Rookie & Pilot of the Year

Every year the Deimos instructors and last year's rookie of the year, vote on who be this years top Deimos rookie.


Rookie of the Year

The winner will receive:

* Deimos Paragliding Trophy  (to hold for a year)

Some of the criterion used to measure the winner:
Enthusiastic, talented, helpful, committed, has a safe and healthy attitude towards paragliding, eager to train and accept criticism.

2013 Rookie of the Year - Dmitri Ivashchenko

2012 Stephan Kolper
2011 Tim Harris
2010 Jeremy Carr
2009 Wally Geissbuehler
2008 Andrew Berkley
2007 Chiu Fang
2006 Ed Desrochers
2005 Sean Toohey
2004 Chris Bailey
2003 Dave Merrick
2002 Brian Gouley
2001 Philippe Bruneel


Deimos Pilot of the Year

Every year the pilot that was voted Pilot of the Week the most times (including honorable mentions), will become the Pilot of the Year.

(see our log book for more details) Some of the criterion used to measure the winner:
Has pushed them self and acheived a new personnal best, did more than just fly for them self, they helped others: take off, roll up, guide in landings, in flight wing man)

The winner will receive:

  • Great honor and respect (basically the same as a super hero!)
  • Deimos Bird Paragliding Trophy (to hold for a year)

(A big thank you goes to Movie Dave (McLean) for keeping the tradition going for producing these amazing drawings).

Thank you very much!


2013 Pilot of the Year
Will Robertson



2012 Pilot of the Year
Peter Petrov



2011 Pilot of the Year


2010 Pilot of the Year
Clifton Cunningham


2009 Pilot of the Year
Elena Kravchenko



2008 Peter Spear


2007 - Aaron Price


2006 - Karin Sandstrom

2005 - Arthur Sanderson


2004 - Shane Kjar



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