iris, Gany and Kumar all had nice little flights. Bernhard managed his first reverse launch but later showed that it’s harder than it looks! Thanks to Andrew, Leon, Wil, Layne and Alex for your help.
June 18 Bridal lt
A private lesson for Wally today, but I had to cut the day short to try and repair my truck. Wally is starting to explore a little to much and end up missing the LZ (slightly), while I had the pleasure of testing a new wing by Mac PARA – Eden 4. This handles like a Aeros Vitamin but with better glide and sink rate, launch was straight but required some pull to bring it up – a good choice for my school.
June 14 Cooper ****x8

Last day of the comp. Timing was every thing today. While most of the Deimosians waited for the cloud to move before launching, we slowly watched pilot after pilot sink out from 3000' and land. My plan was to fly with Robin S and compare wings – Addict vs Magus, however he had a small knot in his lines which forced him to top land after about 45 minutes. The other leaders and I were all close to base (6000’) but I decided to take off first (in the lead at this point) and quickly tag the first turn point. Once there I did a 180 and headed back to take off to climb to base while everyone else few directly to the Saddle (big mistake for most pilots and almost everyone landed within half an hour). I though I was locked in first place until (somehow) I saw Claudio our leader ten minutes in front of me) – I’m still not sure how he climbed out of the shadows. I followed him to the next turn point but arrived a little too low to climb out and eventually landed a few km short of Claudio. I felt that I flew perfectly and was quite happy with my 3rd for the day score. When the dust settled Andrew finished 2nd in his class and won $200, Louise finish first in the women’s class and Patty finished 4th in his class. A great "team" score for Deimos Paragliding with five or so pilots in the top 15 spots.

click here for more fun GPS stuff

Lumby Winner's:

Patty (Intermediate Class -4th), Andrew (Intermediate Class - 2nd), Lousie (Women's 1st place), Tom (Overall - 5th).

June 13 Saddle thurnder storm
Our next day of flying started off okay, but soon a large thunderstorm developed bringing lots of cold air and sink. Instead we played the “who can launch in catabatic conditions” game and then spot land for $200. I hit the spot within 6”, but had too much speed and required five more steps for a 13 foot score (no money for me). Later we all headed up to the Saddle launch and flew for a couple of hours in super smooth air.
June 12 Cooper ***x10

A great day of flying, however most of us had some kind of equipment failure. For me my GPS had a bug in it, could only be fixed by a full factory reset (later after I landed). I spent half an hour determined to hit a 12” turn point (instead of 200 meter) – it was like a fun video game played at 6000’. I felt that I was in first place and could afford to play around, but once the gaggle showed up I had to blast off. On my second lap I caught up to the slower Deimosians (that were still in the air) and we teamed up for the Saddle to Cooper launch leg. Shade on launch killed most of the lift for about ten of us, and forced us to land, however Andrew tried an unusual approach and was rewarded with another half and hour of flying and two more waypoints only to land due to bladder control issues. At the end of the day, Andrew was 7th overall and I was 10th. A super fun day for me however plagued with lots of small errors in decision and various equipment problems.

June 10 Blackie Spit sy
We started the session by reviewing some kiting videos, then head off to Blackie Spit.
Good conditions for the boys (Wally, Warren and Gerry), but slow progress for most – I think the Sigma 3 is just too old / difficult for the boys now.
June 9 Bridal Falls ++++
Andrei brought his colleague Alex to try and persuade me to fly tandem (instead of my new Magus XC) – a futile attempt my friend. Instead I flew to Elk and back in record time. Andrei put on a nice acro show (on Elena’s DHV1 wing).
June 6 Mission Hill then Woodside sy
As usual we started the day at the Mission Hill, then Subway, then Woodside Harvest Dykes, then Koffee Kettle then finally take off. The reverse launch conditions eliminated all but Andrei, Wally and of course Leon. Hour plus flights for the first two trips and finally another solo flight for John to a “new” Harvest Dykes LZ on our third trip up. (Gerry and Elena got to watch the show and did not fly). The high light was a "close call" from Wally - report to follow?
June 5 Deifenbaker sy
Great conditions today for JC, Kumar, Gany and John. The high light was watching my newest student Stephanie break sin #2 – don’t turn too quick (tip report to follow)?
June 2 Bridal Falls sy hot
Lots of work and no play. Warren, Gerry and our newest student Stephanie were working hard in the Bridal driving range, but the West wind was taking forever to arrive. Finally around 3pm we headed up. After Tonya’s problem-manic launch I decided to cancel all student flights. Time for Gerry to take his first flight. The light thermals and sharp turns were a little too much so we ended the flight short. I was surprised how fast our approach was so I decided to land in the tall grass instead (which cushioned our rough landing).
May 31 Bridal Falls ****x10

A quiet day to start with just Elena and Wally as my flying buddy’s. Extended slid rides to start with, then when conditions got too strong for new students, I helped Peter (intermediate pilot) with his first valley crossing. With some difficulty, Claudia managed to find us near Hicks hill and get us back just in time for final glass off flights. It would have been a perfect day for Elena if she did not miss up her launch and landing (pilot report to follow soon).

May 30 Bridal Falls +++
A fun day with tonnes of flying. Peter went to Elk and back, and Wally flew forever. Some first flights for Tonya’s student John and Elena, and more flying for Gany, and for Layne (almost done his novice rating).
May 29 Burnaby Mt sy
Mostly south wind, but we were intimidated by the honds of icy wet butts of the 50 teenagers and never flew from the top. Great progress from all. One tense moment when Cliff forgot about “sin #1” don’t fly too slow, but I was able to stop him with a sharp hands up (just in time).
May 24 Bridal Falls bo sy
The strong west wind arrived a little early for Elena and she missed her window to fly solo (her second from Bridal). This time the big boys were complaining about the bumps and finally landed after just a couple of hours of air time. The high light for me was watch “acroman” Andrew try his first asymmetrical spirals. At around 4pm I call the day off, but not before Pete, Andrew and Louise had their chance at launching my tandem wing (check out Claudia's awesome video).
May 23 Bridal Falls ****
One of my favorite days: first flights for John and Elena, great lift for the rest of the big boys and girls (Wally, Jeremy, Andrei, Peter, Layne, Andrew, Louise, Claudia). Later I flew tandem with Wally’s nephew Gordon to Cheam and later landing Wally’s back yard. A late dinner at some U-tube PG videos to round out the evening at Wally’s.
May 22 Burnaby Mt *****
Great conditions for the boys with many flights from the top (Peter, Eric J, Warren, Gany, Andrew, Clif, John and Leon).
May 17 Makenzie bo cr
Lots of keen pilots today: Alex B, Warren, Layne, Clifton, John, Gabby and Ben; however the morning East wing and later strong NW wind keep us in the school kiting. A visiting school added some excitement when I heard on the radio “get ready for a tree landing”, luckily it all worked out. We went up one last time around 7pm, hoping for calmer conditions, but in the end only Gabster flew – a little too dangerous for my liking (so no more student flights).
May 16 The Chief cr
After a day of climbing with my family, I meet up with Carsten, Jeremy W and Murray for a flight off the First Peak. Baby smooth conditions and a small crowd of twenty for Jeremy’s virgin flight off the Chief; while the rest of us had to hike down (due to an approaching rain system that changed the wind to NE). I’m not use to all this hiking and excercise!
May 15 The Chief **
One of my favorite birthdays: climbed Snake and Memorial crack with Dave, then after yet another gross McDonald’s meal, hiked and flew off the Chief with Little Dan. The only bad part of the day was that I needed drive back to White Rock to try and sort out a gear mix up at Burnaby Mt.
May 10 Mission Hill then Bridal ****
East wind today and a late start with my instructor Brad, meant that we had lots of time to train at the Mission Hill. Technology can be good and bad sometimes: I did not refresh my view of the Deimos sign up sheet and missed Elena’s reservation (hence no wing for her today). Tickly conditions at times on launch, but eventually Alex B. and Cliffton got to take their first flights for 2009. Great launches and landings. Wally flew for almost three hours and was “too tired” to fly again! Great tandem flights for both Brad and I lasting for more than half an hour each with some little XC action. Peter was a super hero, flying to Butterfly and back to top land saving us from an extra drive up; but even super hero can be crushed by Mother nature. After I called the day done, he decided to have one more quicky, however the gust front arrived and he was soon parked –a big ear/ speed bar wing over landing in the golf course, in the end, was his only way out.
May 9 Bridal ***x10
An epic day with pilots going far, wide and wet. Peter and a few others made it to Elk and back; Zenon finished his final maneuvers (spiral) to complete our novice course; John C and I had a great tandem, and many hours later another great tandem with Ganny; Leon had a hard time getting JC to make his final turn and he ended up splashing in the near by pond (Felix would had been proud, however no free underwear show this time). Elena had a few attempts at launch, but no luck this time. The day was finally called due to strong thunderstorm conditions (which forced Owen to land at Rosedale). Huge Wild Cat evening to boot.
May 8 Woodside then Burnaby Mt ***
My day started at Woodside was a simply flight with Jim to get re-certified, unfortunately I had to leave for BM just when the conditions were turning on – probably my hardest two hour drive yet. It seems like everyone and their dog wants to train with Deimos these days (making the hill slow between launches). Great conditions for all that turned out: lots of high flights especially from Alex R.
May 3 Mission Hill then Bridal ***
Crappy conditions (West at the Mission Hill) so headed to Woodside. We heard of strong cycles at Woodside so we keep on driving. The crew of Andre, Elena, Zenon, Louise, Rick, and Jeremy were waiting patiently once we arrived (with JC, Wally, Andrew and Leon in tow).
The signed off pilots got high fast while the almost signed off pilots boated around take off for an hour or two. Finally it was JC’s turn, but conditions were still too strong in the LZ, so time for Elena and I to fly tandem. Three aborts and we were just about to drive down when the wind switched and we were back on or were we? Once in the air we sank fast, barely clearing the bushes (9/10 on my almost crash scale). On our second flights the boys had mixed flights, but most were over an hour long in smooth soaring conditions. Still too strong in the LZ for JC, so we flew tandem. Later Peter, Claudia and Pattie arrived and spec’d out with Wally and Tonya flying for more than a hour. Some pretty happy faces in the Wildcat afterwards.
May 1 Burnaby Mt *****
Another busy night, but this time we had very nice conditions: my first test flights had me high enough to almost thermal above and climb away (almost). Great progress from all the old and new students: Alex B, Alex K, Andrew, Elena, Wally, Gerry (new), John Clarke, Jon, Louise, Nigel, Warren and a last minute (new) student Eric. A guest appearance Mark T. Since it looked like a low percentage chance of flying on Saturday (I decided to stay up extra late and join the crew for drinks afterwards. Many thanks to all my helpers - it would be 10x harder without you guys.
April 29 Diefenbaker Park cr

The SW wind was no problems for my keen students (Warren, Zenon, Louise, John and Ian). I tried to convince Zenon to write his novice exam instead of kiting, but the stress was too much (even though no one has ever failed it, he though that he would be the first).

Good progress from all – looks like a few more students will be flying solo this weekend (weather permitting)!

April 26 Harrison ***
The next day had a perfect start – smooth West wind and a flat lake. I started off with some baby acro and finally trying some Heli’s and SAT’s with no success (the Vitamin flies like a rock). Time for a death spiral and ultimately a short swim to shore – funny stuff.
Lots of great acro and a few scary moments (especially from Sergei) when he locked out towards the beach and had a hard time correcting his wing, but finally he was at 3000’ – high enough for his maneuvers. On our second flights all was going well accept when it was Tonya’s turn: she aced her three maneuvers but decided to change her dance card to one more full stall – a big surprise to everyone and especially Tonya when her wing refused to fly again. Her reserve worked great however. Later, Jeremy, Claudia and Pete all hit Bridal for some more flying, but I was way too tired and eager to get home.
April 25 Harrison bo
I wanted to cancel the day at 6am, but since Ted and a few others were already at Cogburn, I thought that I should go as well. After exploring a few beaches, it was decided that we should try Bridal for a late afternoon flight. Some communication problems (my fault) left Sam and Owen at Woodside for a few hours, while Wally, Peter, Claudia, Jeremy and my self enjoyed smooth conditions for about an hour.
April 24 Burnaby Mt cr
The busiest training night ever with about 15 students doing their thing, too bad for the cross wind conditions.
April 20 Bridal Falls *****x10

A dreamy day with lots of first: Peter’s first big XC to Cheam and back; Jeremy’s longest flight (+2 hours with a low save), and Wally’s first 5th flight!? On our second flights, Jeremy and I enjoy a pleasant Titanic ride while Peter helped Wally into the LZ – Andrew generously offered to drive.

April 19 China Park ra
Fun conditions at China park, except for the dog do-do.
Claudia, JC, Peter, Andrew and my self enjoyed the East wind until the rain showed up.
April 18 Mission Hill then Woodside +++
As usual, East wind at Exit 95 so we all headed to the Mission Hill to pass the time more effectively. JC brought his friends Fraser, Erin, Leanne to watch perhaps his first solo flight (later). Alex showed up just as we were leaving and missed all the valuable warm up time. Tandem instructor Veronica had just finished her first flight (his her sister), and was eager to fly with Erin, soon to follow by Sean 2e, Tonia, Andrew, Amine, and my self with Fraser – too strong for Wally and the newbies. On the second flight, Patty, Peter, and Claudia all joined in for more flying and most climbed to about 1000’ over launch.
While on launch we were waited for calmer air. Finally Wally was airborne and soaring the South knob to about 500’ over with Tonia as his wing girl; while I had Alex and JC do a few practice aborts on launch. Coming up: exciting times for the boys. Alex nailed his first solo, while JC still needs to work on his commitment and slow turns they both managed nice flights into Harvest Dyke (with the generous help of Leon, and sometimes Peter and Tonia as ATC). JC forgot to get out of his harness at 300’, but remembered at the last moment causing some scary last minute turns. Tip report to follow from JC?
April 17 Burnaby Mt south
A busy night with smooth South wind. No high flights, but lots of great ground handling from: Owen, Samuel, Warren, Alex, Wally, and Zenon.
April 15 Blackie Spit cr
Warren’s last minute no show, meant that I had some free time to replace some of the lines on my old Sigma. Wally showed up with his new race car just at the right time.
SE wind was tricky tonight, especially with Klaus’s old DHV2 wing.
April 14 Blanchard cr
After paying my $10 US “user fee” (at US Customs Office – they love my truck I guess) I was off to catch up to Andrew and Laura. Conditions were strong North at Blanchard, but were slowly improving. With the local successful launch rate of 3 out of 3, meant that it was time for me to launch. No collapses or funny business on my launch (unlike the previous launches). After 4-5 attempts Andrew managed to get in the air, but missed the magic moment and let the wind push him into the sinky air (South) and finally to the LZ eight minutes later. Zenon arrived while we were heading back up and managed a quick flight. Laura won points from me for not risking her self for another eight minute flight.
April 10 MIssion Hill and Woodside lt
The SW conditions at the Mission Hill made it pretty hard to train today, but the boys and girls, Ryan, Andrei, Elena, Tonya, Laura, Wally, Warren, JC and Jeremy all gave it their best. After about 1.5 hours I had enough and we regrouped at the Koffee Kettle, now adding Andrew to our list. Nice conditions meant that everyone got to fly at least once. Warren and I had a nice tandem flight, but staying up pass 15 minutes was hard to do.
Another fun day at Woodside (but I’m really missing Bridal Falls).
April 9 Diefenbaker Park ***
Perfect conditions (for a change) at Diefenbaker Park tonight – this time our newest student John Clarke (no relation) and Toller were doing lots of flights from the top.
April 7 Woodside lt ***
One pilot in the air at Bridal and pilots parawaiting at Bridal means: time for a couple of flights at Woodside. Jeremy joined Denise (on his comp wing) while I launched in a bad cycle and groveled below launch for about 20 minutes before the next thermal took me to about 500’ over. A great day to play with the new eagles, one followed me for about 10 minutes just 6 feet away! I think it like the beeping sounds from my vario. After about 1.5 hours Jeremy finally sank out and headed (slowly) to Harvest Dykes. Surprisingly I was able to top land still (last thermal of the day). Denis reported one scary launch from a new pilot (perhaps teaching himself while his instructor is unavailable)? Just a reminder – all non-rated pilots must be with a certified instructor until they are signed off. After a quick pick up and drive right to launch, Jeremy got to have a nice smooth sled ride to end off his week of flying. BTW the Bridal pilots made it to Butterfly.
April 5 Mission Hill then Woodside sy cr

Still tired from yesterday, and the promise of more East wind, meant a later start for the boys (Warren, JC, Jeremy and Alex this time). The Mission Hill was lots of fun, with everyone getting some air time. Just an hour or so this time, and off to Woodside. More Deimosians were already on launch (Laura, Patrick, Andrew, Peter and Claudia). With some heckling, I forced Patrick to launch just before the cycles arrived, but no problem, he was still able to climb above launch. A few interesting aborts from Jeremy, and close calls from the girls (Claudia, Laura) but everyone enjoyed their extending sled rides into Riverside. My first tandem (Warren) took us right to the edge but with a little extra push we were flying. After the second session of launches, Alex and I took a few attempts to launch, and with a quick run/save to the South, we were flying – later Alex said it was the best experience of his life - also my 500th tandem flight! Special thanks to JC for his extra help today!

Honourable menions to Little Dan for his first big XC from Elk to Bridal LZ.

April 4 Mission Hill then Woodside sy cr
The East wind at Exit92 meant time to play at the Mission hill. Wally, Andrew, Peter, Claudia, Jeremy, JC, Warren, Elena, Patrick, and Paddy were all doing well, until around noon when things calmed down. Time for high flights! A few pilots were already high and getting higher when we arrived. The “P-Team” (Peter, Patrick and Paddy) were quick off the mark and were rewarded with nice lift to about 2500’ above launch, while Andrew and Jeremy slowly slipped into Riverside. Laura finally launched and went high, followed by myself (with Arne), but we were a little too late and sank out slowing. Poor Wally (standing on take off all by himself) was still waiting for his flight, so I rushed up with a Vitamin and together we few off into the sunset; however no so romantic this time. When we turned the corner into Harvest, the East wind was quite strong and Wally was almost park. Hands up and point your toes were ordered and together we moved slowing towards the Dykes. I deemed the conditions to be too much for Wally at the Dykes so we jumped the trees to the next field. I had Wally on ears and everything was looking fine until he decided to release the ears and aim for the middle of the field –a bad plan because this LZ is surrounded by trees and hydro lines. My orders to turn (before hitting the lines) were not followed exactly until I used some enthusiasm (remember my three second rule)? Finally a nice soft landing at the 2/3 mark. Time for beers at Earls.
April 3 Deifenbaker cr
The season has started: we had a full house with two new students: Alex K and Warren (Solo V) and not so old students Stephen Smith, Elena and Andrea, JC, Jeremy W, and lastly Wally. I could not have done it without the generous help from Samuel and Owen (the water Jedi’s). Afterwards Jeremy and I had a romantic dinner at the local pub – while I marked his novice exam. Just a few more maneuvers, a few spot landings, and a wild Titanic ride is all that’s left for Jeremy (to get signed off).
March 29 Mission Hill and later Woodside ++++

An exciting day of flying with almost everyone getting real high.

We started (right on time) at the Mission Hill with JC, Jeremy W, Andrew and Wally, then once Stein arrived we headed over to Woodside. Still lee conditions on launch, but pilots were still launching and climbing high. I convinced Andrew to launch early and he was rewarded with an epic flight (almost 4000’ up) followed by Jeremy with his extra long reverse launch (scary). Eventually it was too strong for Wally and so time to check out the 12 year old Edel. (solo).
On our second flights Laura joined us, followed by everyone and finally Wally (solo flight #2). This time it was Jeremy W who scored the epic flight while I flew with Wally for about 40 minutes. Laura had an interesting long landing, maybe she will post her story? It took a lot longer to get home this time: I had to drop off a few desperate (and still buzzing) pilots back to the Mission Hill, - next time we should take at least one car to Woodside. Another fun day at the office!

March 27 Deimos Office rain
Brent from Peak Emergency Response Training conducted another amazing first aid course with the following students: Wally, Tonia, Fedja, Ian and myself. Last minute cancellations from Rob P, Gabriel and Wil.
March 25 Blackie Spit +++
Great conditions for new and old Deimosians: Jeremy C, Laura, Karin and Alex W. Jeremy finished on a good note - kiting his DHV2 wing for a full minute on a reverse launch.
March 22 Blanchard / Whidbey ++++
Another dreamy trip to Blanchard and Whidbey, this time with the skilled crew of Tonya, Wil, Patrick, Andrew and Jeremy C..
While Patrick raced off to Whidbey, Tonia, Andrew and Wil enjoyed the smooth air of Blanchard (extended sled rides).
Always nice to see pilots in the air on the drive into Whidbey. I was surprised to see Andrew sitting in his car for more than 30 seconds after we arrived (nervous jitters maybe, or finishing his food), but later I saw him running to the restroom – so his priorities were back in line – fly, fly, fly! It took about an hour for the boys to finally sort out the conditions and get in the air, but by this time the ridge was full with a dozen plus pilots. I had a hard time flying tandem with Jeremy (being about 5 kph faster than the rest of the pilots and always needing the ridge ban for lift). Patrick finally complained that he had enough (five hours of soaring is his max I guess) and headed home. We followed a few hours later, but not before I got to play with Tonya’s Discovery. The 60+ minute boarder wait was worth it this time!
Mar 13 Woodside and Bridal bo
We met Al and friends on the way down from Woodside (too windy they said) so we decide to hike up Bridal just to take a looks see. Jeremy had a great launch followed lastly by Wall-E and I. Super smooth air despite the blown out conditions at Woodside. The LZ is a mess these days, probably better to land in the driving range next time.
Mar 4 Woodside +++
We were excited about flying Blanchard, but the 1 hour US boarder wait was too much, plus Woodside was reporting soaring conditions.
Peter, Little Dan and I were able to safely drive to the 3.5 km point then after being passed by an empty truck (from an unnamed pilot) and a 20 minute hike, we were on launch – a little exercise was appreciated actually. Peter was first off to join the gaggle, followed by myself, but only after Dan graciously let me play through. Peter’s Style was king of the sky, for about two hours, before he was ordered to land. I got the only collapse of the day on my old Sigma4 while buzing the take off, and Dan sunk out on his new Delight. A nice stress free day mixed with gas station and McDonalds food – a classic Deimos flying day!
Feb 28 Bridal sy cr
I guess Sumas may have been a better choice, but I wanted to visit my favorite site - Bridal falls. My long time friend Rolph was visiting and hopeful for a tandem flight, also joined by the beatiful Rebeca , Jeremy and Wally. Some exciting momments when my truck started sliding backwards at the 1/4 mark, but nothing a set of chains could not fix! As usual, I recruted my boys for some peat moss work, then after about an hour we all decided it was beer time! Earls this time!
Feb 11 Burnaby Mt snowy
Another private lesson for Wally. Even with lots of hard packed snow, and cross wind, he managed a few nice flights. However, his last flight was a little more eventful requiring a trip to Brain's place and back. - I left my tree kit at home in favor of driving the Mazda 3 - so much for saving gas!
Feb 8

Grand Canyon

(Manning Park)

Dave and I post holed our way up to launch in about 45 minutes. Once there I was ready to start hiking back down, but Dave though otherwise. The cycles were far from consistent (classic rotor actually) but on a nice cycle Dave kited his wing for a second or two then stepped off – looked easy so I decided to fly too. Conditions seemed to be switching from some East wind to lots of North West maybe 15kph max. For the first few seconds I went up, but then the next two minutes were all about getting the hell away from the hill without hitting any trees. Even with the 4:1 glide I still managed to clear the hill and finally big ear into the LZ. I’ll add this one to my “not so fun” collection.
Jan 17 Sumas bo
Lots of exciting kiting moments at the Dyke (expecially for Jeremy) before we decided to fly off Sumas; however once at the gate it was determined that is was still to windy, so we checked out a new hill near the mushroom farm (but too cross), so back the the Sumas LZ. Wally, Jeremy, Patrick and Paddy all kited in perfect conditions. Hopefully we'll get to fly longer than 10 seconds tomorrow! The only Deimosians to fly were from the Elk Adventure team (Laura, Wil and Little Dan) - more details to come?
Jan 16 Deifenbaker foggy
Wally was there with bells on (1/2 hour early too)! Tough conditions, but he finally managed at least six in a row from the south slope - a fun session not too muddy.
Jan 2 2009 Bridal sy
My futile attempt for an early start resulted in the normal 45 minute delay - (road conditions, accidents and other fine excuses used as usual).

The sun was already on Woodside but for adventure and a sure flight, Bridal was decided as the best call. To my surprise Wally showed up just as we were gearing up, and luckily I had a spare wing for him. Almost no progress driving up, so this meant that Aaron, Little Dan, his friend Steve, Patrick and I had to hike up from the very bottom. The last ¼ was a little harder going, in knee deep snow, but no problem really. Once on launch we worked hard to clear most of the snow away for a clear take off – this was paramount; otherwise our air speed would never reach +22 kph. Aaron aced his first attempt and had a nice easy flight. Next Wally made a couple of attempts but his commitment was not quite there (feeling a little sick). Steve and I had a slow first attempt, but our second attempt was fine (a little long by my standards actually). Later I discovered that Steve really did not want to walk down, so that motivated him to run faster. Patrick went next without any problems. Little Dan discovered two broken lines and wisely decided to join Wally in the hike back down.

Once at the Wild Cat we discovered that Wally’s snow shoes never made it back to my truck and were probable stolen – a bad way to end a great day.

Update: as it turns out Aaron was “confused” about which snow shoes were his and when he landed and saw Wally shoes already in my truck, accidentally left his shoes in the LZ – looks like you don’t need to be older the 45 to be senile (or maybe just living the soft life of LA LA Land makes you senile, or maybe it was the jet lag!), in any case we can go back to thinking that all people are good.




" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "






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