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Date Site Name Weather
Oct 4 Blackie Spit Sunny Perfect kiting conditions. These private lessons (for Tanner) are really starting to show - great technique and progress so far!
Sept 12 Bridal Sunny

Another great day of tandem flights. Always nice to see the Deimos T-Shirt on so many graduated pilots – today we had: Zenon, Andrew (instructor now), Jonathan, PeterPG. Fairly difficult conditions but Andrew and I finished all six tandems, with the last one offering the strongest conditions. Jonathan elected to go last and was forced to walk down due to bad air. A smart decision – it’s always a bad idea to risk a solo launch with just an hour or two of day light remaining.

Many thnaks again to Ivan for helping with the driving and Mark for driving.

Aug 16 Bridal Sunny

A fun day of tandems, unfortunately the excitement proved to be much for one out of three passengers.
The other flights were super fun witrh a low save at 500’ (back up to 3500’) and lots of acro.
My spiral exits were a little early causing my wing to experience the Vortex Maneouver.

Great to see lots of Deimosians out - only Peter capitalized on the free ride special (he was wearing a Deimos Shirt).

Tip: the lighter the wing loading the later you need to exit your spiral to exit up wind.

Aug 3 Bridal Sunny Stronger condition today which meant bumpy air - a little too bumpy for both my tandem passengers Heather and Dorian. Jon flew well today scratching out between 1-2 hour flights each time up. Thanks again to Garth for driving each day as needed.
July 31 Bridal Sunny Another fun day at the office with Jon, his dad and a couple of tandems with Natalie and her husband. Light conditions so mostly extended sled rides today.
July 16 Bridal Sunny

Dreamy conditions today to fly my nephew Bradley and his girl friend. We were close to maximum on my U-Turn Passenger wing, and struggled, at first, to stay above launch, but eventually we climbed to about 5000’ and head East to Laura’s Ridge. Pretty windy coming back so I decided on the alternative LZ near the on ramps. It took more than 20 minutes to actual pass between 500 to ground level – lots of thermals kicking off down low. Probably one of my top 10 most difficult landings.

Next it was Emilie’s turn, but this time we headed to Upper Bridal instead. I was getting hungry now (and tired) so once we passed 5000' I cut the flight short at about 45 minutes.

Super fun day (thanks to Jaz for driving).

June 28 Cheam Sunny

The usual breath taking hike, including wild flowers and beautiful people. It took a little longer than expected (around 2 hrs),  but we eventually  arrived to steady SE wind. After half an hour, it switched to more or less S wind. Brad went first and tried to thermal upward but was denied. Stephan’s long hiatus delayed the second launch by almost an hour, but eventually he figured it out. By the time I launched the conditions were stronger -  I was quickly above launch (7500’).  Stephan was having problems comply with the LZ team so I thought it best to catch up to him and see what I can do from the air.
Conditions were starting to build in the LZ so was happy to land while it was still nice.
Many thanks to Ivan for driving.

About my missing truck plate:  unfortunately it looks like someone has already collect it and is probably gearing up for a huge heist or something. It was nice of the WR police to just remind me to replace my plate soon (instead of a $200 fine).

June 12 Bridal Sunny

A big day of flying planned for Jonathan. We started with a fun acro tandem, with some baby SIv and Spiral dives followed up with the world longest landing (we were at 800 for about ½ hour). Next it was Jon’s turn to do the required Deimos maneuvers. The usual tentative commitment initial from Jon on his maneuvers, but eventually we got through them together during the next three flights. On his last flight, Jon was just a step away from the LZ cone – the perfect was to get your Novice rating. I heard about another pilot top crashing and hurting themselves – best to get proper guidance and experience on how to top land before just going for it!

June 8 Woodside, Bridal Sunny

A great for tandems today with Alyssa and Jeanine. We started with Jeanine at Woodside. We arrived at 11am to light cross wind, so we waited for conditions to improve. Since we were landing at the Dykes we could not afford to get too low, so after about ten minutes we started making our way to the LZ. At the edge of the trees we found a nice thermal which got us back up to launch high or so, extending our flight by another 15 minutes. Next, we headed to Bridal for the full tour. Light conditions there too.
We were slowly making our way back to launch when Alyssa felt a little ill. The air was smooth but I think the excitement was a little too much. Many thanks to Ivan for helping with the driving!

May 30 Upper Makenzie Sunny, windy

The Clif, three ½  Peters, (brother Peter), and myself headed up to Pembie yesterday. Early wind in Squamish meant strong conditions today. Some pilot just landed when we arrived at the school, but by the time we got to launch is was a bit too strong. Clif did his Intermediate exam, while I conducted a tree rescue course with some new ideas tested out. The results are in: don’t try to put on a climbing harness to repel from.
Around 6pm the wind started to ease of, so I started kiting for fun – still too strong to fly.
By 7pm the winds were perfect. We flew a short XC 20km North, with smooth lift everywhere. You could probably fly to 3000m but it was too cold for me (@2,200m). I suggested that we head back and start fighting the magic lift with BigEars and speedbar. This help keep us below 2000m, but spirals were still needed to get down. Even at 100m you could easily climb back up!

May 29 Bridal Sunny

Our tandems arrive almost an hour late today putting pressure on Andrei and I to launch quickly. Only a couple of aborts out of six flights, mostly due to cross wind. Almost every flight had us about 1000' above launch. Cliff had the place to himself (while we were driving up) and managed to tag Archibald and almost Archibald Proper. Hopefully a road truip to Pembie Saturday.

May 24 Woodside Cloudy

Clif was doubting my weather skills so I bet him a virtual beer. With the rain in White Rock I was starting to second guess myself, but once I saw the Valley I knew we would be flying. Clif practiced his reverses for a short while until Tonia and Jim showed up. Some cross conditions but eventually we were rewarded with a glorious sled ride to the Dykes.

May 17 Blanchard and Whidbey Sunny

With T-Storms around I thought it best to stay out of the mountains, so Jon and I headed down to the USA. First stop Blanchard. NW conditions perfect for reverse launch. Jon’s launch was a little mis-handled but worked enough. Second stop Whidbey. More NW wind so good for kiting but alas no flights.
Back to Blanchard for one more obnoxious flying episode. More fun in the sun.

May 15 Bridal Sunny

I enlisted the help of Clif, Kayla and Jon today to help repair a few of the steps at Bridal.
Since conditions were to pick up in the afternoon, I thought it best to sneak in a little work and just do one flight.
Clif went first and was quickly above launch. Jon went next and was maintaining just below launch, followed by myself. Kayla felt that the air was good and decided to launch too.
We drove up for another flight but it was now too strong. A fun way to spend my 43 birthday!


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May 9 Bridal Sunny

A great day for Cliff’s and Gabby’s  welcome back flights (after being away for more than a year). Even though he practiced the day before, Cliff elected to do one abort just for practice – always a smart idea. His first attempt was perfect so I suggested that he launches for real on the next attempt. A nice “real” launch however he had a small tangle on the left tip that he calmly corrected after take off. Gab and Brian finally showed up so I headed down right away to collect them and other waiting pilots.

Much stronger conditions now, but only the most experienced pilots could escape the launch area and go higher. Cliff and most other pilots managed two or more hours landing. I managed a flight to Elk and back and made it back home just in time to pick up my daughter and have some family time.
Another great day of flying!

May 2 Bridal Sunny

Epic conditions today with every pilot going high (6000' +) and far (up to 100km). I had my niece Jasmine with me and managed to fly to Ludwing and back. And just to spice it up we did some almost syncro acro with Jeremy. A very memorable day indeed! 10/10

Tip of the day - use hot shots to keep your hand warm.

May 1 Bridal Mixed

Strange conditions today at Bridal.

Martin was an early wind dummy and was rewarded with a quick flight. While we waited for conditions to improve, Tanner kept practicing his forward and referese launches.  Eventually the wind picked up, as predicted, and only a tandem flight was possible. It took about five aborts but eventually the condition improved and we were able to safely launch. We boated around for about ½ hour then I elected to land. Some sinky air in the LZ but a soft landing from my new U-Turn Passenger wing.

April 24-26 King Eddie Mixed

Bad weather on Saturday kept us indoors for most of the day, but on Sunday we had good conditions for the new student’s a dozen tandem flights.

April 19 Bridal Sunny

We arrived on launch early so Tanner could practice his aborts before the crowds arrived. His first launch was great, however he got a little high on his final approach and needed some quick turns to stay in the LZ (not want I wanted). My next flight was with my friend Amar. We thermalled around for about 30 minutes when he announced that he was starting to feel funny. I got us down just in time I think.
Back on launch, I worked with Tanner on his forward launch, adjusting his technique until it was up to the usual Deimos high standards. This time he had both a great launch and landing. Another Deimosian is born!

April 18 Bridal Sunny

Another private lesson for Tanner, this time focusing on moving under the wing. After about an hour, we headed to Bridal for a fun tandem and thermal lesson. Great progress so far, probably Tanner will have his first solo flights tomorrow.

April 17 Bridal Sunny Tanner's first tandem: light thermals to about 3000'.
April 14 Blackie Spit Sunny A little too strong for forward launches, but great for reverses. My newest Tanner student did great today. Off to Diefenbaker tomorrow.
April 9 Bridal Sunny

After stretching lines and repacking my reserve I decided to hike and fly Bridal today.
Martin was already in the air and reported a height of 1250m. Pressed for time, I decided to launch instead of warming (fully) up after my hike. I was still a little damp and after 15 minutes the cold was too much and had to drop back down to launch height to warm up. Looks like we need down jackets still!
No collapses to report.

March 11 Woodside Sunny

Not my favorite day, while scratching very low over the south clear cut, I took a full collapse and recovered with just meters to go and flew out and upward. Probably best to keep extra clearance in the early spring air.

March 1 Bridal Cloudy

An extra late start due to Art and his need for mega adventure on his birthday (my arms still feel the burn).

Light soaring conditions, for me (launching first), followed by Jason, Ryan and finally Brian and Art. We had time for a second round but Brian confirmed katabatic air so we headed to Harrison to check out the climbing scene.

I tried to race back to Burnaby to catch Miranda's dance comp, but as predicted, I was 10 minutes late.

Feb 14 Woodside Foggy

I rallied the troops to do a little road work on Bridal, however someone beat me to it. About ten trees were cut back, so this left only a couple more to move off the road. There are a couple of scary large trees resting precariously on the hill side, but look too dangerous to cut down – perhaps an expert can cut them down?
Once on launch (Bridal), the clouds were way too thick so we headed over to Woodside. Perfect kiting conditions, but also too cloudy, so for a couple of hours Jonathan and Petar got to refresh their launching skills. This is probably the best way to practice your take offs – while on the take off. (As a student, while kiting on launch, you must have your instructor infront of you at all times).
Tanya and her friends arrived later and joined in the waiting game. Eventually Petar was wind dummy, followed by the rest of us. Always fun flying near clouds.




" The wind gods decide where we can fly, we just have to listen to them "






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